they should all be perp-walked out of Congress into waiting black vans, while OANN films the same for EVERY major news media outlet and network prime time talking head spewing the very commentary they have alleged against POTUS -
the Military, starting with the Joints Chiefs on down are is walking a fine line in watching this take place...some might say they are doing their jobs...I'm not convinced that we have to take the Nation to the precipice because layers need for f'ing evidence.
These people - and I use the term loosely - are a disgrace to this Nation and the American People.

USDoJ, FBI, CIA, NSA, DNI - ALL KNEW this was happening...

248 Years of the finest Democratic Republic in History.

Now only 7 the waterfall's edge.

Ever Wonder what Romulus Augustulus felt like in the last days of the Roman Empire?

When the people tolerate BULLSHIT as accepted truth ignoring common sense and FACTS to the contrary, what comes next is not going to be pretty.

If the military KNOWS what it going on and shipping ARMED National Guardsmen to the front lines in Washington - that means the hire-ups KNOW TOO...that would be collusion, Misprision of Felony, Misprision of Treason...not good traits for Military officers.

When are you going to WakeTF Up?

You have been FORCED to work at home, not attend church, been convinced the Flu Season is a COVID pandemic, you have accepted FEAR as truth.

Do you really think complaining on f'ing Twitter is accomplishing

Do you think maybe YOU have a part in responsibility to REMOVE THESE ERRANT fiduciaries abusing their positions of power and TRUST, instead of HOPING they pass another allowance using your F'ing Estate TRUST money?

Ever read Fall of the Roman Empire?

Of course room for that in re-education camps - i.e. schools - cuz it doesn't fit the Libtard narrative or agenda to treat you like CATTLE.

Give them an inch and they WILL TAKE A MILE.

Some might say that people are like Dorothy in Wizard of Oz...feeling like VICTIMS, being taken advantage of, when indeed, you've always had to power to click your heels to go home and rid the Flying Monkeys in Washington, the governor's office(s), etcetera all.


• • •

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More from @AlexHam58829699

7 Jan
how do you know when politicians are GUILTY?
when they attempt to make disclaimers of shock when the People tell them through their acts of public challenge that they are full of sh-- for breaching their fiduciary responsibility.
There has been documented PROOF of election tampering yet multiple Secretary's of State have signed off on FRAUDULENT ballots and voting, meaning their signed their own GUILTY and COLLUSION verdict...
The electoral college and congress votes to accept the results after receiving NOTICE OF FRAUD - they are NOW ALL GUILTY OF SELF-CONFESSED MISPRISION OF FELONY, Sedition and TREASON against the United States

Any of have a clue what the penalty is for that?

Read 10 tweets
6 Jan
Not throwing cold water on the events but you don't you find it interesting that this size of an event can take place requiring MONTHS OF PLANNING to make it look spontaneous?

More media bullshit - BOTH sides are guilty of.
Let me be clear -
We don't want another "SHOW", we want the PUBLIC removal of errant fiduciaries on live TV showing their sordid body double faces as they slap on the bracelets for Sedition and TREASON!

You think another "speech" is going to change anything?
You've successfully pissed off the American People, your've exhibited WANTON FRAUD, FALSIFIED MEDICAL records, COERCION, EXTORTION, you have STOLEN American business from their rightful owners, IGNORED all warning and NOTICES of ONGOING SEDITION & TREASON
Read 7 tweets
22 Nov 20
You guys missed it...this is how weak the People really are -

Under the delusion of providing "SAFETY" - which is a DELUSION in itself...
YOU have allowed the government to tell you when to open your business,
how many people to have in your business,
where are when you can go to church,
celebrate Thanksgiving,
get a F'ing haircut,
when to get vaxed,
wear a MUZZLE in and around your own F'ing family

Do you even know what that is called?
WakeTF Up!
YOU are considered to be DEAD and/or Missing beyond the "See",
YOU have abrogated your life responsibilities and Freedom in exchange for the DELUSION of safety and convenience which are administered by a bunch of
Read 21 tweets
4 Nov 20
IF there was ever a reason to chip your a--, and I'm not saying there is, but voting in an election would resolve ALL of the BS we have been putting up with for 4 years and God knows how many other FRAUDLENT elections in the past. Local "officials: and I use the word loosely
the level of corruption in BLUE states is off the scale!
WhereTF did 200,000 ballots ONLY FOR JOE HIDEN show up from last night?

Those precincts are absolutely CORRUPT and are premeditatedly aiding and abetting in ELECTION FRAUD!
Although there is no election due to invalid candidates, I guess this simply gets categorized as a meaningless argument..

This entire RUSE, is absolutely Treason against American People! What a fuqning joke!
Read 7 tweets
2 Nov 20
As Thomas Jefferson said -- I prefer [STNAD for] dangerous Freedom versus [the appearance] of peaceful Slavery -
Nikita Khrushchev WARNED about this!
But since the liberal arts higher INDOCTRINATION camps

called schools don't teach actual American History in our schools, how can this generation possibly know that...

Is that a good excuse? NO! Everyone Is Responsible to Know the Law for Ourselves, you can't play the VICTIM
card, or the RACIST card, or any other EXCUSE for irresponsbility card - because NOBODY and NOTHING outside of you can control you without your agreement!!

This FREEDOM stuff is hard ain't it?

Just give me my new iPhone and GIG internet so I can order everything from
Read 7 tweets
23 Oct 20
Debate moderators, the media, Inc., political parties whether D or R, are instruments of destruction to American values of independence, self-governance and the ability for each one of us to reply upon our individualism to move HIGHER in our spirit evolution.
Rather, these entities being run by agents outside of the realm of the Untied States of America are lower that bat excrement piling up in dark caves.
I rebuke this entire sham of an election and must look to the People to try and understand how WE are
allowing the media to shape our perceptions of reality when ALL of their rantings are based upon False and Fraudulent manipulations of data.

The People are kept so distracted with trying to find menial jobs to feed their families, they cannot see
Read 15 tweets

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