Madness. Looks like random street crime, stuff that happens to people of all races all the time in US cities. Our crime rate is a disgrace, and we should fix it. But some have been against Asians, so we've 1) invented a trend and 2) invented a politically convenient perpetrator
There could be a healthy sort of "identity politics," where the law abiding unite against criminals. But Democratic congressmen and liberal activists aren't interested in that, it must be minorities and woke whites versus other whites no matter what the facts are.
Here's a Congressman, who actually gives you a video of an attack but still tries to convince you it's white nationalism.
Part of Democratic coalition calls for arresting fewer criminals as long as they're non-white, the other part demands to lock them up. All agree that they're fighting white supremacists.…
Have I mentioned how completely insane this is? I mean, liberals talk like mental patients on racial issues all the time, but this is beyond the norm.
Important to note that a bubble like this only exists because conservatives are not pointing this out. It would be easy to introduce a troll bill to form a commission to investigate who is committing these crimes.
And the people who are saying "they're aware who the perpetrators are, this is deliberate," you know nothing of human nature or American politics.

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22 Feb
Looking over the CPAC roster, mostly predictable nonsense. I noticed two foreign politicians though. They both look like generic GOP congressmen put through an Asian filter, and are distinguished by their focus on China. One appears to be the Lin Wood of Korea. ImageImageImage
Of course, it wouldn't be a conservative event without Gordon Chang telling them about the coming collapse of China.… Image
Shows what a priority anti-China propaganda is. There are no other foreign politicians there. They really had to go out of their way to find these figures, with the Korean guy in particular they appear to be scraping the bottom of the barrel. This generation's neo-cons, same scam
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9 Feb
New York Times outraged to find culture in which people apologize for offensive comments and move on, instead of being drawn and quartered.

In first few paragraphs, manages to try to stir up racial, gender, and generational strife in Japan.… ImageImageImage
Japan has adopted affirmative action and diversity quotas under pressure from the west, they're just not all in on importing feelings-based politics and cancel culture yet, but looks like they'll get there with a few more NYT articles. Image
"Elections in Japan are overwhelmingly local, with ideology or identity politics not playing a strong role." Western human rights organization wonders whether comments about women talking too much will lead swimming coaches to get away with touching young girls. ImageImage
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6 Jan
The Tea Party dressed like founding fathers, had symbols like Gadsden flag, country music. Things that indicate ideology or background, like every movement, right or left. These people have nothing but plastering Trump's name on themselves. Just so soulless and ugly.
SJW women have short dyed hair, revealing rejection of traditional standards of beauty and sexual modesty. Antifa symbol represents an idea, same with white nationalism, they have the confederacy, swastikas.

MAGA literally has no symbol or aesthetics beyond the cult.
There was the Blue Lives Matter flag for a while. That represented something real beyond the cult. But I don't see it much anymore. The cult doesn't have room for any idea, it doesn't have the attention span to care. They could be anti-cop tomorrow depending on what Trump says.
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6 Jan
Trump admin to eliminate disparate impact? Perhaps the most important anti-wokeness initiative is coming now, two weeks before he leaves! What a waste

If anyone has any influence with Josh Hawley, tell him to stop talking about NBA jerseys and run on this… Image
This actually might not be a complete waste. Setting a new standard may make it easier for conservative judges to toss it out.
If govt accuses a business or other entity of discrimination, it would need actual evidence, instead of inferring it because the govt doesn't like the results of a neutral process. This is what "civil rights" looks like in 2021. Image
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4 Jan
How to be a social scientist.

1) Find some regional difference (Eastern Europe lower covid death rate)
2) Think of something else associated with that region (high WWII death count)
3) Make up a story about how 2 causes 1… ImageImage
Despite the lesson of WWII lasting 75 years, and being transferred from wartime to pandemic response, the advantage gained from WWII deaths is forgotten in the few months between the first and second wave.

You probably could've done this study with case inflection in languages. Image
Makes your job easier when you can "control" for random things in the world. Includes something called "voice and accountability." What about Ottoman Rule and history of fighting wars against Muslims? Maybe that creates solidarity? WWI deaths? Image
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26 Dec 20
"Within hours, scientists in Thailand used the instructions to deploy a new test.

The CDC would not roll out one that worked for 46 more days."

Read every word of this on American institutional failure.…
Nice story of American decline. The CDC has a history of training govt officials in Thailand. When COVID hit, the Thais were much more competent. And look at the date for when China posted the genetic sequence online, compared to what US gov was doing, for the "China lied" idiots
Thailand was nice enough to share what it was doing in a conference call with the CDC on January 13. CDC took its time, expecting "that the strain emanating from Wuhan, while worrisome, would be no worse than two earlier coronaviruses" for no good reason.
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