I've been following the rise of the far right for years, and I can tell you exactly who many of them are. They're people *exactly* like me. They're not poor, they're not uneducated.
The *most* dangerous people in the far right now are middle-class cis het men between twenty and fifty, highly educated, usually in good jobs, with tons of spare money, but no social skills.
People who have spare time but nothing to fill it with, who don't have many friends or a girlffriend and don't understand why because on paper they're a good catch.
There's a reason Trumpism started in three overlapping groups -- gamers, science fiction fans, and technolibertarian types -- not at football matches.
In particular, people who have always been the cleverest person in the room -- or who have always been *told* they're the cleverest person in the room, because cleverness is far more noticed among white men -- tend to be *extraordinarily* susceptible to conspiracism.
If you have got into the habit of thinking you know more than anyone else, and not checking your opinions with people around you (because there *are* no people around you, because you have few social skills) then "this is secret knowledge those idiots don't have" is catnip.
These people were generally in gifted programs at school, are generally autodidacts even if they also have a degree, and will have a *great* deal of knowledge on some specialist subject of theirs (often computer programming, but far from always).
But they'll also be Bitcoin fanatics (and Bitcoin is just the instantiation in code of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories), they'll be eugenicists, they'll believe that the world would be better if they were in charge because they're so much cleverer than those idiots.
I have, *multiple* times, got involved in very interesting-seeming online communities, full of people who share my interests and seem intelligent, only to pull back after a few months because "My God, it's full of fascism!"
But basically, the face of fascism today isn't (and probably never was) Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel. It's Dominic Cummings and Darren Grimes and people of their ilk.
And I'm far from immune to the thought processes that lead people there. I'm just lucky enough to have been exposed *very* early in life to books and documentaries about the Holocaust, to Stephen Jay Gould's The Mismeasure of Man, and to progressive ideas.
And since then I've gained enough marginalised friends that my *very* first thought when I see someone spouting fash shit is "Oh, that bastard wants to kill X" (where X is a friend in that marginalised group, who I don't want to see dead).
But yeah, anyway, the TL:DR is the people you want to be worried about are the clever, nerdy, white men into geek stuff, not anyone else.
if you want to understand these people, I recommend @ElSandifer's Neoreaction A Basilisk, the I Don't Speak German podcast, @davidgerard's Attack of the Fifty-Foot Blockchain, and my own comedy mystery novel about them, The Basilisk Murders.

• • •

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13 Jan
This is fucking depressing. The government has been repeatedly lying about how many doses of vaccine it's going to have when, and how long it will take to get people vaccinated.
If the government's original figures had been correct, and not just lies, I would have been vaccinated by now, as would many of you.
Instead they decided to waste their time on Brexit, making everyone poorer and destroying lives and inducing an unnecessary economic crisis, rather than actually do the things necessary to make people safe in the greatest crisis for a century.
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13 Jan
This. Even I, an allocishet white man who uses his real name pretty much everywhere online (and any alts are very connected to my real name) found this the squickiest thing about FB and the main reason I dropped off it.
Not just the "real name" thing, but the way it assumes that all your friends know the same version of you.
I'm an honest person, and not someone who context-switches very much. I have one of the most stable identities of anyone I know. But I am still a *different* person around my queer and disability-rights activist friends than I am around the people I know from Beach Boys fandom.
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12 Jan
This is amazing, and it looks like the same technique might also work for other inflammatory illnesses, as if MS wasn't enough by itself. It might (NB *MIGHT*) be possible to use this for ME/CFS, arthritis, maybe depression and some forms of cancer and heart disease.
If this technology lives up to the potential I think it has, we might be looking at one of the big breakthroughs in medical history, up there with the germ theory of disease, the discovery of antibiotics, vaccination itself, and aseptic surgery. Maybe more important than those.
(And even if it doesn't live up to that potential, well, preventing MS and reversing some of the damage in people who already have it would still be an astonishing thing in itself, given how utterly fucking awful a disease MS is. This is amazing news. Just amazing.)
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13 Mar 20
Whatever happens with covid19 -- and I hope that as few people get sick or die as possible -- I'm already thinking about *after* the outbreak, and what happens then...
Because most of the changes that are being mooted (or in some countries made) to deal with the crisis are changes that would be genuinely good things for the world on a long-term basis.
A lot of the stuff to reduce infection this time will also reduce infection the *next* time there's a pandemic.
And a lot of things like people being able to work from home if their job is one that could feasibly be done from home are accommodations disabled people have wanted.
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