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24 Nov
It's crazy that we let people ride bicycles down the street. Like I know you want to exercise, so do I, but I'm not going to start doing pushups in the middle of the highway. Streets are for cars. Take your bike to the park.
It blows my mind every time I'm in a line of cars all trying to navigate around some weirdo on his bike. How is this legal?
And the thing is, if I ever accidentally hit one of these morons, I'll be facing jail time even though they were the one playing with their toy in the street
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23 Nov
This is what trans indoctrination of children looks like, from HBO's new documentary promoting and celebrating child abuse. The boy here is 4 years old. His parents decided that he is "gender expansive." Later they decide he's a girl. #BoycottHBO
A couple of years later, the parents get divorced and decide that never mind he actually is a boy. The doc is horrifying and evil but it does unintentionally show that kids become "trans" because their parents are confused, miserable, and projecting issues onto their children.
Four kids featured in the doc. Two are children of divorce, one is the daughter ("son") of a lesbian with no dad in the picture. The other has married parents who are clearly and unashamedly pushing him ("her") into it for attention from the media.
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22 Nov
Apparently most people have had dreams where they’re falling. I have never had this dream in my life but it sounds really fun. Like a free, no-risk sky diving trip. Why do people describe it as a nightmare? Sounds like a blast.
Then again I rarely have dreams at all. My sleep is mostly dreamless. A black abyss. Explains a lot I guess.
Dreaming in general is undignified and unmanly. Real men never stoop to indulging in such fantasies.
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21 Nov
The Left has been shouting about the need for “evidence” in these election fraud claims. I agree that evidence is needed. But I don’t believe that they actually give a damn about evidence in principle. Here’s a partial list of claims they’ve recently advanced without evidence:
-Racist cops are hunting black people
-There’s a hate crime epidemic against trans people
-Brett Kavanaugh is a serial rapist
-Donald Trump is a Russian asset
-Jussie Smollett was assaulted by racist white Trump supporters
-A climate change apocalypse will happen in 11 years
-Your mask will protect you from the virus
-Lockdowns are necessary to slow the spread
-Men can get pregnant
-Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed illegitimately
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21 Nov
I am fully on board with waiting to see if they can prove it in court, but when someone is all over TV claiming to have evidence of the greatest crime in American history, and no one to include the other people on her legal team have seen it, the rational response is skepticism.
What a lot of people on this site are doing instead is taking an “Ill believe it until I’m given good reason to not believe it” approach. This is totally irrational. And if conservatism is not rational anymore, we’re lost. Rationality is dead.
So the point is not that Powell is definitely lying. It’s that she’s claiming something absolutely extraordinary and extraordinary claims should ALWAYS be treated not with dismissal but thoughtful skepticism — unless and until proof is offered.
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12 Nov
If Biden wins, Trump 2024 is not the path forward. We don't need our own 78 year old running. If the Right really can't find anyone but Trump to carry the mantle then we're a dead movement anyway. I don't believe that. We have an enormous opportunity to build and grow right now.
There are some younger, talented, smart, effective potential leaders of the movement. Let's give them a chance.
I'm worried about a situation where Trump loses, announces his intention to run again, then we're the Trump Club for another 8 years, with a nasty primary battle in 2024 where a number of our talented up and comers are tossed to the side in favor of a guy who's nearly 80.
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20 Oct
We need to stop complaining about children being "indoctrinated" in schools. All education is indoctrination because it is all inevitably grounded in a worldview and a value system. The problem in schools is that so often the worldview is wrong and the value system perverse.
So the problem isn't simply that kids are indoctrinated, but that they are indoctrinated into the wrong way of thinking and looking at the world.
The question isn't WHETHER a child should be indoctrinated -- we all agree they should be, even if we claim otherwise -- but BY WHOM and INTO WHAT. Let's just not pretend that we favor some sort of mythical "objective" education with no worldview or value system attached.
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5 Oct
(Thread) The pro-mask, pro-lockdown people have never engaged honestly with the other side. Never. Six months into this thing and they still won’t even acknowledge the counter arguments, much less offer a rebuttal to them. I’ve never seen so much bad faith posturing in my life.
The fact is that there are many illnesses — the flu, for example, but not just the flu — that are also transmissible and potentially deadly yet we have never done anything in response to them. No masks. No closings. Nothing.
And this is the part where the Bad Faith squad starts with the exasperated huffs and eye-rolls and says “COVID is worse than those other diseases, idiot,” and then moves on as if they’ve settled the matter. But they missed the point by a mile on purpose.
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4 Oct
Althea Bernstein said she was set on fire by four white guys in the middle of the street in Madison. The story was clearly bogus but the media and BLM amplified it. After local and federal investigations it’s finally been confirmed that there is zero evidence to support her claim
They have security camera footage showing her entire drive on the night when she said the flame throwing white supremacists attacked her at a stoplight. No attack. No white supremacists.
But of course the media outlets that ran with her claim will not retract or even acknowledge the new development. BLM will not apologize for pushing the false story. And the police will not charge Bernstein with a crime.
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23 Sep
BLM Narrative vs Reality: A Thread

Narrative: Breonna Taylor was murdered in her sleep when cops bust in the door without knocking.

