Nonsense, India is first & foremost a Dharmic nation. It’s a Dharmic nation that has been under the strain of a cultural & religious war against it native Dharmic for decades, even centuries as both Islam & Christianity stand against that culture & its religions.
India should abondon this broken secularism that Islam & Christianity use as a shield while they continue their agenda against India’s Dharmic culture & Hinduism, declare herself a pluralistic Dharmic Rashtra where all religions can co-exist but none can demonize & prey on others
Christianity & Islam are not secular, and they both absolutely demonize polytheists, pagans & idolatry as a core part of their religions. This religious bigotry is the root cause of all of the chaos, violence & killing India has suffered from for decades.
Communists only add fuel to the fire, latching onto Islam & Christianity’s bigotry against Hinduism & Dharmic religions pushing propaganda against India. Communists can only seize power if the nation fails so they assist in every protest & riot against the government.
Think where the violence & killing comes from in India. It’s primarily driven by religious bigotry against Hinduism & India’s Dharmic culture from Islam & Christianity, the separatism that religious bigotry creates and left wing extremism (Naxals/Marxists/Communists)
Bharat, from earliest origins embraced pluralism, acceptance of many deities, many paths to understand God. It’s documented in the oldest religious text in the world, the Rig Veda. Pluralism is a part of Bharat’s (India’s) culture but it’s never been part of Christianity & Islam.
So please stop misrepresenting what India needs, a pluralistic Dharmic Rashtra. What India has now is slowly but surely killing her native Dharmic culture and that’s exactly what Islam & Christianity want.

• • •

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21 Feb
United States. I live on the road, location randomly changing as I work my way towards relocating to Ecuador. For the last two years, I’ve volunteered my service full time, first to supporting Tulsi Gabbard, America’s first presidential candidate of Hindu faith.
Then, being pagan myself & after seeing the religiously bigoted propaganda & hate campaign against Tulsi that came mostly from American, Indian & Pakistani Muslims & American Christians & Khalistanis, I shifted to defending India/Hinduism realizing how serious the problem was.
Their religious bigotry & hate prompted me to explore Sanatan Dharma & read the Bhagavad Gita for the first time. Krishnas words matched what I already knew from my own spiritual path of seeking, so I became Hindu. India’s ancient Rishis knew truth it took me years to understand.
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21 Feb
Media & corrupt politicians are driven by money or religious ideology. If Muslim or Christian, unfortunately their religion influences all they do, be it journalism or government service. Especially in India! Why, because India is the seat of Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism & Sikhism
Dharmic religions both Islam & Christianity stand against. Especially against Hinduism so India remains a central focus for the supremacist, exclusivist & bigoted religions of Islam & Christianity for India is the very seat & ancient homeland of Hinduism & all Dharmic religions.
Per their own religious texts in both the Quran & Bible and clearly shown in their history where they’ve killed hundreds of millions, Islam & Christianity demonize & stand against polytheism, paganism & idolatry so therefore against Hinduism & India’s majority Hindu population.
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20 Feb
Leftists, marxists, communists, Muslims, Christians attack Golwakar pushing propaganda as they do against pro Hindu voices, but most have probably never read him, only propaganda against him. Muslims & Christians hate him because he spoke truthfully about Islam & Christianity.
Leftist/liberal Atheists & dhimmi Hindus serving Islam & Christianity join in the propaganda because they themselves don't understand Islam & Christianity and are entrenched in Islamic, Christian & Communist propaganda against Hinduism & India's Dharmic culture.
Now when we think of Islam & Muslims criticism of Golwalkar, remember that Islam brought wholesale slaughter of Hindus & civilizational destruction to Bharat. They killed 10's of millions of HIndus because they were Hindu, enslaving millions more while raping their women.
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20 Feb
As you watch this, think about what is happening in India. It’s not just China that engages in this type of warfare. Western Christian based nations & Islamic nations do it as well, with the United States leading the efforts against foreign nations they seek to break & control.
And India has the added strain of having internal enemies in politics & media who actively work against the nation for money, political power & religious ideology. They seize every opportunity to create internal chaos & violence against the government.
With the layers of the Khalistani, Islamic & Christian Western nation backed propaganda war against India and the exposure provided by the #Toolkit, I certainly hope it’s not just the Delhi police actively investigating this, but all of India’s intelligence agencies.
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20 Feb
Racism & religious bigotry are closely interlinked with Christian nations that colonized the world killing millions. Since you’re keen to conflate caste in India with racism, recognize caste India struggles with today was enforced by European Christian invaders, not Hindu Varna.
That European installed caste system is held in place for reservations, abused by politicians for votes & weaponized by religious bigots to attack Hinduism & Hindus. That caste based reservation is used & often abused by the same religious bigots who attack Hinduism for caste.
Maybe for your next article you can address the ingrained religious bigotry of Islam & Christianity against Hinduism & India’s majority Hindu population. Religious bigotry that caused Muslims to kill millions of Hindus & Christians to hold inquisitions burning Hindus at the stake
Read 6 tweets
19 Feb
.@NicDawes, just because America has been engaged in a propaganda war against India in support of Islamists, Christians, Communists & now Khalistanis who seek to break their country for religion or political ideology doesn’t mean India will bend to the propaganda & lies.
It also doesn’t mean India will allow sedition or terrorism against their country just because western media propagandists and some politicians are supporting it.
Why don’t you address real issues India faces, the cultural & religious war being waged against them. Just because Islam & Christianity demonize polytheism, so therefore Hinduism & India’s majority Hindu population doesn’t make it right.
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