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21 Feb, 40 tweets, 9 min read
O’Toole is protecting an unhinged extremist Christian Nationalist who is inciting STOCHASTIC TERRORISM. This is the same type of rhetoric that inspired the Capitol insurrection attack.

They called Biden a pedophile & accused Pelosi & Schumer of drinking the blood of babies.
She also accuses PMJT of fixing the election.

This is how stochastic terrorism works.

Using this type of toxic “Big Lie” rhetoric raises the probability of lone wolf terrorism by far right radicalized extremists to very close to 100%. It’s impossible to predict when or where.
But it will happen if this kind of rhetoric continues to be used. That’s a certainty. Not a probability.

Q’Anon conspiracy theories are overlaying Evangelical Christian Nationalist beliefs about the divine liberty of “true”Christians.
This is a cult, not religion. This is not a Christian belief system.

Reformist, Calvinist and NAR churches, along with far right radicalized traditional Catholic Churches are propagating their parishioners with the belief that God will protect them from covid.
I’ve found several online sermons that preach complete obedience to God’s law and rejection of secular law.

These are pastors telling believers to break the law.

That’s definitely not in Christian scriptures. This is mental abuse of parishioners & abuse of church platforms.
At the moment there is a developing organized disinformation campaign across Canada using Christian faith to psychologically manipulate Evangelical faithful into ignoring public health orders.

Coincidentally, several covid variants are threatening to create a 3rd wave.
A wave so terrifying the federal government made specific reference to maintaining covid measures Feb 19, as premiers continue to relax covid restrictions.

These variants are so contagious and deadly, daily confirmed cases could rise to 20,000 per day nationally.
Now if that doesn’t scare the shit out of every Canadian, I’m not sure what will.

It should also inform every Canadian that those behind the organized and coordinated disinformation campaign are seeking to do harm, and using their own supporters to do it. That’s disgusting.
Unconvinced it’s a coordinated conspiracy? It’s not hard to observe.

Liberty Coalition Canada is a new political lobby group. Made up of conspiracy theorists, radicalized extremist Christians, incendiary politicians, and organized Church leadership.
Led by avowed Evangelical radicalized Christians, they want to end covid restrictions. Like Florida & South Dakota did in the US. Just go back to fully open and hope for the best.

Remember a SD nurse documented several patients dying from covid still believing Covid was a hoax.
Trolls are out spreading disinformation, far right network media is flooding social media with disinformation. Misrepresenting covid mortality rates (its 2.5% in Canada not 0.002%), and ignoring the cost to human beings who are hospitalized and take months to recover.
Never mind the cost to provide medical care. Or the loss of life leaving young children without a parent or a wake of grieving relatives. Nor the cost to medical and hospital personnel continuously overwhelmed with full ICUs of covid patients and regular hospital beds.
Former and current Politicians at all levels of government are signing up to support Liberty Coalition. And they have 4 issues being promoted.

Paleolibertarian beliefs are being promoted & propagated.

They’re political goals, not religious beliefs requiring religious freedom. ImageImageImageImage
The approach being used to manipulate the devoutly religious is mental abuse.

This video demonstrates the gaslighting that is performed.

Basically, believers must completely turn themselves over to obey God’s laws to receive “God’s rest.”
God’s rest is like reaching paradise or a special blessed state of existence. Ignore secular laws and only obey God’s laws.

So keeping the Sabbath holy requires church attendance. Other wise you can’t receive God’s rest. In other words, ignore covid orders.
Children must learn to obey God or they will be driven to suicide from despair & isolation and a lack of moral and spiritual support. So we must open all of society.

Curious when isolated indigenous communities actually experience this, these churches are nowhere to be found.
Open businesses because working is performing God’s work. Providing for a family, employing others. That’s holy.

Is that like Arbeit macht frei “work will set you free?”

Politicians supporting the cause are Derrick Sloan, Maxime Bernier, Drew Barnes.
Also supporting this is the Rebel Media with their fake news about increased suicides and the injustice of jailed pastors who just want to preach the word of god.

