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24 Jan, 32 tweets, 9 min read
Research shows there are issues involving COVID-19 deaths in Gibraltar … that now seem to have seriously accelerated ever since the introduction of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.
The death rate was well down the Deaths per Million League Table. Not due isolation, since Spanish workers have continued to pour into Gib every morning, back out every evening

Since the 9th January “Covid deaths” per million have rocketed to Third Place on the Worldometer site.
Tiny Gibraltar is like a petri dish; in no other place has there been such a brutally clear relationship between vaccine roll-out and increased “Covid deaths.” ukdefencejournal.org.uk/raf-deliver-co…
We warned about this.
Receipt of influenza vaccination
Examining virus interference by specific respiratory viruses showed mixed results. Vaccine derived virus interference was significantly associated with coronavirus and human metapneumovirus
by 36%
what actually happened was a massive campaign to vaccinate with the flu vaccine in September 2020
we raised concern about potential consequences in April / May but this was ignored..
the neighbours don't like it, don't take it, Andalucia has a very poor flu vaccine participation rate, so much so the government tried to artificially inflate its success...a bit of propaganda, but liar liar pants on fire..

knowing the neighbours is key

This stunning graphic I took from official sources -

because as explained
the virus does not respect a fence
literally this is the neighbour
it is one epidemiological region

cases and admissions rise in perfect synchronicity
outcomes diverge do you see it?
blatantly obvious Image
with official sources u can fact check

The trend is your friend
when you deviate from natural trend in magnitude 15x
the divergence must have causative source

although obvious this must be checked
it demands urgent attention/
serological forensic analysis

future lives at stake
Update to show the changes in one week. Image
Flu innoculations are hazardous when recipient's immune system is confronted with coronavirus as per other tweet, more so within first 14 days of receipt.
The risk of interference with other respiratory pathogens very high
eg coronavirus 65%
As observed
Flu Vaccine.
repeat doses can lead its failure
it doesn't reduce deaths from pneumonia
it fails about 65% of the time
there is no evidence it affects transmission
nor evidence vaccination reduced hospitalisations
we have the viral interference issue

& population were given fear Image
this was the press
the population readily accepted the vaccine,
this is important because as explained the Spanish didn't
so when the deaths started increasing in December the first couple came as little surprise, it is sadly something we live through each winter but the deaths kept rising and faster than the neighbours.
This to me was odd we're one epidemiological region & I recalled the campaign.
So as the deaths rise, and continue to rise I feel that its worthy much closer study, the Pfizer vaccine anecdotally appears to have the same pathogenic priming mechanisms as the flu vaccine, this too has been dosed out in Gibraltar very recently we await its impact. ( est3.28% )
My interest in this topic was sparked by seeing a family member, a health worker at the time fall ill after receiving the shot & then being around our kids, it perked my curiosity, I tweeted the DoD risk study in 2019.
When I spoke to people about it in Gib, conspiracy theorist.
I'll update statistics, sources, thread & analysis in line situ.
As a medical trial it would be deemed unethical, however Gibraltar's campaign was of course consensual.

My hypothesis needs proven or disproven is worthy further scrutiny due to the seriousness of the implications.
The flu vaccine again, is lead suspect in my opinion of what has happened within Gibraltar, here is another RR from the BMJ, and references to a study in Australia showing exactly what I have laid out in the thread. bmj.com/content/368/bm…
this press release is denying the links between the pfizer trial therapy which is being called a vaccine, it details that 10k stuffings been given and 2nd doses commences this weekend, it does not address the concerns about the flu vaccine as cause. gibraltar.gov.gi/press-releases…
☣☣☣☣☣ 📢📢📢
My analysis and research is confirmed in other places.
Wake Up Gibraltar , Saturday is 2nd Dose... !!! and you got flu vaccines in September and October peerj.com/articles/10112/
As also mentioned in the thread, the risk of a cytokine storm from the trial vaccines is indeed present and very real, significant enough that it requires physicians to fully warn and advise those participating in the experiment for the purposes of ethics and informed consent. Image
Here is the clinical information.

I trust you have been fully informed and advised, the information is applicable to all.

"subjects currently in vaccine trials, as well as those being recruited for the trials and future patients after vaccine approval,"
Raw Statistical Data Updated
(see thread for previous snapshots) Image
Ticking time bombs,
( Canadian example took 5 years to manifest )
Dolores Cahill
Professor of Translational Science, School of Medicine & Principal Investigator
Conway Institute of Biomolecular & Biomedical Research, School of Medicine Dublin, Ireland
Raw Data only.
Spain La Linea
up from 62, to 86,14 new deaths in 90k in one week
Gibraltar, up from 65, to 77, 12 deaths in 30k in one week

(gib deaths 3x rate of direct neighbour separated only by a fence)

Gibraltar's 2nd pfizer doses for some 1st for others
started yesterday Image
Raw data Only Image
Gibraltar's government sadly announced three more deaths today from Covid-19 according to their press release, which now brings the total to 83 as of time of writing on 7th February 2021, bulletin 123/2021 gibraltar.gov.gi/press-releases…
Raw data only, Image

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