@JohnsonFido @capobianco_slv @GWOMaths Got it.

a² - d⋅b² = ±4

we have, equivalently
(½a)² - d⋅(½b)² = ±1

(½a - √d⋅½b)³
= a⋅½(db²±1) - b⋅½(a²∓1)⋅√d

where both of
are always even for d, a, and b odd.

But for d ≅ 1 (mod 4)
then a and b are always the same parity.
@JohnsonFido @capobianco_slv @GWOMaths Thus
x = a⋅½(db²±1)
y = b⋅½(a²∓1)

are positive integer solutions to
x² - d⋅y² = ±1

a² - d⋅b² = ±4

for positive integers a, b.

I believe this is only relevant for d ≅ 1 (mod 4) even though that condition doesn't appear in the calculation.
@JohnsonFido @capobianco_slv @GWOMaths Derivation:

= (½a - ½b⋅√d)³
= (½a - ½b⋅√d) ⋅ ¼⋅(a² + d⋅b² - 2ab⋅√d)
= ⅛⋅(a³+da⋅b²+2⋅da⋅b²) - ⅛⋅(a²⋅b+d⋅b³+2a²⋅b)⋅√d
= ⅛⋅(a³+3da⋅b²)- ⅛⋅(d⋅b³+3⋅a²⋅b)⋅√d
= ⅛⋅(4da⋅b² ± 4) - b⋅⅛⋅(4⋅a² ∓ 4)⋅√d
= a⋅½(db²±1) - b⋅½(a²∓1)⋅√d

• • •

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From Albert H. Beiler's
Recreations in the Theory of Numbers:

Calculate in your head:
47² = ?
96² = ?
113² = ?
179² = ?

47² = (47 + 3) ⋅ (47 - 3) + 3² = 50 ⋅ 44 + 9 = 2209

96² = (96+4) ⋅ (96-4) + 4² = 100 ⋅ 92 + 16 = 9216

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