THREAD: Someone just asked me about the potential of @Pan_Quake in the context of #wallstreetbets yesterday.

Had PanQuake been in the mix, what could it have done?

The answer is *a LOT*.

I'm going to explain below.

Nevermind corporate PR campaigns, digital marketing companies or advertising - NOTHING spreads information faster or more effectively than word of mouth

PanQuake has designed a brand new first-time-ever set of amplification tools that takes word of mouth and puts it on steroids
Example #1: PanQuakes

PanQuakes would have let #wallstreetbets fans, in a series of swift clicks, select the best commentary/info about WSB (either their own messages or others or a combination thereof) & in one click convert them into a single link shareable anywhere on the net
Anyone who clicks on the link (called a PanQuake, the function for which we named the platform) would be taken to a web page with a custom timeline populated with the messages the user had selected to be displayed

ie. no more big tech choosing what we see - now we get to choose!
Example #2: ThunderQuakes

Ppl who were really excited about what #wallstreetbets was doing could choose to expend ThunderQuakes on it. Either by gifting ThunderQuakes points to key WSB accounts, to help them better amplify their messages, or by crafting TQ messages of their own
(TQ points aren't purchased for cash - they're earned, via altruistic gamification.)

Using a ThunderQuake point allows you to send a special message which shows up in the notifications tab of *EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO FOLLOWS YOU* notifying them that something special is going on
That message has an end date & time (could be 15 minutes time, could be 5 days, could be 1 month) & asks the follower to click ✅ if they want to help spread that message, or ❎ if they don't. At scheduled time, the message auto-copies to the timelines of everyone who clicked ✅
This means that when your ThunderQuake message about #wallstreetbets fired off, it would automatically copy to the timelines of hundreds, or thousands, or potentially tens of thousands of accounts *INSTANTANEOUSLY*.

Now you see what I mean by word of mouth on steroids.
Example #3: LoveQuakes

So you have to go do something IRL but don't want to stop sharing #WallStreetBets content?

@Pan_Quake takes care of that.

LoveQuaking WSB content creators you trust will keep copying their stuff to your timeline *EVEN WHILE YOU'RE OFFLINE*
Example #4: CupQuakes

If there are key people involved in WSB who you want your followers to follow, on @Pan_Quake that is achievable in literally one click.

On their account profile, you simply click the 'cupquake' icon & it will make a post promoting their account on your TL
But of course, even beyond all the @Pan_Quake-specific cool functionality, is the fact that we don't shadowban anyone!!

We don't manipulate trends

We don't manipulate "top" messages

It's truly a level playing field

That in itself is a massive amplification opportunity
Here is some of the tl;dr info about @Pan_Quake - what it is, and what we're offering.

It doesn't take much imagining to realise what a solution like this could do for an initiative like @_WallStreetBets!

#TalkLiberation ImageImageImageImage
On the left - this is our lives trapped on big tech platforms.

On the right: this is what your life will be like on @Pan_Quake

#TalkLiberation ImageImage
Before we began designing @Pan_Quake we talked to Twitter users about what was upsetting them about this platform.

That's when we designed the solutions.

Below are all the problems we are solving.

Why? Because we love you. And we want you to realise your full potential ImageImage
In short - not only is a whole new world of social media possible, it's happening.

Join 800+ people who have already contributed to make @Pan_Quake a reality by visiting our website and donating to our crowdfunding campaign today:

• • •

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12 Jul
Another nail in the coffin of the idiots claiming I was never a part of Occupy Auckland has surfaced.

In this Jan 14 2012 vid (in which much of my media team is interviewed) both myself & my son, as well as my car, repeatedly appear in the background

At 17:16 that's me walking across the grass behind Ben (Occupy Auckland media team co-ordinator & later Internet Party deputy leader) carrying my son on my hip, taking him to play with Lyn's daughter. Lyn is interviewed in the vid at 11:45.

Yes, THIS Lyn:
The vid at the top of this thread is from the day my media team established Occupy Albert Park, the 4th occupation site of Occupy Auckland

ANYONE who was a part of Occupy Auckland not only knows who I was, but that I & my team were an integral part of establishing the new occs.
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6 Jul
I'd like to clarify a few things re the @PayPal censorship of @pan_quake

1. PayPal didn't facilitate refunds. Our staff managed to do it ourselves.
2. PayPal charged fees on all the money they withheld from us
3. PayPal also charged fees on some refunds

This left us short-changed and has resulted in us having to make arrangements to top-up refunds of donors with other funds

So @PayPal didn't just withhold all our donor money from us for 6+ weeks, they also pocketed a bunch of it while leaving some donors & thus us out of pocket
If you are one of the affected donors (anyone who donated to and paid your donation via paypal from May 13th til we cut off PP) & you got refunded less than you donated cos of @PayPal double-dipping pls email & we'll top you up
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28 Jun
Dear New Zealanders:

As the news hits today that NZ spies have been spying on you through the Auckland Transport camera network for years, kindly remember which Kiwi living in exile in Russia was warning you about this all along. And while I was still in NZ!

& it was crickets.
Here is me trying to tell Duncan Garner, one of the most famous NZ media figures about it... in 2013!!!!

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27 Jun
THREAD: @pan_quake's 5th Public Delivery Event just wrapped filming and will be posted online soon. Featured some huge announcements on all that's been done in the last month & what's to come this week!

Read through the below for a spoiler with a TL;DR of all the details!

Thanks to YOU all our key campaign metrics are UP UP UP this month, despite PayPal having effectively seized (without saying so) 40% of our total income since May 13th

No wonder the powers that be feel threatened - this campaign is consistently GROWING!

Because making good on our promises in our delivery meetings is so important to us, we revisit the previous month's announcements then present the new month's progress. Last month we said coding would begin June 5th. It did & now MAJOR parts of our build are underway!

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17 Jun
It's not lone wolf infiltrators operating. There are teams of them, orchestrating, working together to pick people off & use them as cover.

They encircle & influence their "useful idiot", then get the useful idiot to front the attacks, creating deniability for themselves... 1/2 that the useful idiot draws the return fire, leaving an appearance of friend fighting friend, which the agencies consider a win-win.

But scratch beneath the surface & there the infiltrators are, constantly shit stirring & breaking solidarity & wrecking relationships & lives
I want to be clear that I do not believe there is presently any infiltration of Panquake. Our team is solid, old hands. That's why Panquake has been attacked so much. If they were controlling it, the smears would stop. But they aren't, so they denigrate us til they can get inside
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9 Jun
Ask me *anything*!

Anything at all, no holds barred.

& I'll respond to YOU in a 2 minute video :)

$40,815 & counting down.

Let's do this!

Ready, set, GO!!!

* The 10 ppl I referred to are our paid employees who've been generously funded by our community. We also have 20 great volunteers

* My responses may not be a full 2-minutes, depending & may be filmed (tastefully) while in bed, the bath, out walking/with no makeup!
* As well as answering serious questions, I'm game to answer silly questions, personal questions, unrelated questions or joke questions, anything that is in good faith

* I may even answer trolls or smear merchants

* I will not answer anything that would violate anyones privacy
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