HOW TO FINGER: 🖖🤙😋 (18+)

I’ll be showing everyone a unique method in which you can use in messaging your girl's clit, and pvssy.

Lesbians can use it too.. A THREAD💋
How many people have you slept with?
That moment when you kiss her & romance her breast slowly😩

Then slowly you slide your hands through her legs and shift her panties to the side🥺

Then you dip a finger in and out of that sumptuous pussy.. Sweet Lord😋😩

Before we start I hope you remember our teasing and seductive steps in other to get her wet?😉💦

In case you've forgotten😋🤤
Now pull out her panties with sense😋

Now start slowly kissing and licking (extremely softly) all around her vagina and clit😍😩

The edge of your lips should be making a tiny amount of contact with her vagina and clit as you move your way around…constantly teasing her😩💦
1. Now Start by rubbing her clit up and down gently 😻

Nice and slow so that you don't make her clit sore already. lightly press your finger into her vagina in and out using her natural lubrication as lube on your fingertip 🤤💦
2. Now rub her pussy side-to-side very gently 😻

• If u ever feel your finger drying out, then just return into her vagina. This might not provide enough lubrication for some women.

She's in trouble 🤤😩
3. Now start stroking from the bottom of her pussy to her clit 😻💦

• Feel free to compliment her as you please her. Some women feel self-conscious about how they look, just like you might if you want to make your penis bigger😻💦
While doing all this make sure you are caressing her breast & kissing her thighs💋 from one leg to the other.

Yes boy
Just like that😵💦

u can spice things up by tying her hands & blind folding her Send a dm to @sinsation_in to shop for all sex toys and accessories.
4. Now u need to top up ur work by using ur four fingers..

All you will be doing is rubbing ur four fingers over her clit, labia, & pussy in a circular motion. Using her pussy juice on your fingers will make it much slippier, wetter & satisfying for her😩💦

Fuckkkk 😩
Just like your penis, her clit becomes erect when aroused 

5. So now u move into her soaked hood and labias & slowly rub them up and down like in the below diagram🤤😵💦
I know dick is nice but has your man ever sat you on his lap, kept eye contact with you and fingered u to tears?😩😭

6. now I want u to get ur girl to lie down on her back with her legs spread open.

Then u need to get into a comfortable position sitting down to her right side
Ladies u can apply a vibrator or clit sucker during all these time to amply the sensation & accelerate u to orgasm.

As a lady, you can also use these fingering method on your self😋

While fingering her, all ur target should be on her G-SPOT. Don't underrated that spot!
Keep in mind that the best person to teach u additional fingering techniques is your girl. She already knows what she likes best😋

I remain ur fav. Sexologist
Queen preshiii @preshdeyforyou

Please follow me for more sex education.
Ladies, please stop shaming your man because he cums in 2mins.
I’d recommend you get jalin herbal manned liquid for him.
Dm @Jalinherbal or send a dm to get yours.

Don’t say I didn’t do anything for you! 🤗
Sweetheart join my sex education channel and download this lecture in PDF format.. I explained everything perfectly in the pdf using real pussy and videos.

Join here… or here…

You will also get other interesting sex topics 😋🤤
Get the latest;

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Entertainment etc

Just join this channel to enjoy them all.
I remain your sexologist
QUEEN PRESHIII (@preshdeyforyou)

Twitter suspended me
So follow me @preshdeyforyou so I can get back on my feet and be dropping more sex education materials
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Join now asap cos you also have a free training attached to it.

• • •

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u will see her grabbing & holding you or the pillow so tight.😩🤯
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Gentlemen u don't just fuck 1 round, & then you go to sleep. Some ladies like me will go downstairs and fuck your brother 💀😂

So, the following steps will help you get ready for more rounds.. A THREAD🤤
When you men climax, that’s usually a sign that your role in the sexual encounter is over. — make I no lie oo, this is always so painful to the ladies...

Rn this woman feels like beating this man up😂... like who tf sleeps after 1 round? 🤷‍♀
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Babe Start by kissing your partner from top to bottom during your refractory period. This is a time to truly enjoy some serious foreplay.

She won't even notice that you're resting for round 2😎
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