By my count over the last 2 years the crank left have raised close to £1m to fight various crank causes related to antisemitism. All for nothing. They have lost all.

Thats a big sum of money. Why don't they all club together, leave Labour and start a new party with it.
All those crowdfunders. For Livingstone, Walker, Greenstein, Williamson, JVL, Paddy French, Mike Sivier, Schlosberg, Stan Kemble, Peter Gregson, David Miller. So much money duped out of people on the left in order to pursue what most Jews regard as antisemitism.
Almost every single one of these (mostly legal) challenges failed.
Out of over 20 legal battles, they achieved a single solidarity point on a technicality in one single point of process (whilst losing the overall) in just one case.
Note. All have actually quit or been expelled already but most of the donors are no doubt still in the party.

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4 Nov 20
Kinder, Gentler Politics in action. I got a call from my former landlord at my old old address (that was once listed on the Barnet Council Cllr register of interests). Yesterday he found dogshit on his doorstep and hatemail addressed for me through the letterbox.
Tbh I am beyond caring now. But people need to wake up that a fucking sick culture infected the Labour Party. It is what allowed antisemitism and that culture was allowed to spread. It was no accident. These people felt welcome and at home.
Very kind for the nice messages. But actually I dont want them. I want this shown to all those members of the Labour Party who are not antisemitic but at times have decided to go along with the antisemites for whatever reason. Whether it be loyalty to the project or peer pressure
Read 6 tweets
27 Oct 20
I mean what creates the conditions for a members to use the democratic tools of the Labour Party to pass an antisemitic motion promoting a conspiracy theory claiming the party's only Jewish affiliate has links to ISIS?
It takes perpetrators and bystanders who feel its fine.
They then face no sanction or condemnation from the leadership? I mean these people were given at best a cheeky wink to keep going and that its no problem. At worst it was endorsed by default through this unwillingness to police the borders of the left and take it on.m
Malice or cowardice. None of us will ever really know which. But it was only one of the two that allowed this catastrophic to occur in the British left under the stewardship of Jeremy Corbyn.
Read 6 tweets
26 Oct 20
The problem here. As is in almost everything written from the so called left is that you never identify why this became a problem. It wasnt historically. Something changed. Something became the magnet for antisemites, fruitloops and cranks to join the Labour Party.
Until you grapple with that question everything else is pointless. Why were these people drawn to this politics you will keep making things worse. Holocaust deniers thought Labour was their home FFS.
You decided it was no longer politically important or convenient to police the borders of mainstream politics. Because ultimately you needed nasty local enforcers to help with the project. Fuck the consequences.
Read 6 tweets
24 Aug 20
Feel like I need to point out to some in the NW London echo chamber that there are also lots of Jews not well off *outside* of the Charedi community...
NE London Jewry is a good example (but not the only one).
Average career of many of my friends parents from when I was at King Solomon High School in Redbridge was cab driver, social worker, teacher etc... most were not lawyers, accountants etc...
NE London/Redbridge Jewish community was the largest UK community til about 20 yrs ago
Lots and lots of kids at King Solomon were on free school meals (including myself for a period). I remember seeing all those kids with the blue raffle tickets for their lunches.
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10 Jul 20
One year ago today BBC Panorama broadcast the testimony of a number of brave whistleblowers who had worked inside of the Labour Party on antisemitism cases. They felt morally compromised by an attempt by the then leadership to cover up racism in the party of anti-racism.
I have spent the best part of two years speaking to and working alongside these whistleblowers & many more who didn't go on camera to build a full picture of what went on to give to the EHRC. The testimony and extent of the cover up I read was harrowing.…
Despite the attempts to deny the testimony of these whistleblowers and more, at every single hurdle to date they have been vindicated under independent scrutiny.
🔷️ It passed BBC Editorial
🔷️ BBC Complaints Unit rejected all complaints
🔷️ Ofcom rejected all complaints.
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29 Jun 20
I read this piece in Jacobin. Its really sloppy in key parts of it. It seems to rely on an implication that the EHRC are not impartial without any real evidence to back this up. Here is my view on why the EHRC has not investigated the Tories. Yet.…
In the piece it goes very heavily on the EHRC for not investigating Islamophobia in the Conservative Party, and implies that the failure to do so almost invalidates its investigation into Labour antisemitism. Its an implication without any real basis.
None of this invalidates the very real stench of Islamophobia emanating from all sorts of corners from the Conservative Party but having helped put together JLM submissions and now reviewing the evidence from the MCB I can see why the EHRC couldn't launch an investigation.
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