If revenge played any part in the EU’s article 16 move, it would be understandable, wouldn’t it? They have had to put up with the IMB, the puerile slighting of their emissary & more or less constant abuse from British media & right wing politicians. I can imagine the urge to .. Image
.. pounce at the first opportunity but this gambit seems to have misfired. Pity, because the UK needs a harsh lesson.

I don’t doubt that as time go by there will be better opportunities for the EU to show its power. It probably doesn’t even need to try, as a hippo ..
.. gets its way in most things just by sloshing about & being big.

Meanwhile, there is probably nothing that can be done about the British insistence on framing everything in hostile & bellicose terms, so the EU must get used to it, as a carer with a difficult child must. Too ..
.. many are heavily invested in characterising the EU as the realisation of the Nazi project (Prussian would be more apt & may even be true) to give up now. How boring.

• • •

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1 Feb
Another reason for wanting defendants to be properly represented is to ensure that, if convicted, it is not open to them to claim unfairness on this ground. We used to have a great system but not anymore. Criminal lawyers are badly underpaid & legal aid is often not ..
.. available. It can even happen that an individual is prosecuted & acquitted but does not have their costs reimbursed.

In Scotland (different jurisdiction but the injustice is the same) right now, Craig Murray is being prosecuted for contempt of court with imprisonment ..
.. a likely outcome if he is convicted. Yet, he has no legal aid. The crown has mired him in expensive interim applications all the way to trial, essentially using public money to outspend him & drain his crowd-sourced funding.

The same happened, I believe, to the Tory MP ..
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26 Jan
OK I’m taking this apart since no one else will.

1 The living wage

The living wage is not law. No one is obliged to pay it & only about 7,000 employers in the UK do so. Thus there is ‘no requirement’ in the UK just as there is none in the EU.

Contrast the minimum wage ..
.. which, subject to exceptions IS mandatory in those countries which have one.

Setting minimum wages is not an EU competence. Each (sovereign) member state decides whether to have one & how much it should be. This, it is misleading to have an EU column in the graphic ..
.. anyway.

FWIW, France & Germany’s min. wage is about the same as ours. Ireland, The Netherlands & Luxembourg have significantly higher minimum wages. Source:

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26 Jan
The Tory MP is either a liar or a moron or both. Others can pick the rest of this apart but I’ll focus on the false claim about annual leave.

• The Working Time Regulations implement the Working Time Directive. So this ignorant idiot is bragging about a European law.
• ERG ..
.. nutcases have abolition of the regulations high on their list of objectives. Rees-Mogg said it was the first EU law he would repeal. So the cretin is boasting about a law his party means to repeal.
• and, as with everything else, it’s a lie anyway. Both the regulations ..
.. & the directive provide for ‘4 weeks’ annual paid leave. That cannot & does not mean 28 days in the UK but only 20 in the EU. What it means is that for a worker with a ‘normal’ working week of 5 days on, 2 days off, 20 days paid leave must be provided. If the working week ..
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25 Jan
You would have to go a long way to find a more rabid Brexiteer than John Redwood. And what is his vision? An unattainable autarky in which we grow our own food &, it now seems, our own wood.

As the free market left to itself will not do these things (because they are mad) ..
.. John wants the government to ‘foster’ tree planting & introduce policies to grow more food & secure ‘our’ fish.

We’ll be like East Germany before the wall came down, all driving around in Trabbants, choking the air with fumes & blackening all the buildings as we pass the ..
.. empty shops with dirty windows & shambling pedestrians in their threadbare clothes hurrying back from their weekly allotment duty with some scavenged wood to feed the stove for a brief respite from the gnawing cold.

There’s a reason Redwood is not in govt. (not even THIS ..
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24 Jan
Two quotes from today’s Observer struck me. The first is from Andrew Rawnsley’s comment piece:

‘Remainers struggled to find ways to make technical-sounding issues matter to the public. Among many voters and many politicians, the great benefits of being inside the ..
.. single market were taken for granted right up until the moment when they vanished.’

The second is from an article on the disastrous impact Brexit is having on small businesses that trade with the EU. Andrew Moss runs a packaging & point of sale marketing display business. ..
.. He employs 37 people in Ely & turns over £3.5M. From the article:

‘The last three weeks, he says, have been a living nightmare. “Soft Brexit – there is no such thing. This is horrific,” he says. “We celebrated the Brexit deal with champagne over Christmas but when ..
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21 Jan
Others have tweeted this story. I just want to link it to two things namely: the Johnson govts’ deliberate decisions to:

• withdraw from the Erasmus scheme &
• not secure favoured access to the EU for British artists (cf. Roger Daltrey bitching ..

.. yesterday).

How to explain these 3 things? My theory is simple - the idea is to play to the bigoted, UKIP base to whom the EU is a Nazi super state with which we are virtually at war. Among the advantages of this approach, which has nothing to do with the national ..
.. interest, is it provides a platform for the blame game as our chickens come home to roost. Our trade is crippled by petty fogging EU bureaucracy not by our own wilful decisions.

The message is, if they want to play hardball, so can we. Never mind the pettiness, to ..
Read 4 tweets

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