The hotel quarantine regulations have just arrived, coming into force 4am on Monday 15 Feb

The Health Protection (Coronavirus, International Travel)
(England) (Amendment) (No. 7) Regulations 2021……

Let's dive in...
First up is the new requirement to book tests on days 2 and 8 after arriving in the UK. The helpful explanatory memorandum is the third image.
Note that these are amendments to another regulation (…) so very difficult to follow. As per usual. Inexcusable that these have been published *zero* working days before they come into force and will not be scrutinised by Parliament at all before they do
I think this is the first power of entry for police officers contained in the Covid regulations. This is to enforce self-isolation requirements (where someone has to do "managed self-isolation packaged" which is a rather euphemistic way to talk about hotel quarantine...
If you want to read the explanatory memorandum it is here. Easier than reading the regulations. Just trying to get my head around them…
Some reasonable excuses for not booking Day 2 and Day 8 tests before you arrive
Very large fixed penalty notices for not complying with Schedule B1A which is the "managed self-isolation package" (hotel quarantine).
£5,000 to £10,000
OK here is the main bit - Schedule B1A

"Additional measures"

You always know something serious is going on in the law (such as trying to suggest detention isn't detention, as here) when the drafters use names like that
See also "managed self-isolation package"

I know Orwell is over-cited but...
Anyway, you have to go to one of these (air)ports
The Explanatory Memorandum at least uses the word "quarantine"
So if you come in from a 'red list' country you have to book the package which includes hotel quarantine and a test

"If P is not in possession of a managed self-isolation package on their arrival... P must as soon as practicable obtain a managed self-isolation package"
Here's the charging bit - very clear it's the Secretary of State imposing the charge, not the hotels etc.

I'm dubious about the legality of this bit
***Non commercial break***

I do public Covid regulations explanations for free but if you want to say thanks please consider giving to my fundraiser for @LawCentres. Trying to get to £29,000 to pay a solicitor for a year…

*** thank you ****
You have to self isolate for 10 days beginning with the day *after* your arrival. So if you get there 12:01 in the morning it's an 11-day isolation
Some sensible enough exceptions to allow people to visit you when in managed self-isolation *cough* detention
Here's the important bit - exceptions. These are quite numerous, including
- Exercise
- Fulfil legal obligation including attending court (technically a lawyer could do their job)
- visit a dying person
- attend a funeral of family or household member
BUT there's a kicker...
The kicker is you can only take exercise, visit a dying person or attend a funeral with prior permission by a person authorised by the Secretary of State (so presumably the security people) and you also have to comply with "reasonable requirements"
Sounds like detention?
Note what the guidance says

"only with special permission from hotel staff or security. This is not guaranteed"…
Don't forget this will involve the detention of children - their adults responsible for ensuring they comply as you would expect
Here's an interesting bit - remember that Matt Hancock seemed to suggest that asylum seekers from 'red list' countries would be sent back (unlawfully)? Well asylum seekers and others are not part of the hotel quarantine system but it's not specified what they will do
"are to be read as references to a self-isolation package containing such provisions as to accommodation, transport and testing as the Secretary of State considers appropriate" - basically to be confirmed what will happen to asylum seekers etc. Not good enough
I think that the enforcement of hotel quarantine will be managed by police or (more likely) people designated by the Secretary of State who will have powers of entry, fixed penalty notices and use of reasonable force though possibly not to actually guard people?
I think that's the main bits - I have to get off, it's shabbat (sabbath)! Off to cook.

Let me know if I missed anything big
Sorry, one other point. As suspected there is no exemption for people who cannot book a “managed self isolation package“ because, for example, of their disability. The seams potentially unlawful

• • •

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12 Feb
It’s Valentine’s Day this Sunday. In this thread I show that private meetings and sex between consenting adults who don’t live together has mostly been illegal in England for almost a year... 💔
... if you are in Leicester indoor meetings for dating/sex between people who don’t live together it has been illegal since 26 March 2020. In Manchester, it’s almost the entire time since 26 March.
I think that’s in this respect England has had the strictest regime in Europe and possibly the world. As I understand it, European states tend to allow meetings between two people who do not live together for any reason indoors.
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How odd - the woman at Crosby beach was not, in fact, given a Fixed Penalty Notice because the "on reflection" it was not proceeded with. Unclear when that decision was made though. I assume the "conversations on social media" is referring to my conversation with the force...
"the fixed penalty notice has now been issued"

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11 Feb
The mandatory hotel quarantine guidance has been published…
You can apply for deferred payment if you can't afford the fees
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This guidance is stricter than law. The law permits exercise including with one other person not from household. That applies to children as much as it does for adults. There is no reason in law why any child (whether they have a garden or not) could not play in a playground. /1
Another crucial point is that children under 5 are not included in the limits for taking exercise with one other person. So there is no reason in law why two parents from different households could not be together exercising with their 4 children under 5 /2
Also included is "where exercise is being taken as part of providing informal childcare for a child aged 13 or under, one or more members of their linked childcare household" /3…
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11 Feb
Still no sign of hotel quarantine regulations.

If tomorrow, no prospect of a parliamentary vote on them until *after* they are brought into force.

This is a law which will lead to the detention of potentially thousands of British adults and children - zero prior scrutiny.
This is a policy which has been on the cards not just for days, or weeks, but for months. Absolutely no justification for using the emergency procedure which requires "by reason of urgency, it is necessary to make the order without a draft being so laid and approved."
We currently only know the bare bones of the policy. We don't know key details:
- How will the charge work? Will it be means tested?
- What happens to disabled people who can't reasonably be detained?
- What about unaccompanied children?
- Who will guard hotels?
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11 Feb
This is just wrong. The police should ignore guidance, which isn't statutory or legally binding, and stick to the law which they are meant to be enforcing, which is complex enough
This is really pernicious. I can see how police have got there - by assuming that the guidance is an insight into what the legislation means. But it isn't. The Covid guidance has consistently gone further than the legislation. A legal limit on exercise distance could have been...
... included in the regulations as it was in Wales, but it wasn't. The guidance confuses, not clarifies, the law. The police would be far safer to ignore it, not least because it is a huge waste of their resources attempting to stope people driving a few miles for exercise...
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