We are told that the DC riot killed five people. Sometimes seven deaths are linked to the riot. But here’s the truth, as far as we’ve been officially told:
Of seven deaths, two were officers who committed suicide after the riot. We have never been given any evidence or any reason to believe that their suicides had anything to do with the riot. This is simply an assumption that many have made.
Of the five who died in or shortly after the riot, one was a man with a pre existing condition who suffered a heart attack. Another suffered a stroke at some point that day and died in a hospital.
One woman collapsed while in a rush of people outside the Capitol and died. We were told she was “trampled to death.” The medical examiner never confirmed that as the cause of death. We have not been given any additional information.
The fourth civilian death was Ashli Babbitt. She was an unarmed woman shot and killed by a Capitol Police officer inside the Capitol.
The fifth death was Officer Sicknick. We have been given absolutely no official information about his death at all. The only thing they’re telling us is that he was at the riot and later died. The autopsy results are being withheld. Nobody has been arrested for his murder.
So of the five deaths linked to the riot, only one — Babbit — can be conclusively considered a death caused by violence during the riot. Only the violence in this case was done by a cop. That is what we know right now. If anyone knows more, they aren’t telling us.
Does this matter? Yes, because the truth matters. Also because the “deadly riot” characterization is how they’re justifying the military occupation of DC. People died. It’s tragic. But the how and the why really matter. A lot.

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4 May
One of the worst things to happen in modern times is the medicalization of the human condition. Now people who experience anxiety think they’re sick. They aren’t. Anxiety is a fundamental fact of human existence. It’s not a disease.
Of course all the boring, moldy brained drones answer with the “Where did you get your medical degree???” bullshit. Try to keep up. My argument is based on the human condition. A doctor is no more an expert on that subject than anyone else. I’m human. That’s what qualifies me.
My entire point is that the human condition is not a medical condition. The “you’re not a doctor” stuff begs the question. I am not making a medical case. I am saying that this whole subject belongs to a different category.
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14 Apr
Many conservatives are fine with the Babbit killing even though we’ve never been given a clear explanation nor even the name of the officer involved. Youre really okay with the lack of transparency even though you know it would never work like this if she was black and leftist?
They shot the woman, shrugged their shoulders, refused to tell us anything about it, and closed out the investigation in a couple of months. You know it would never go down like this if this was a BLM activist. A two tiered justice system and you aren’t worried about it. Amazing.
No other officer shot at anyone that day. You’re just willing to accept that of all the protesters, somehow Ashli Babbit posed a lethal threat and her killing was justified? And you’re not curious to know if this cop had political or ideological conflicts of interest either?
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11 Apr
Question for conceal carry holders: do you carry with a round in the chamber?
What are the chances that the half second it takes to rack it will get you killed or hurt, versus what are the chances that having a round in the chamber will lead to an accident. Run that calculation and I’m not sure that the answer most people are giving makes statistical sense
Another way of putting it: if you’re in a situation where you don’t even have an extra half second to move your hand, you’re probably dead anyway. I don’t think most self-defense situations really play out that way though, especially if you have good situational awareness.
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9 Apr
[Thread] Every pro-abortion argument mirrors 19th century pro-slavery arguments. I'll show you:

Argument from ownership: “This slave/baby is my property/body. You can't tell me what to do with it.”
Argument from privacy: "No one is forcing you to have slaves/abortions. Mind your own business."

Argument from superseding rights: “My property/body autonomy rights come before the rights of a slave/fetus.”
Argument from inevitability: “Slavery/abortion has been around for thousands of years, it’s never going away. We might as well have a safe and legal system in place for it.”
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29 Mar
Let's review some recent events. In Milwaukee, two black teens, ages 15 and 17, found an Asian woman hanging out alone in a park. They assaulted her, then dragged her to a pond in the woods where they raped and killed her. They recorded the crime on their phone.
In Rochester, two black teens aged 14 and 16 broke into a white man's house, lit him on fire, watched him burn for a little bit, then left him to die. It's still not clear why they did it.
In DC, a Pakistani man was carjacked and murdered by two black girls, ages 13 and 15. His body was left bleeding on the sidewalk while the girls tried to recover their cell phones from his car, which they had wrecked while stealing it.
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17 Mar
[thread] This article is anti-science drivel. Inane, misleading bullshit from start to finish. The people who advocate for putting males in female sports have no case. No argument. Nothing. They know it. So they give us this. I can't stress enough how bad their argument is:
Their "proof" that boys don't have an advantage over girls is that some girls can still beat boys in sports. This does not at all even come close to refuting the fact that boys have biological advantages.
They leave out the fact that, in the case cited, the biological males competing against girls in track and field were getting gold and silver medals with times that wouldn't have even qualified for the finals in the boys bracket. THAT'S the advantage. Clear as day.
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