On the floor now, @mtgreenee says she hasn't gotten the chance to properly introduce herself across the aisle. Says she's a "very regular American."
@mtgreenee Greene is giving the full backstory of how she stumbled upon Q-Anon. Says she got there by Googling things about the Russia investigation in 2018. Says she didn't trust the government then. "A lot of Americans don't trust our government."
Greene says she regrets the Facebook comments and likes she posted about Q-Anon then. "I stopped believing it... any source of information that is a mix of truth and lies, is dangerous."
"School shootings are absolutely real," @mtgreenee says on the House floor.

"9/11 absolutely happened."

This is the full clean-up speech
Greene says the the controversies are "words of the past" and do not represent her, or her constituents.

"None of us are perfect. None of us are."
Greene says the media is "just as guilty as Q-Anon" in spreading lies as she closes her remarks.
Republicans will likely be relieved the Greene came to the floor and gave this speech, explaining or disavowing some of her most controversial comments/actions. Its likely too little too late for Dems.

• • •

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2 Feb
From the Impeachment Managers' Brief: "It is impossible to imagine the events of January 6 occurring without President Trump creating a powder keg, striking a match, and then seeking personal advantage from the ensuing havoc."
On Constitutionality of trial after POTUS term ends: "The Constitution governs the first day of the President’s term, the last day, and every moment in between. Presidents do not get a free pass to commit high crimes and misdemeanors near the end of their term."
Reading the brief I'm struck by the dozens of footnotes citing Trump's twitter account. The former President's tweets providing evidence of intent the managers use against him.
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26 Dec 20
Has anyone seen or heard from Secretary @stevenmnuchin1 since last week? His negotiation on behalf of the President led to bipartisan bill, passed overwhelmingly, that the president won’t sign. How does he have the credibility to stay in that job? Or at least that role?
It’s a serious question. Who in the Trump admin could walk into Pelosi’s or McConnell’s office right now and say: The President will sign X, and they’d believe it. Jared? Without that person, how does this manufactured crisis end before Jan 20?
Meanwhile, today I interviewed a Pennsylvania grandmother who is losing her unemployment, and who told me "panic mode has now kicked in."

This isn't theoretical. Real people need help, period.
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21 Dec 20
Folks! The bill is on the move!
The bill comes in at 5593 pages. Better get reading.
.@frankthorp does the math: You’d have to read 560 pages an hour to finish it before midnight
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3 Dec 20
I keep thinking that Democrats have lost a messaging battle in fighting for shorthand "state and local" COVID aid money. If you hammer (and if the legislation reflects) that this is money to keep EMTs, firefighters and cops, etc employed, you're making a more compelling argument.
Original framing of the HEROES act nailed this - supporting our heroes in the pandemic fight, but over time, the "state and local" shorthand for that portion of the bill has gotten a bit radioactive.
And some of this may be our fault in the political press... I certainly can't wash my hands of it. Being more specific always helps.
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1 Dec 20
MCCONNELL says he and @GOPLeader have been in touch with Mnuchin & Meadows at the White House about a COVID relief bill that “the president would, in fact, sign” - so basically working backwards from Trump signature to something that could pass GOP senate.
He doesn’t sound particularly enthusiastic about the bipartisan framework unveiled earlier today.
Sounds like McConnell will take what he knows the president will sign on COVID relief, which his members will support, attach it to the must-pass government funding Bill, and dare House Dems to block the whole thing
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6 Oct 20
BREAKING: The president just pulled the plug on COVID relief negotiations until after the election.
Even if the president is re-elected, and if Republicans hold the Senate, AND if they take the House - the new congress isn't seated until January. If this holds, COVID relief/stimulus is now a long, long way off for Americans.
Setting aside the millions & millions of Americans who are desperate for some kind of help from their government right now, this feels like political malpractice. Opposition party is trying to give you TRILLIONS that would prop up economy in last month of election... & you walk?
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