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17 Feb, 7 tweets, 2 min read
I never got to speak to Rush Limbaugh, but he always seemed like a friend I heard from every day. He quoted my work on the air a few times, and it was a surreal delight, a joyous thing that could not possibly be happening. He helped us all become friends.
That's the real measure of Rush's impact. He helped so many people realize they were not alone, even as the mainstream media labored to make them feel isolated and hopeless. He understood that totalitarians overwhelm and dominate ordinary people by making them *feel* surrounded.
How often good and decent people felt isolated before Rush! They wondered why nobody could see what was so perfectly obvious to them. The secret of totalitarian success is to make ordinary people fear everyone around them is an informer or enforcer. Rush shattered that illusion.
The illusion of manufactured consensus and forced conformity never worked on Rush, not for a minute. He KNEW we were all out here, long before his ratings proved it. He gave so many others the confidence to raise their voices, knowing they were not alone.
It takes incredible talent and discipline to realize a bold vision like that. I heard him on the air not long ago, and thought he sounded great, as if time had not touched the voice I first heard over 30 years ago. Someone had to do what he did, but not just anyone COULD have.
And now the Internet will be filled with ugly cries of triumph from the howling darkness Rush spent his life opposing... proving him right once again, one more time. They're still dangerous, but they aren't scary any more, not after Rush spent all those years mocking them.
We all lost a great friend in Rush Limbaugh today, but he showed us how many friends we really have, across this nation and many others. We are one less, but because of him, we will never again fear we are alone. One voice is stilled, but there will never again be silence. /end

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19 Feb
Another thing to ponder about Rush Limbaugh's legacy: He wasn't just good at skewering the Left. He was fantastically effective at presenting conservative ideas. He understood how important it was for each generation to rediscover those ideas.
There has long been a tendency among conservative intellectuals to hoard their treasures, keep their ideas hermetically sealed, impatiently point to the great works of the past instead of finding new ways to share their teachings with each new generation.
There's a whiff of snobbishness about it, a sense that well-educated people ought to know all of these time-tested arguments by heart, so it's beneath the highest rank of intellectuals to regurgitate them. Why waste energy finding new ways to teach old lessons?
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18 Feb
One reason the Left hates Rush so much is that he was so effective at skewering their pretensions to moral and intellectual superiority. He made it okay to laugh at them, to judge the failure of their policies without ritually celebrating their alleged good intentions.
Rush did to the Left what they had done to the culture they destroyed in the 60s and 70s. He used humor to destroy their pieties and expose their hypocrisies. More than anyone in the post-Cold War era, he DISRESPECTED them, and he had a blast while doing it.
The Left strongly believes in forcing its subjects to show respect and piety. Your parents might have taught you respect must be earned, but the Left believes the opposite. If you force people to act like they respect you, it doesn't matter if they really do in their hearts.
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16 Feb
The liberty and mobility granted to average people by cheap gasoline and home energy is absolutely infuriating to socialist central planners. They need you people to stop moving around so much. You keep scuttling their glorious five-year plans.
Socialism depends on keeping the value of labor down. When the common man's labor becomes too valuable, he starts seeing himself as liberated, a successful participant in capitalism. He becomes unwilling to give his valuable time to the State.
When the average value of labor increases too much, people start thinking social safety nets should be limited and temporary. They grow resistant to demands that every cost should be "socialized," meaning EVERYONE should be dependent on government programs.
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12 Feb
Is it possible to fight against totalitarian statists without ever compromising conservative "principles?" Is it better to play "fair," and constantly lose? Can you grapple with monsters without becoming a monster? That's the question at the heart of the schism on the Right.
This schism long predates Trump, but it became much more heated during his 2016 campaign and presidency. It's a question asked in many ways on a variety of subjects. It launches endless accusations of hypocrisy, insincerity, opportunism, foolishness, and weakness.
One of the big problems with academic conservatism is that it acts like the great debate over how to order our society has only just begun, as if we can hold an enlightened conversation between Right and Left over how much freedom we should have and how big the State should be.
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11 Feb
Also, we're still feeling the cultural aftershocks of Hitler betraying Stalin and the Left turning against Nazism. The constant message is that only left-wingers are allowed to throw around Nazi analogies willy-nilly because Nazism is supposedly the "opposite" of leftism.
Obviously the people howling for Gina Carano's scalp have no principled objection to comparing modern political trends with Hitler or the Holocaust - THEY do it ALL THE TIME. They are never criticized or censured for going overboard, trivializing the Holocaust, etc.
The real issue is that almost a century later, the Left is still hysterically obsessed with painting Nazism as "right-wing" ideology. They erupt into gibbering neurotic fits when anyone points out that fascism was originally seen as a form of socialism and allied with communism.
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10 Feb
Stupidity is extremely useful to statist politicians, not just because stupid people are easily manipulated, but more importantly because they believe the world can be remade to fit their incorrect beliefs if enough force is deployed. This is the basis of most left-wing populism.
Stupidity is aggressive, while ignorance is passive. Stupidity refuses to seek out knowledge, rejects information that does not fit its preconceptions, and destroys what it does not understand. The defining characteristic of stupidity is the refusal to admit ignorance or error.
The refusal to admit error is also a key characteristic of statist politics. The State is never wrong. Its programs never end. It acts with absolute confidence that it can do everything from managing trillion dollar economies to rewriting human nature and controlling the weather.
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