(1) Sustainable development is not about recycling - it is about social equity.

And a global crisis requires a global response and the requires global governance.

And if there is global governance that is required, you will need to be rid of pesky things like the constitution
(2) So as our current system of representation is done away with and the "restrictions" of the constitution are removed, the governance will fall on the shoulders "public / private partnerships" who will act supra-nationally.

But efficiency requires regionalization
(3)And regionalization that is guided by a globally sustainable model will be the process of dividing a country into smaller administrative regions.

Smart, socially equitable, postmodern, ideologically rigid, highly-managed, "internet of things" cities.
(4) And our overblown response to the virus continues to make this possible.

The dystopian / Neo-Maoist response to January 6th will make the "necessary crackdown" on those that value the constitution palatable. s

And folks like @drmoore are giddy to see this all take place.
(5) And so what Moore, Duncan, Greear, Dever, Mohler, Keller, etc have operationally prepared the church for years to transition into - "sustainability" aka social equity and the autocratic system- is about to to be shoved down your throats.

Mission accomplished.
(6) So we are being moved from an analog world (physical, objective, real) into a digital world (virtual, subjective, unreal) where there will be *one* understanding of the new "unreal truth" that will be civilizationally acceptable.

Hence why Stetzer champions subjectivism.
(7) So as we move into this new "sustainable" world of social equity, a new social paradigm must be embraced.

The solution to everything will be


And now you know why Mohler, Akin, Keller, Duncan will criticize CT but will cautiously comment on ITS
(8) Because intersectionality will be our new governing model.

And hence why Greear's main focus is an intersectional church guided by diversity, inclusion and equity.

We tried to have the conversations. It is time to speak plainly and clearly for the sake of the Body.

• • •

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8 Jan
(1) This is the siren song that leads to shipwrecks on rocks.

Incredibly deceptive and attempting to woo potential followers to the side that will gladly partner with those that will persecute those that do not surrender their thoughts and actions to the coming dystopia.
(2) @BethMooreLPM and the others at @TGC have already determined that they won't just surrender to the tyrants but they will actually join with them to usher in the new radically subjective, objective truth-denying, nation-destroying "Shape of Things to Come"
(3) They were told years ago that this giant "reset" would be happening and they capitulated. They are playing a dangerous game of deception. And the sad part about this is that there are men and women that know this that did not join but are sitting on the sidelines.
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7 Jan
Lots of stuff happened on Capitol Hill yesterday.

All sorts of reflexivity and fertile fallacies.

And, if you haven't figured it out yet, you are only allowed to believe one version of the story and are allowed to only have one response.

Just like in late May.
(2) Any "takes" that were outside of what the established majority had prescribed would instantly brand you a racist, a bigot, a white supremacist.

And you were hedged, deleted, and banned if you thought for yourself.

Just like in March.
(3) In March if you had a different view on what should be done about the Wuhan Virus (which was what we called it at the time) you were told that you loved money over lives.

And if you had a different view about what should be done you were called a murderer, a monster.
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6 Jan
(1) So people are wondering how republicans could lose an election for President with *so much popular momentum* and how republicans could lose two Senate elections against two horribly progressive, anti-US candidates. The answer is quite simple:
(2) The progressives will do anything to win, will collude with whomever to win, and have been planning and plotting for years *how* to produce more votes than their opponents. The progressives have passed insane legislation to supercede constitutional norms, have
(3) done everything to bypass state legislatures where necessary, have used both foreign and domestic bad actors to entice "Republicans in name only" to move along with their plotting and scheming, have the entirety of social media and mass media on their side
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5 Jan
If you are still suffering from cognitive dissonance and can't seem to interpret what is going on around you, let me see if I can at least help you understand what is happening within broader evangelicalism and the Roman Catholic Church:
(2) The "church" is becoming the state church. The church that doesn't just obey the state and governmental authorities but that is incorporated into the state.

Ecumenism will be based upon subjective economic, social, and supranational policies: and you must believe.
(3) And along with this transition you must obey and do whatever the state tells you to do. This is now "loving thy neighbor". This is the new collective.

And you must hate the old nation, the old constitution, the old economy, the old ways.

You must embrace the new systems
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2 Dec 20
Under a Progressive President, legislation will be passed against religious institutions that refuse to embrace D.E.I., intersectionality etc.

Your leaders in SBC, PCA, Roman Catholic Church, etc have known this for years.

Operational Preparation of the Environment
(2) So you start by:

1. Saying "its a time to speak, whites need to sit down and listen
2. Hire on professors that teach cynical theories /grievance concepts
3. Get every respected ministry on your side
4. Start playing the dialectic "thesis -> antithesis -> syntesis game
5. Begin to fuse everything in your ministry or institution into the concepts of systemic oppression
6. Begin to introduce standpoint epistemology - destroying the foundations of knowledge
7. Expand beyond race into gender, size, disabilities
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2 Dec 20
(1). Let me see if I can explain what happened yesterday with the NASDAQ require the thousands of companies listed on its stock exchange to include women, racial minorities and LGBT individuals on their board.
(2) If those listed on the NASDAQ play along, there will be massive pressure on the private sector to adopt this discriminatory process. It will move us from shareholder capitalism into a "stakeholder" mode - which is exactly what the W.E.F. has wanted for years.
(3) When the private sector enforces this upon their clients or customers, a full circle of discrimination would then be in place. Your personal support of D.E.I. will soon be required.

If you don't participate, our own conservative rallying criese will be used against us
Read 5 tweets

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