Epitome of Integrity-Chanakya and the Chinese traveller💡💡

Once, a Chinese traveller came to meet (Chanakya). It was dusk and darkness had just started to set in. When the traveller entered Chanakya's room, he saw that Chanakya was busy writing some important papers
under the lighting of an oil lamp. You know that there were no bulbs or tube lights in those days, since there was no electricity. So, in those days people used to light oil lamps. Chanakya smilingly welcomed his guest and asked him to sit. He then quickly completed the work
that he was doing.

But do you know what did he do on completing his writing work? He extinguished the oil lamp under which he was writing and lit another lamp. The Chinese traveller was surprised to see this. He thought that maybe this was a custom followed by Indians when a
guest arrives at their home. He asked Chanakya, "Is this a custom in India, when a guest arrives at your house? I mean, extinguishing one lamp and lighting the other?" Chanakya replied, "No my dear friend. There is no such custom. Actually, when you entered, I was working.
It was an official work, pertaining to my empire, my nation. The oil filled in that lamp has been bought from the money from the National treasury. Now, I am talking to you. This is a personal and friendly conversation, not related to my nation; so I cannot use that lamp now,
as it will lead to wastage of the money of the national treasury. Hence, I extinguished that lamp and lit this other lamp, since the oil in this lamp has been bought from my personal money."

Thank you @HinduJagrutiOrg for this wonderful story.

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9 Jan
Shared by a friend👇

Yesterday I was traveling by train, then a beggar came to me and said….

"Give something in the name of Al**h"

I saw him with a sense of humor and said….

"I do not believe in Al**ah", then why should I give it? He was staring .. So! After that I told
him so….

If you ask in the name of "Sri Rama", I will give you 10 rupees.

On this, he looked at me abjectly and even the people around the train began to look at us curiously.

Then, by saying that, I made my proposal more attractive .... If he asked for the name of Sri Rama,
I would give him "50 rupees".

The beggar, however, was not ready to accept this, and went away.

And, I too began reading the newspaper, grasping his bigotry.

But, what I have to learn from this incident is that .... a beggar who has nothing to eat and a life of begging "does
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8 Jan
It is often seen the people who were most intolerant since their inception advocates for "Being Religious tolerant"

Basis of our dharma was based on mutual respect and not tolerance. Even in the ghastly war like the Mahabharata both the armies of Pandavas and the Kauravas used
to have feast after the war out of mutual respect and then again join the battle.

Religious 'tolerance' was advocated in Europe after centuries of religious wars between adherents of the different denominations of Chr**tianity. In
many European countries, Churches functioned
as religious monopolies according to which the mere practice of the 'wrong' religion.
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7 Jan
The western way of pseudo-love vs The Bhartiya way of real love💡💡

The west has narrowed down the meaning of love to PDA(Public display of affection)

How does one really convey love? Is there a scale on which your love can be measured? Image
Does the number of kisses and gifts we share give an idea of the depth of love we have?

In the world where reel life dominates real life, the public scene is an illusion and the private scene is the reality.

A secret is revealed in the Ramayana regarding where real love lies
, through Sita and Urmila. Rather than choosing the path of gifts and kisses, both decided to choose the path of sacrifice and unconditional love. Urmila, by releasing Lakshmana to serve Rama, demonstrated unconditional love. And Sita by leaving her comforts to accompany Rama
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31 Dec 20
How Lord Vittala saved Shivaji Maharaj from the tyrants💡💡

One Ekadasi day, Tuka was performing kirtans and Shivaji was listening to it with love. In the meantime, M.uzlim soldiers heard about the whereabouts of Shivaji and a big troop of 2000 soldiers came to arrest him.
They surrounded the house in which bhajans were performed and dint let anyone go in or come out of the house.

Shivaji's informers came and whispered about the situation to him. Hearing this Shivaji was worried and one of his bodyguards asked Tukaram if they could leave now.
Tukaram then told him that no one should leave till the kirtan is over. Hearing this Shivaji sat down and continued to listen to the abhangs. He thought to himself that none other than Vitthal can save him now and if he doesn’t, he would be fortunate to die on an Ekadasi day
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