Three types of journals I have:

Manifestation journal:

all my manifestations and goals go in this journal. Everything I want to attract, positive language only. In here I set goals that I want to accomplish in 3 month increments. I script my manifestations and I write daily.
Releasing journal:

All things I want to release go in here and is either released through burning. Emotions. Negative thoughts whatever. I write the emotions I may feel that aren’t the best and I know once I’ve written in here. I release and no longer fester these emotions.
Knowledge journal:

Anything new I learn. Readings I receive dreams I receive they all go in here. Messages from my ancestors come in this baby. It’s my book of wealth. Things to share and connect with here.
I hope I helped you out!
If you would like to send a love donation you can here:

Or book with me here, I currently am accepting bookings for March 🤍

• • •

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More from @KayanaRich

19 Feb
Fire signs 🍊🧡

I feel like someone is about to realize that their experiencing a life they never imagined could happen with a lover. Someone and something they didn’t think was possible. You’ve spent a lot of time denying that good things could happen to you and now spirit
Is saying no more excuses. Let yourself be loved, release the anger. Let yourself have all your sexual desires be fulfilled. Be the happy family you’ve always dreamed of having. No more feeling like your independence is all that matters. You can be independent and in love.
Remember to create healthy boundaries with this union. Don’t get stressed out, everything will work out for you.

DVSN- Blessings 🎶

Sex, caramel , candles , text, long drives, gifts, reunion
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19 Feb
Water signs 🍉💛

I think you’ve kinda lost yourself a bit in this fixation of love. You either really didn’t want it or you’re finding it in someone new and now you’re trying to find all the pieces of yourself you willingly let go of for someone else. This person is all about
You and wanting to make you happy. Wanting to make you feel appreciated but your guards are totally up. It’s time to cut up the loose ends you may have with someone that doesn’t serve you purpose and live a little! You don’t have to be perfect, but don’t ignore when someone
Makes you feel a way, you’ve never felt before. Don’t let fear block your blessings or see someone else celebrating a blessing you passed up due to fear !

Kehlani - Wanted 🎶

Ocean, prayer, laughs, connection, food, friendship
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19 Feb
Air Signs 🍒💙

Someone has your feelings all caught up right now. The crazy thing is that right now you’re trying to remain friends and the main thing here is that lines might be crossed that you can’t come back from. I want you to be very clear about your feelings and intention
Behind this connection now. They are your friend , so you need to let them know how you feel and let them know this back and forth thing is difficult. They may have hurt you before and now you’re hesitant. I think the first time around things were rushed. You’re learning now that
Relationships are mainly successful with a foundation of friendship. You just don’t have to pretend anymore that your feelings aren’t there.

Shantel May - Pretend 🎶

Wine, texts, tears, memories, surprise gifts , peace.
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19 Feb
Earth Signs 🍓💚

patience has been a virtue for you in many aspects. I feel like you’ve been trying your hardest to build on yourself so the perfect person can come to you. I feel like the perfect connection has already happen for you, but the connection isn’t ready to be a
union. take your time and don’t rush love. I know you have a lot of love inside but you haven’t been sharing it with yourself. So do that first. I get the sense for some of you, someone’s back is getting blown out 🤤 the sexual chemistry is too real right now. You’re counting
Down the moment you’re alone. Be safe and make sure you set clear expectations of what this is going to be. If it’s not at the time where this is best, save up that tension for when it is.

Teyana Taylor fr Chris Brown - Do Not Disturb 🎶

Letters, phone calls, growth, red
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18 Feb
Fire signs 💖
♈️ ♌️ ♐️

You are really just not interested in dating anyone right now because you feel like people don’t deserve you lol. You genuinely have been doing a lot of self work and you’re not in the position to feel like you have to share your space with anyone really
I want you to know that there is someone who has their eye on you, but you’re putting them because you believe everyone plays games and you have no time to waste. I just want you to know this person is definitely not going to ease up on you. They enjoy your ambition and grace.
Pay attention to your dreams because they are going to be coming to you with messages and clarity. The one who shows up in your dream is the one you need to heal from.
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18 Feb
Water signs 💖
♋️ ♓️ ♏️

I feel like you’ve been doing a lot of settling lately. Almost as if you love having love in your life, but you don’t necessarily know what it is you want. I want you to take a moment and moon at the people you have been entertaining. The relationships
You have been building. Is it working for you? I feel like you need to let go of a situation simply because it is hindering your growth. The most important thing here is growth. Don’t be afraid or the people you meet with hat done in your life and let you know that you are
Understood. I feel like you’re battling between comfort and new. Comfort isn’t always the best choice. Sometimes we need to branch out and feel new things too. Love is waiting on the other side. The kind of life you’ve been desiring
Read 4 tweets

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