@johnkoetsier @LarryRosenthal @John_Westra True, but I only get 140 characters at a time and I’m trying to cover a lot.

“The media” meaning the primary outlets of information and opinion in America: news, TV shows, movies, magazines. Nearly all follow and promote whatever the dominant cultural values are at the moment.
@johnkoetsier @LarryRosenthal @John_Westra It used to be that there was civility in the media. But that came from a more civil society, where traditionally correct behavior was deemed important. That’s been erased by modernism. Today political correctness has replaced civility, and the media parrots that instead.
@johnkoetsier @LarryRosenthal @John_Westra The moral distortion becomes evident when you read the words Trump speaks. Consider what he might be referring to without PC bias, and then watch how those media outlets speak about those same words. The presumption of guilt starts, fills and ends nearly every message.
@johnkoetsier @LarryRosenthal @John_Westra Charlottesville is a perfect example. “There were good people on both sides” was entirely referring to those for and against removal of statues - NOT about “good white supremacy”
or “good Antifa counter-protesters”. He clarified this exact point at the time. That’s the “truth”.
@johnkoetsier @LarryRosenthal @John_Westra But to this day that’s not what the “media” gave to the world to chew on, now is it? Instead there is the deliberate and persistent lie that he meant to defend white supremacy because that narrative sells better to a PC public: half of America now thinks he’s a racist for sure.
@johnkoetsier @LarryRosenthal @John_Westra “Racism” has always meant treating members of another race as having less value than you. It’s been redefined, of course, to now mean any support of white people for any reason. Trump supporting American values while being white and not apologizing for it means he’s racist.
@johnkoetsier @LarryRosenthal @John_Westra The solution to real racism is in finding the universal values we can all agree on and aspire to, rising above irrelevant differences like race or ethnicity - as the Constitution says.

The best way to exacerbate racism is to highlight those differences and relativize all values.
@johnkoetsier @LarryRosenthal @John_Westra Marxism seeks to amplify class struggles, creating division and thereby promoting communism as a solution. Any society that actively intensifies animosity amongst social groups rather than working to diplomatically overcome them will ultimately become exactly that: communist.
@johnkoetsier @LarryRosenthal @John_Westra The media spends all of its energy re-awakening social differences and preaching about it through activism. News reporters are now compelled to provide their opinion and our “oughts” to us with every story. Instead of being informed by facts we’re now being taught by indignation.
@johnkoetsier @LarryRosenthal @John_Westra So yes, it’s Marxist thinking, politicized by the left, gossiped by the media, that is intentionally spinning the truth about our American pursuit of liberty and justice. America raised the bar for universal good for all and will keep doing so, despite today’s misguided activism.
@johnkoetsier @LarryRosenthal @John_Westra Trump is our attempt at an antidote to the problem of intentional historical misdirection. I’d love a more eloquent option, but our sound bite culture has no time for all those details. Gossip spreads faster than academic explanations. Trump’s tweets got people’s attention.
@johnkoetsier @LarryRosenthal @John_Westra And it worked, because he was elected. Few if any of us like Trump because of his narcissism. We like that he exasperates the left, of course, because we’re sick of the posturing and feigned offense. But he says what he wants and is NEVER run by others. We want the same right.
@johnkoetsier @LarryRosenthal @John_Westra Those are the rights we’re being denied: the right to speak freely; to hold conservative views; to believe America is actually better than other nations because of our unique Constitution; to oppose societally harmful values and uphold traditional wisdom.
@johnkoetsier @LarryRosenthal @John_Westra I realize my phrases “the media”, “the truth” and “Marxism” appear as too broad to you. But trust me when I say that almost half of the voting public would know almost exactly what I meant with those words.

I’m not alone in this detailed perspective.

We’re together on this.

• • •

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