Reality: Nope. She was awake, the cops did knock and announce themselves, and her boyfriend shot first.
Narrative: Jacob Blake was unarmed and shot by cops while trying to get into his car after stopping to break up a fight

Reality: Nope. Blake was harassing his alleged rape victim, was armed with a knife, and was reaching into his ex girlfriend’s car which he was trying to steal
Narrative: Deon Kay was an unarmed child shot in the back by cops

Reality: Nope. He was a legal adult, a known gang member, and shot in the chest while running towards officers with his gun drawn
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23 Sep
No matter how you feel about abortion, if you’re intelligent and honest you should agree that Roe was a flagrantly terrible decision. It located a “right to abortion,” which is not in the Constitution, within the “right to privacy,” which is also not in the Constitution.
Even if the Constitution did mention the right to privacy, no objective reading of “right to privacy” could include abortion. The whole objection to abortion is how it affects the other person, the unborn child.
To call abortion a “private” decision is to assume that the other person doesn’t count or doesn’t exist, which begs the question. You have to prove that first. Then you can talk about privacy. These are questions that the Constitution doesn’t address and doesn’t intend to address
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22 Sep

The Conservative Case For Waiting Until After The Election To Fill The SCOTUS Seat

In the age of Trump, many conservatives have forfeited principles. I have not. In fact I have even more principles than before. I have a principle surplus. That is how principled I am.
One of those principles is that Republican senators should not vote on new SCOTUS nominees within 50 days of an election. Within 51 or more days they can. This is how the Founders intended it, though they forgot to say so.
Also, putting another conservative on the court would be, frankly, rude. Many Democrats do not want a conservative on the court. Would a principled man do something that Democrats don’t want him to do? I think not. Men of principle always act with the consent of CNN.
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18 Sep
To be clear, our anniversary is over a month away. It’s just that hypothetically I may have allegedly scheduled something for that same night. But that doesn’t count as forgetting it anyway because it hasn’t happened yet right?
I scheduled it because I forgot. But at the same time it doesn’t count as forgetting because the forgotten thing hasn’t occurred. That’s my point. It’s very technical.
She can’t say “my husband forgot our anniversary,” because that implies that it already happened. Instead she has to say “my husband is forgetting,” but then everyone is guilty of momentarily forgetting future events if they aren’t thinking about them every second.
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17 Sep
(Thread) The Nashville story is insane. The city had actually moved to Phase 3 in late June but then right before July 4 weekend, when bars and restaurants were planning to recoup lots of lost revenue, the mayor went BACK to phase 2 and shut all bars down for two more weeks.
He justified this move by saying that "contact tracing investigations" proved it was necessary. But we now know from leaked emails that contact tracing actually proved that there was no reason to have bars and restaurants closed.
They were apparently conspiring on June 30 to hide the positive COVID news. A few days later, right before the big holiday weekend, they shut everything down again.
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10 Sep
Netflix released that “Cuties” movie about twerking 11 year olds. Fuller clips of the film are now circulating. It’s way worse than I thought, and I thought it would be extremely bad. VERY explicit sexual dancing, girls grabbing themselves, crotch shots, etc. These are children.
It’s not just that the movie was produced and then distributed on Netflix, it’s that many mainstream film critics defended it and claimed that we were all overreacting because we hadn’t seen it. But we weren’t overreacting. We under reacted if anything.
There is a push to normalize pedophilia in our country. That’s not a conspiracy. It’s a fact.
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9 Sep
My wife brought this hideous pile of random splotches home years ago and has insisted that it’s really a painting of sailboats. For years I have tried to tell her there are no sailboats and please get this damned thing off our wall. Am I crazy? Are there sailboats here? Image
By the way just to be clear this thing is like four feet across. It screams at you as soon as you enter the room. It has ruined my life.
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2 Sep
[Thread] I mentioned this briefly a few weeks ago and was surprised that so many had never heard about this. So now let me give you the slightly more expanded story of John Money, the man who invented left wing gender theory.
John Money was a psychologist in the mid 20th century. A pioneer of the idea that “gender” is something distinct from sex and it’s determined by your environment. This is taught now as fact in most schools and universities. But Money himself accidentally disproved his own theory
David and Brian Reimer were twin boys. During a botched circumcision David’s penis was burned off. His parents learned about Money and his gender theories so they consulted him. Money told them to raise David as a girl and never tell him about his true identity.
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31 Aug
Just more race based violence against white people that we can all pretend isn’t happening

The man who uploaded this video to Instagram is @ traysavage_. He captions it “white lives don’t matter.” I don’t know if this scumbag is the guy who carried out the attack or if he just found the video. He’s a scumbag either way. Image
Here’s the caption. The Instagram post has been taken down. Image
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31 Aug
Okay so Rex Chapman messaged me first, was snide and stupid, laughed about rape, then had the gall to put me on blast on Twitter. Since I see in the thread that he consents to having the screenshots posted, I will do that now. I’m not sure why he wants you to see this, but here:
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28 Aug
Before you say one more damned word in defense of the violent criminal and abuser Jacob Blake, read the complaint against him. This is why there was a warrant for his arrest and why his ex girlfriend called the cops on him. I'll summarize in the thread:
Blake is accused of entering his ex girlfriend's home early one morning while she was sleeping. She says he came into her room and without consent penetrated her vaginally with his fingers. He then stole her debit card and her car and fled.
She also says he has physically assaulted her repeatedly over the years. At least twice a year, according to the complaint. This is a very bad and violent man who has done horrible things to women.
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