We've archived these tweets where Copperhead's CEO admits to them tracking devices via unique identifiers and using them as part of the update system.

He admits that their phone sellers with Copperhead emails, etc. have databases mapping unique identifiers to the customers too.
His excuse is that tracking devices via unique identifiers available to update server doesn't count as tracking users. They've designed it in a way that they can ship an update targeting a device. The excuse is they don't know which user has which device, but their seller does.
In that same thread, he also peddles the usual lie that Copperhead is source available. Meanwhile, the sources are not published and are not available for review. Multiple researchers including a Whonix developer have attempted to get access to the sources and could not get it.
It's not even source available to the extent that Windows is source available. No reasonable definition of that term would apply to what they're doing. They stopped publishing their sources in December 2019. They want to hide that they just copy GrapheneOS code and do tracking.
Here's a fork of a few GrapheneOS repositories from 2016:


I created CopperheadOS in 2014 on my own time. That project is now called GrapheneOS. The company didn't exist until late 2015. I used permissively licensing for the sources until January 2017.
From January 2017 to mid-2018, I made a unilateral choice to license my own code (not code from others) under a non-commercial usage license. This was an attempt to prop up the company sponsoring the work. I permanently switched back to the permissive licensing after mid-2018.
Look back at the available archives of the code and past statements from the company and CEO. He still admitted that it was open source project with my ownership over the code even after pushing me out. His story has drastically changed over time and continues changing. It's BS.
Copperhead CEO deleted all his tweets prior to June 2020 along with other information despite the ongoing lawsuit. They're supposed to preserve anything relevant to the case.

June 2020 is when they maliciously registered grapheneos.ca and grapheneos.net too...

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19 Feb
@HamledOnLine @MikeCustomPC @cankerwort_ @sethisimmons @CopperheadOS @mamushi_io @GrapheneOS We still have the original repositories created for CopperheadOS Beta and later. That was before the company was founded too. I created the project on my own time substantially before the project was founded as an extension of my existing hardening work.

@HamledOnLine @MikeCustomPC @cankerwort_ @sethisimmons @CopperheadOS @mamushi_io @GrapheneOS I started github.com/GrapheneOS/har… after the split while figuring out how to put things back together for the OS. I waited until the release of the next major version of Android to make the next release under the temporary Android Hardening name, and then renamed to GrapheneOS.
@HamledOnLine @MikeCustomPC @cankerwort_ @sethisimmons @CopperheadOS @mamushi_io @GrapheneOS See github.com/yegortimoshenk… for an archive of some of what happened as part of the takeover attempt. There are other archives of earlier code and information. James tried to get this repository wiped out with bogus DMCA claims and threats against @yegortimoshenko.
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19 Feb
@cankerwort_ @sethisimmons @CopperheadOS @mamushi_io @GrapheneOS They're the ones choosing to a misinformation war against GrapheneOS along with threatening/intimidating anyone who contributes to the project, even people that are underage. You say it should be settled in court but they're making daily attacks on us causing lots of harm.
@cankerwort_ @sethisimmons @CopperheadOS @mamushi_io @GrapheneOS GrapheneOS not a for-profit project. We're not selling any products. We're focused on building privacy and security technology. They're focusing all their resources on causing harm to us in any way that they can, and on marketing a product simply copy pasting our codebase.
@cankerwort_ @sethisimmons @CopperheadOS @mamushi_io @GrapheneOS This is primarily not a legal dispute. It's largely a personal vendetta against me by James Donaldson and now also Max. Their poorly formed lawsuit against was primarily a way to exhaust my time, energy and resources along with intimidating people to stop them from contributing.
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19 Feb
By the way, this is with a 50% discount on legal fees thanks to @Snowden / @EFF:

I should go through all the invoices and figure out how much money I've spent on that in total. I'm also sure there's going to be a lot more since it's only getting started.
Most expensive month was a bit over $5000 which would be over $10000 without the 50% discount.

Thanks to all the people supporting us with donations, we're able to continue on despite these ongoing attacks on the project by Copperhead. It really detracts from development though.
You may wonder what they're trying to accomplish by waging this war against us. Each time they try escalating this conflict, they turn far more people against them than the few they trick. It doesn't seem to matter. The few people they trick fund their overall grifting operation.
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19 Feb
I'm tired of the daily misinformation campaign and intimidation of our contributors by Copperhead.

I'm tired of spending $3000/month on legal fees to deal with their bogus lawsuit and for filing our own lawsuit against them based on their fraudulent copyright claims.
I think it's very apparently to nearly everyone what's happening other than a few people with a financial interest in believing otherwise and a small community of their close friends / supporters. I don't really understand why they attempt to escalate and create new conflicts.
It doesn't go well for them. We have a substantially larger community and we're clearly in the right so a lot more people support us. Every time they try to escalate the conflict, it goes badly for them. Then they throw a fit about having all these people that are against them.
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19 Feb

This is untrue. Seth works with Copperhead and has been spreading misinformation about GrapheneOS for weeks. It's more of the same. You can see the post is promoted from the usual group of people working with Copperhead and selling phones with our code.
I don't think it's unsurprising that our community ends up countering people who spread falsehoods about us.

They continue escalating attacks on our project. People support us and make posts such as in support of us. We'll keep asking for help with it.
In most cases, it's the same small group of people spreading these dishonest claims about GrapheneOS across platforms. Many have received free phones or money from them. Take a look at the RTs / likes. It's centered around a CopperheadOS phone reseller in the Bitcoin community.
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17 Feb
Sending money to someone in India with PayPal: forced to treat it as a purchase with 6% merchant fee and a conversion fee. They need to confirm the payment and mark a product as shipped. Money is frozen until confirming a product was received, which cannot be done for 48 hours.
They pretty much treat anyone in India as being a scammer.

Meanwhile, simply sending the money with Bitcoin on-chain with a very low fee ends up taking about the same amount of time while having a flat fee worth about a dollar. No risk of it being held indefinitely by PayPal.
I don't even want to get into how ridiculous it is trying to send money internationally via banks rather than PayPal. It's quite unfortunate that India is cracking down on using cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is by far the best way for us to fund open source developers around the world.
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