The abuse of Lincoln’s second Inaugural speech by GOP seditionists who are making bad faith calls for unity is appalling. Lincoln did indeed say with “Malice towards none and charity for all....”. He said it in the context of finishing the war which had killed 600,000. (1)
The preceding paragraph of the speech is important. It reads, “ Fondly do we hope - fervently do we pray ~ that this mighty scourge of war may pass speedily away. Yet, if God wills that it continue until all of the wealth plied by the bondman’s 250 years of unrequited toil
Shall be sunk and until every drop of blood drawn by the lash shall be paid with another drawn with the sword as was said three thousand years ago so still it must be said “ the judgements of the lord are true and righteous altogether”. Lincoln was making clear that he would
Not yield in the prosecution of the war and the military destruction of the Southern insurrection. There would be charity after victory. That charity was offered without compromise or condition. It followed unconditional surrender. One month after Lincoln delivered this speech
he sat behind Jefferson Davis’s desk. He sat there as a conqueror. The south’s slave autocracy was destroyed. Lee would surrender within days. American democracy was poisoned by a “Big Lie” during November and December. 147 Memners of Congress embraced the lie and betrayed
their oath. They rose on the floor of Congress to throw away the votes of millions of Black Americans. They voted to end the American Republic so the loser, Trump, could remain in power. Many of them incited violence and in January 6th the cancerous cynicism of @HawleyMO
@tedcruz @GOPLeader Kevin McCarthy and dozens more exploded into fascist violence that killed 6 people. The American flag was used as a weapon to bludgeon a policeman. The American was flag torn down and the Trump flag raised above it. The flag of treason, the Confederate
Flag was carried through the Capitol Rotunda by an enemy of the Republic for the first time in history. The floor of the United States Senate and House were taken over, vandalized and desecrated by a fascist mob which included people celebrating the genocide of the Jewish
People under Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany. This did not happen providentially. It was incited by the Trump Propagandists at Fox News, NewsMax, Oan, Breitbart, Red State, ect...... it was stoked by the highest ranked Political leaders in the country. It was financed by America’s
Richest citizens and corporations. The inciters of violence and the spreaders of the Big Lie are now making shallow and insincere calls for unity. They must be rejected. No accommodation can be made with these seditious extremists. There is no compromise with people who want
To throw out millions of Black votes and impose a new Jim Crow. There is no compromise with the white nationalists and supremacists. There is no compromise with the fascists and the militias. Democracy will be defended under the rule of law and the US Constitution. We do not seek
Retribution. We demand justice and accountability under the law. This autocratic movement must be crushed. Trump is the worst President in history. He didn’t do it alone. He is surrounded by liars, thugs, seditionists, racists and opportunists. Know their names. Understand
Their treachery. This rancid movement that has grown around Trumps malignant personality must be eradicated as a serious threat to take political power in this country. All decent Americans who love liberty are stakeholders in that fight and there is no fight more important than
That one because all other progress is dependent on democracy prevailing.

• • •

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13 Jan
Is a United States Senator making criminal threats against the @ProjectLincoln? It sounds like it. @JohnCornyn. The first Ammendment is out shield and our sword. The people who locked kids in cages, orphaned them, lied about a deadly pandemic that has killed hundreds of thousands
Of Americans and incited an insurrection are going to be held to account. I remember when accountability was a conservative principal. We will impose accountability through transparency. We are advice givers not decision makers. Corporate America is capable of assessing the Trump
Stink on their own. We just want to make it a little easier. It seems you might at least have a passing interest in the conduct of your despicable colleague @tedcruz who has blood on his hands. Of course, you are too big a coward to rise up in defense of America. You bear great
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12 Jan
.@GOPLeader Kevin, what a disappointment you are. You are amongst the most cynical American leaders of the last 100 years. You are an author of our national humiliation and shame. I was surprised to read about your concession to reality with a confession of weakness.
Imagine being the Minority Leader of the House, who claims credit for unexpectedly picking up so many seats, suddenly having to declare Corporate America is still with you. That’s you and what a sign of weakness @USChamber @ProjectLincoln
Let’s have a contest @GOPLeader. Find 5 Companies somewhere in America to express confidence in your leadership. Just 5. Companies aren’t writing checks to you anymore because you are a risk. What companies are going to write checks to @SenRickScott at the @nrsc. You went all in
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9 Jan
The first act of the 1st Congress was the establishment of the following Oath for federal officials. “ I, _______ do solemnly swear or affirm that I will support the Constitution of the United States.” We do not move on from sedition and anarchy. We face it in America and we
Treat it like the cancer it is. We lawfully excise it. We repudiate it. We must be clear eyed about the monumental catastrophe that has been brought to us all through the dishonesty, greed, corruption, sociopathy, psychopathy of a few thousand people who were able to yield the
levers of Executive and Legislative power for a few short years. They created an autocratic movement in a short time and advanced a Confederacy of racial animus, illiberalism, conspiracy theories, junk science and anti democratic theories that overran the Capitol of the United
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9 Jan
Imagine the lack of self awareness in @LindseyGrahamSC and @marcorubio as they issue sanctimonious and pious calls for unity. Do they not understand the magnitude of their disgrace and hypocrisy? Do they understand that they are men with no dignity and honour?
Do they understand that their names will be carved into the American story as the enablers of this four years of catastrophe? Do they not understand that all of us know they are frauds? Do they not know we casually watched them discard every value they claimed fidelity towards
in the name of Trump. They were apologists for violence, conspiracy theories, racial hatred, anti Semitism and the lethal incompetence responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths. Do they see statesmen staring back in the mirror? Are they that delusional?
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9 Jan
Kevin McCarthy has demonstrated his unfitness through his pathological dishonesty and cravenness for four years. He disgraced himself and the House with his conduct. He must never be in the line of Presidential succession. Corp. donations made to a McCarthy controlled Committee
will trigger an action by the @ProjectLincoln and our allies in the coming Accountability Project. McCarthy stoked this insanity and he has blood on his hands like Hawley and Cruz. McCarthy is a gadfly, he is the Congressional version of Otter, the rush chairman of the GOP
Fraternity. He is soulless and principle less. He stands for nothing but his self interest and power. Trump has destroyed him by revealing him completely for what he is. He is a sycophantic fool who actually sorted through a vase of starburst candies to remove the
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7 Jan
We have an enormous illiberal-autocratic-extremist problem in American Law enforcement. The Capitol Police is ground zero- obviously. The floor of the House and Senate were breached. No shots were fired. They retreated and surrendered. What a dishonorable moment
This failed Federal law enforcement organization cut and ran. They allowed the Capitol of the United States to be overrun by fascistic extremists. There needs to be a 9/11 style commission on this failure. Congress should immediately act to appoint a different Federal Law
Enforcement agency in charge of the Capitol. The cowardice and failure we saw today should lead to the abolishment of the Capitol Police as an independent Law Enforcement Agency. It’s apparently a den of cowardice, incompetence and sedition. The Secret Service should
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