I keep thinking back to this.

It makes a lot of sense. And it's also a danger sign for Republicans that their overperformance with Latino voters may be very hard to replicate once the pandemic's gone and things start recovering.
It's not an excuse for Democrats to sit back and think nonwhite votes will fall into their laps though. Republicans saw a message opening and they took it. If it's not lockdowns, it could be something else. We need to be in these communities and engaging with voters' needs.
It's often assumed that Trump would have won without COVID. But now I'm not so sure.

He might have done a little better in the Midwest, so WI might have gone red. But I also think TX and FL might have been closer, and Democrats might have performed better in House races.
Trump might have also won GA, because without COVID there would have been no GOP culture war against mail-in voting.

But even if we give Trump WI and GA, and assume the lack of lockdown backlash isn't enough to actually flip TX and FL, Biden still wins 276-262.

• • •

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More from @fawfulfan

16 Feb
For anyone who doesn't live in Central TX, let me wrap your head around how insane this is.

I lived in this area from 1992-2003 and then again from 2015-2020. In that ENTIRE TIME, I have seen it snow *twice*, and neither time did it actually accumulate on the ground.
Even six inches of snow in, say, Boston, would shut some stuff down.

Six inches of snow in Texas is a catastrophe. They have no plows. No road salt. Homes and water lines are not adequately insulated. Oil and gas pipelines aren't equipped for de-icing.
And as if all that weren't bad enough, because ground temperature is more stable than air temperature, you have six inches of snow falling on relatively warm surfaces, meaning that the bottom layer pretty much immediately turns to ice. So all the roads are basically undriveable.
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16 Feb
Followers, please help @fawfulfanswife. She was a little late to drip our faucets and our pipes are already starting to freeze. She doesn't have a space heater or hair dryer.

Any ideas for how to keep our lines warm?
UPDATE: She has opened every cupboard, opened every tap to a trickle (though most are already frozen), and is going to pour some salt down our drains and wrap the pipes in towels. And that seems to be all we can do for now.
UPDATE 2: Jessica and I realized that we were overlooking an appliance we have that is portable and can warm things: scent warmers!

We're going to try using those.
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10 Feb
Everything about @brad_polumbo's argument here is wrong.

First, the vast majority of minimum wage earners are not teenagers — 88 percent of minimum wage earners are over 20, a third are over 40, and most are supporting a family. epi.org/publication/wa…
Second, from a historical standpoint, that's just not the purpose of the minimum wage.

The point is not to set a base salary for career development. It's to keep every fulltime worker above the poverty line. The original lawmakers were very clear on that. historynewsnetwork.org/article/164635
Third, there is scant evidence the minimum wage affects employment much in the first place, teenage or otherwise.

Of course it costs businesses money, but studies suggest that cost comes out of prices or overhead inefficiencies, not hiring fewer workers. businessforafairminimumwage.org/news/00135/res…
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6 Feb
One reason I've never much liked the phrase "trickle-down economics" is that it's kind of a straw man.

The GOP's argument was never literally that by cutting taxes for the rich, their extra money would somehow magically find its way into the pockets of lower-income people.
Rather, their argument was, under lower taxes, businesses can afford to produce more, and with a higher supply of goods and services, cost of living will become cheaper to the point where the poor can get by on the money they already have.
The big flaw with GOP supply-side economics is that not all goods and services are equally price-elastic, and the big bulk of working people's expenses are housing and health care — two things that are extremely *insensitive* to supply.
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5 Feb
It is forever frustrating to me that the Edge Chronicles isn't better known.

I think it's the greatest young adult fantasy series ever written. Arguably better written than Harry Potter, and a timeline and expanded universe as intricate as Star Wars. It deserves a lot more fame.
Chris Riddell's line drawings provide exquisite maps of every location in the series, show every bizarre race and creature in grotesque detail, and demonstrate the bizarre, alternate universe physics. You can see exactly what the authors envision almost like it's a comic book.
The series is also fascinating because it's gruesome. Characters die, in horrible ways, including good people. And the moral arc of the world is complicated and ambiguous, much like our own — good guys don't always win, and society backslides as much as it advances.
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4 Feb
I kind of want to know more about the country Zootopia is in.
So far, I can only deduce two things about this country:

1) It has an identical Miranda warning to the United States.

2) It regulates motor vehicles at the municipal level.
There also appear to be rural counties outside of the city, so there's clearly more to the country, and given Bunnyburrow is 211 miles away, the train at the start must have been part of an intercity system.

But are there other big animal cities? How many? Are there states?
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