Years ago, I helped a wonderful friend attempt to free her adult daughter from a religious cult. My friend was about a "Christian" as it gets, and raised her children in faith.

It took 3 months for these people to convince Jess that her family were evil Satan worshippers, and to
completely disown her family. After that, they convinced her to stop taking her seizure meds, because "they were killing her, and God would stop the seizures." She had a seizure while she was driving, ended up in the hospital where her new "friends" told the nurses she had
no family. However, the police contacted her mom, and less than 24 hours later her mom called me for help.
We consulted mental health professionals, police, lawyers, read countless research papers on cults and how they mentally break people down and rebuild them.
Using fear to break her down has forever changed her. And yes, their group was "the only ones who loved her, the only ones she could trust, and the only ones who could save her."
Her parents were faced with the realization that the only way to get her out was to declare
her mentally incompetent and fight for guardianship, further losing her trust and confirming what she was brainwashed to believe. An impossible situation.

I'll spare the rest of the details and just say that the happy, loving, caring girl I watched grow up,
is now paranoid, angry, has an eating disorder and anxiety attacks. This is who she is 7 years later. Reality was the hardest and caused her to attempt suicide more than once.

There's a reason I'm writing this, and some of you may have figured it out.
If you've read my tweets calling trumps supporters "indoctrinated" or "cultists," its because I have been reliving everything I went through and learned about Jess's details, every day over the last 4+ years.
I saw it start & watched how it spread.
He knew what he was doing.
Millions of people are now "Jess," and orchestrated by their leader. Validated by his helpers, and now his victims validate each other.
They will never question him.
They will protect him at all costs.
They're beyond the point where even he could make them stop.
But he won't try.
He will continue to find ways to keep them for his own use.
IF he loses his control over some, those people will either go down another rabbit hole, or find another means to an end. Anything to get away from what reality will do to them mentally.
Imagine learning every choice, action (violent or otherwise), emotion, decision, conversation and belief you've had over years, wasn't yours. All of it a product of actions based on lies.
There will be a LOT of people who won't survive that.
He won't be held accountable.
He will never take responsibility for his actions, or theirs.

Aside from all his other criminal and despicable activities, this is what disgusts me the most. Some of them will take their lives, some of them will take ours. He will have no remorse, no regrets.

• • •

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