This is definitely Q’Anon level conspiracy theories masking a conspiracy to spread covid during a vulnerable time.
And it’s the exact same strategy Trump used to become the worst covid infected nation on earth with the highest death rate by far and permanently ill patients from covid. Biden has been in office a month and has managed to reduce cases by close to two thirds.
By propagating the belief that covid is a hoax, a significant portion of the US population began to believe their constitutional freedoms were being trampled by tyrannical leaders who insisted on enforcing covid orders.
In Michigan, the governor was the target of a coordinated conspiracy to kidnap, try for treason, and exterminate her because she would not lift covid restrictions.

This is the same strategy. The very same strategy.
Vulnerable people who are already primed to approach science and facts with magical thinking and live in closed insular social groups, are psychologically manipulated to believe secular laws are invalid, God’s laws are primary, and theonomy is preferred over democracy.
This is an organized attempt to lay the ground work for a Canadian coup similar to the US attack.

Liberty Coalition provides “legitimacy” for the religious zealots by propagating the “Big Lie” as if it’s a valid religious & political belief system.

These are NOT valid beliefs.
But this is what stochastic terrorism looks like. Radicalize vulnerable people to believe insane and antisocial propaganda and inspire them to commit violence. Thing is, it’s these people who are most at risk of contracting covid as well.

They are victims like the rest of us.
Pretty sick and sadistic to literally sacrifice the people who actually support your ideology to gain power and control.

But that’s how cons work. Consequentialist ethics means no price is too high as long as someone else is paying it.

Edmonton and Calgary are experiencing a rise in public demonstrations from this group.

Here’s today’s March for Freedom in Edmonton.

Notice tiki torches and Religious display signs. Same demographic combo as Charlottesville and Capitol Attack.
Maybe you think it’s a couple goofs from a fringe element. Think again.

This is not a small number of people. Evangelical Christians and Traditional Catholics make up 20-30% of the Alberta population.

This has potential to get way out of hand.
Finally a journalist and news outlet that acknowledges the religious overtones.

This is no joke. It’s an enormous danger to the rest of society.…
Basically 30% of the population has no grasp of public health realities & believes the pandemic is just an excuse to isolate them.
They believe this so fervently that they’re willing to break the public health orders en masse to force the province to remove covid restrictions altogether. Putting the entire population in grave danger from the pandemic and more so from the new variant covid strains.
There is no rationalizing with many of these people. They’ve been radicalized and can only view their existence through an extremist lens. They’ve essentially been brainwashed. Gaslighted so badly, they no longer know the difference between real life and fantasy.
Many of them have been indoctrinated to believe the only law they need to abide by is God’s law as it is communicated in the “perfect” and “inerrant” Bible.

Secular laws are selectively ignored. The only authority recognized is God and the church feeding them psyops propaganda.
This propaganda requires the devoutly faithful to abandon all critical thinking and all individual will and submit in obedience to the inerrant bible as it’s been interpreted by the pastor/priest.

Anything less than total obedience and compliance is a grave sin.
That sin will prevent the believer from being saved by Jesus, sentencing them to eternal damnation.

That’s how fricking sick and mentally abusive the indoctrination is. That’s not faith. It’s cult level thought control.
There is no opportunity to discuss the issue because these people believe they are God’s chosen people and compromise is a sin. Cooperation is a sin. And with the belief that some actually commune with God on a regular basis, they have divine blessing and support.
This is what is known as Dominionist Christianity.

It’s exactly the same psychological manipulation the Taliban, Al Qaida & ISIS use on vulnerable muslims.

This is how Trump got elected and how thousands of true believers stormed the US Capitol building.
And now Canadian far right ultra Christian Nationalists and their Dominionist architects are using the same strategy. To obtain power and control and impose theonomy in Canada. Image
All wide out in the open.

