Couple days ago, the family & I went to the Olympic Game Park in Sequim, WA, where they take in & tend to big game animals. You can slowly drive through & feed the animals bread. Here are some large animal heads.…
And as a finale: yak tongue!
Day after, we went hiking through the Hoh rainforest. Man the Pacific Northwest is gorgeous.
We also spotted this freakishly tall tree, so I stopped to get a pic ... wait, hang on, that's my teen!
A little more beauty.
Hiked up to Marymere Falls near Crescent Lake today. One of those perfect trails that just calls you on, makes you want to walk forever.
And the payoff is a picturesque waterfall!

• • •

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20 Feb
Machin's whole brand is free-thinking independence but in reality there is *no one* who suffers from a more thorough case of DC brain. He is in dialogue with hill reporters & pundits & other senators, playing to their opinions. Zero WV voters give a fk about Neera Tanden.
Also? Manchin's not up for reelection until 2026. By then WV will be irretrievably red & he will lose. He's in his last term as a senator; he knows it; everyone knows it. So no, he does not get endless forbearance on the basis of political pragmatism.
Well that's an unfortunate brain fart. 2024, I mean.
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18 Feb
One of the first exciting episodes of my career came in the early 2010s, when, in a classic state of high Twitter dudgeon, I tweeted that climate deniers should face something like Nuremberg trials some day. Yeah. Dumb. Rush Limbaugh picked up on it ...
... & did a whole segment on his radio show about it. Radical environmentalists want to put you on trial for doubting their religion! I became a right-wing meme that survives to this day. My dad heard my name on the radio. I got a *torrent* of hate mail that lasted for weeks.
It never amounted to anything -- they had something else to hate the next day -- but it's the one anecdote I have where my life bumped up briefly against Limbaugh's.

Anyway, he was a vile, wretched man & the world is better off without him. The End.
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18 Feb
Man I had such a good line ready for MSNBC and I never got to use it ...
All right, here it is:

"And as it happens, Chris, there's a plan on the table to make massive investments in the grid and improve its reliability and resilience, so nothing like this ever happens again. It's called the Green New Deal. Gov. Abbott should look into it."
Zing, right? Sigh.
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14 Feb
Right on cue, as predictable as the turning of the tides: Haley, who kissed up to Trump when it mattered, who used him & his movement for personal advancement, has decided that now (when he's gone) she's going to be courageous. 🙄…
OK I read @TimAlberta's whole epic on Nikki Haley & it's fantastic. Extremely eye-opening. Key bit is identification of Trump/Haley "shared traits: reflexive distrust of strangers, personal & political insecurity, a patronage approach to relationships."…
This bit about Haley & her staff laughing at @tedcruz ... it's just amazing how many people hate that guy.
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14 Feb
It's a slow, snowy afternoon. How about a 🧵 on "rationalists" & "rationalism"? I want to talk about what real rationalism might look like & what people devoted to rationalism might actually behave like--and how that differs from what you often see from self-styled rationalists.
Caveat up front: this is not about Slate Star Codex, which I haven't read regularly enough to have an opinion on, or about the recent controversy between SSC & the NYT. I'm more interested in the *idea* of rationalism (vs. the practice).
The core premise of rationalism, as I understand it, is simply that humans' cognitive machinery was not designed by evolution to find truth, but rather to advance the interests & welfare of the collective -- a Venn overlap, but not the same thing. Therefore ...
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12 Feb
Across the country, every day, the petty tyrants of America's local gentry hire & fire people, promote or don't promote them, for arbitrary sexist & racist reasons. These ubiquitous miniature "cancellations" don't get any press or any notice. No one writes op-eds about them.
But cumulatively, especially over the course of decades, they add up to an amount of suffering & injustice that absolutely DWARFS any conceivable estimation of "white people getting fired for racism." They are the REAL cancel culture & they're so familiar as to be invisible.
What makes prominent white people getting called out for racism so salient -- what makes it jump out to us, to feel awkward & unusual & noteworthy -- is that it is, comparatively, *vanishingly rare*. It's anomalous & thus remarkable.
Read 8 tweets

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