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sun, moon, venus, rising, any strong placements.

resilience is one of your strong suits and it will be your friend for the next upcoming goals you have had in mind for some time now. having the necessary drive, courage and persistence will lead you
to achieving all that you want to in the upcoming weeks. there are a lot of blessings coming but you need to put in the work as there will be tests on whether you truly want and desire these goals and things or not. this will all test how much faith you truly have on whether
you’ll be able to receive the things you’ve been wanting to achieve the mostly. there are a lot of goals in your mind so it’s important to choose which ones are the most important ones to you, you have to be stern and certain on what it is that you want in order for you to
attain it, you can’t ask for something when you aren’t even fully sure of whether you want it or not. remember to not settle for less and to not let others disrespect your boundaries that you’ve set in place. if you don’t have boundaries set yet or are still working on them
(i’m picking up most of you still are deciding on how to set boundaries with others) it’s important to keep working on them and to determine how you’d like to be treated and what boundaries you need to set in your life for a healthier lifestyle. you could be feeling like you
need to be in control of everything which is causing you to also attract people who want to be in control of everything even things you are not meant to or supposed to be in control of. we can not control every single little aspect but we can control how to move in life and how
to respond. we can not control those around us and it’s very important to keep that in mind. some friend or family member(i’m feeling more than 2 people) could be trying to assert some domination or control over you which has been causing you some stress or some of you may
not even be fully aware of it up until now, why are you letting others control you? set your boundaries and take your power back. be responsible for your life and for what happens in it. remember we can not control every little thing but we can control how we react and what
and who we allow into our lives. make the best out of your life. you may be scared to make some changes but this mercury retrograde has been highlighting those areas where you may be needing to make some changes, listen to these signs. listen to what needs to be changed in
your life and allow the change to happen, I keep feeling as if you guys are holding to tight onto something or someone but what’s meant for you will never pass you, let go of things and let them unfold naturally. it’s like you guys are stuck in this situation where wind is
blowing so hard causing changes to the environment and i keep seeing someone holding tight onto a tree despite how uncomfortable it is and how much force you are needing to assert, you’re just holding onto it with all your grip without knowing that letting go of it can
actually help you to clear your mind and assert what it is that you truly want. it’s like as soon as you let go of the tree the wind will cease and you’ll be able to see what’s around? the bigger picture, and you’ll be able to walk up to this tree and nurture it when the
time is right, it’ll all unfold naturally. there’s no need to panic or to fear about the outcome of things, a lot of you are natural leaders but you are just needing to find ways to bring out those qualities out more and be less insecure of these abilities of yours. you know
how to lead others, how to care for others naturally, you know how to lead with vision and a lot of you are wanting to become entrepreneurs, wanting to start your own business or projects which i see coming more into fruition during spring time if you decide to put in the work
now. a lot of you may be wanting to make your family and those around you proud to earn more respect but take a moment to wait and think, analyze the reason as to why you want this? is this for some form of validation? what is it, why? work on your inner child issues in order
for you to have more clarity for your life and to truly understand what is it that you need. in terms of love, your or your person could’ve been working hard on love and other matters at the same time, trying to take care of everything while also trying to have courage to
establish something or take the connection to a higher level of commitment, while the other person or both of you might have been trying to do so as well but the need for control and the lack of discipline caused some stagnation within the connection. know that this stagnation
was meant to occur as it was testing both of your faith and boundaries in order to create a better foundation for this connection. either you or them or both of you could’ve been feeling very courageous but also going back and forth with what to do because of the lack of faith
disagreements causing inflexibility from both sides. both of you needed to take some time to rearrange your thoughts and settle your mind to decide with a clearer headspace. you both might’ve been holding onto something within this connection afraid of having more
there was still. there could’ve been multiple disagreements or losing the connection perhaps. if you wish to make this connection work know that time, balance and releasing the need for control will help in order to bring out those good qualities out of both of you helping you
to take things further or make things better when the time is right with a more lighthearted vibe in the meantime. release the need for control. you both have amazing qualities you both just need to take some time to balance everything and it will all fall into place.
set boundaries.
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