This is a threat to Canadian democracy, our Canadian liberalist and moderate culture and freedom.

The more these people March and refuse to wear masks and follow public health orders, the longer we will be self distancing and isolating.
Demand your premier enforce public health orders. Demand the police uphold law and order.

Forget the taboo about challenging faith. This isn’t faith. It’s cult propaganda.

We are headed for violence if this isn’t curtailed very soon.
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25 Feb
What part of history did Joyce Napier forget to read?

The part where hundreds of thousands of Canadians died or went bankrupt over 50 years in the process of getting universal healthcare.

Change is never immediate when it involves long term fed/prov commitment of funds.
Coordinating 10 provinces and 3 territories negotiations to adopt national standards, parameters and to absorb some of the cost in their budgets takes time and willing participants. Public pressure has to be immense. We have 5 provinces toying with private healthcare.
But people need coverage now.

Who is responsible for coverage? Not the feds. It’s provinces. Pharmacare is provincial purview.

Even if feds imposed legislation, there’s this thing called the NOTWITHSTANDING CLAUSE.
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25 Feb
I saw the headline and fell for it hook line and sinker. Then read the article in detail.

What a sham article.

I have no doubt there are problems in Corrections. It’s a difficult population to address needs of inmates appropriately.
But inmates, regardless of the horrific crimes they commit, are human beings and deserve humane treatment while incarcerated, not torture.

That includes being attacked by other violent prisoners who have no concern for other’s wellbeing. Kinda why some of them are there. No?
This article is so biased it’s painful to read.

There are people who choose violence. The fact they choose violence is often a large part of why they are incarcerated. There is no acknowledgement of that reality in this article.
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23 Feb
JFC people are gullible & easily gaslit into believing this is actually condemnation of the TWO public protests that took place this weekend.

It’s not. It’s a PR attempt to boost the image of premier persona non grata, and complete obfuscation of what these rallies were about.
The TWO rallies were on Saturday, during the day.

What kind of useless comms people take 48 hours to write a lame response? No announcement, just a written statement.

That’s a cop out by an unpopular politician who’s obviously checked what most are opining about the protests.
How many people are focussed on the tiki torches and completely ignore the religious overtones and extremism? The two bigoted views intersect in the TWO protests, not just one.

One protest was at the legislative grounds and downtown Edmonton.
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22 Feb
So I dug into this much further since media seems to still be honouring the taboo about challenging the beliefs of those who identify as devoutly faithful.

Note: these beliefs are common in certain church teachings.
This is the central issue with Grace Life Church. The pastors and congregation have decided obeying secular laws interferes with their obedience to god.

Though I struggle to see where god or the bible commands the faithful get to pick and choose which secular laws to follow.
That’s what this showdown is all about. Religious freedom.

Do those claiming fervent religious belief have the freedom to choose which secular (read government legislated) laws they will honour and adhere to?

JCCF says yes, it’s a religious freedom to ignore secular laws.
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21 Feb
This woman’s continued employment is an affront to democracy, decency, pluralism and reality. Crafting communications from this perspective is stochastic terrorism.

This is wholly unacceptable and MUST be addressed.

This will not be ignored by the public.
No more hiding behind privacy to protect people who actively promote breaking the law and spread covid disinformation.

If your rhetoric is in support of known insurrectionist violence, you are an insurrectionist in waiting.
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19 Feb
Allowing this to be propagated as is without clarification is irresponsible.

CERB was a wage replacement for employed citizens.

GST credits are federal tax rebates.

Child bonuses were an attempt to provide additional social benefits to those with children.
Carbon Tax is in response to a global (never mind national) existential threat.

Only one is an infringement on provincial purview. And is meant to supplement provincial benefits already available.

The remainder are federal purview.
Several provinces have taken the feds to court over imposing a national tax. Because they refute the federal purview to impose a tax.

Not for any concern for citizens, but to protect large corporations who are actually the target of carbon levies.
Read 23 tweets

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