Today is an important day to say loud + clear: no national ID, no vaccine ID, no voter ID!

69 yrs ago today in 1952, Winston Churchill’s govnt scrapped ID cards. Why? In his words, to “set the people free”.

Here’s a story about Britain’s rejection of ID cards.
At the beginning of WW2 in 1939, the National Registration Act was passed as an emergency measure.

Every man, woman and child had to carry an ID card at all times. The main purposes were for evacuations, rationing and population statistics. 45 million paper cards were issued.
But like most emergency measures, ID cards didn’t go away after the war.

In 1950, Harry Willcock, a 54 year old London dry cleaner, was stopped by a police man who demanded to see his ID.

He refused, telling him simply “I am against this sort of thing”.
Mr Willcock’s seemingly small act of resistance inspired a movement.

Soon after, the British Housewives’ League took to Parliament to set fire to their ID cards - one woman set her card alight in a frying pan.
Mr Willcock was prosecuted and the case reached the High Court in 1951, where he found sympathy from the judges. He was given an absolute discharge for his refusal to show his ID.

He was the last person to be prosecuted under the National Registration Act.
The judgment said the 1939 Act was “never passed for the purposes for which it is now apparently being used” and that using the law in this way “tends to turn law-abiding subjects into lawbreakers (…) such action tends to make the people resentful of the acts of the police.”
Does this ring a bell?

Every word applies to the use of the Public Health Act 1984 today, under which anything from visiting our families to political leafleting is currently deemed a criminal act.

Does anyone seriously think vaccine IDs would not also exceed their purpose?
The UK rejected ID cards *again* after, in the wake of 9/11, then Prime Minister Tony Blair told us we couldn’t possibly fight terrorism without them.

One @BorisJohnson rallied against the plans, noting the inevitability of mission creep...
Boris Johnson said

“There is the loss of liberty & the creepy reality that the state will use these cards to store all manner of detail about us, our habits, what benefits we may claim & so on.”

In fact, in 2004 he said if he was asked to show his ID, he’d physically eat it ⬇️
So what’s changed?

Again, it took public commitment to freedom to overcome ID cards. NO2ID was launched, one of the most successful public campaigns of the decade - the plans were eventually defeated.

Ever since, government proposals for ID cards are periodically revived.
Today, the fight could be harder than ever.

Because it’s not only the 8 different government-funded projects for vaccine passports we’re up against.

The Government is also quietly developing a ‘digital identity framework’ so that, for example (...)
(..) people can use facial recognition apps connected to government-approved identity systems to verify our age at the local pub.

Govnt is also soon to introduce a Bill to require voter ID, despite only 1 ballot box fraud case in 2017 and 3.5 million Brits who have no photo ID.
It is only a matter of time before all these ID demands converge into a national ID system - that makes Mr Willcock’s fight against his paper ID card look quaint.

The fight against ID cards is about more than just databases - it’s about protecting the presumption of innocence,
and the presumption of liberty, which is the basis of a free society. It’s about empowering citizens against overbearing authorities.

We are more than just a number, and registration code, or worse, a vaccine risk score.
At this moment, the UK should be showing courage and leadership to build a freer future - to “set the people free”.

Instead, with vaccine IDs and more, the government is offering us a future of more controls, not more freedom.
We’ve all got to do our bit to defend freedom at this perilous moment. We can win this fight again, but we can only do it together.

✊ Join us today: bigbrotherwatch.org.uk/join/now/
Share the story of Britain's fight against ID here ⬇️


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🚨NEWS: We've written to @NorwichChloe to urge her to clarify there is no legal ban on political leafleting.

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Tomorrow, Tony Blair will be in the press telling us that digital vaccine passports are "inevitable".

It's a lie. A future of digital authoritarianism and discrimination is anything but inevitable.

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The Government instigated a misguided 'crackdown'. Police have been arresting + fining people safely going for walks, sitting on benches + playing Pokemon Go.

We believe thousands of fines have been issued unlawfully. Every fine must be urgently reviewed.

Social media firms have been taking down content, even from MPs, that contradicts or criticises Govt health policy

But in a democracy, we have the right to debate, dissent+ speak freely. Unelected Silicon Valley billionaires shouldn't be the arbiters of truth
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29 Jan
🚨The Government just made a law - without parliament or even publicity - allowing police to access NHS Test & Trace data of people who are self-isolating.

This is a disastrous move that's draconian, undemocratic and misguided in equal measure.

Medical privacy is the bedrock of any public health system, yet this Government is trashing it at a time when it has never been more important.

Blurring the lines between the NHS and police will deter people from getting tests or giving contact tracers accurate information.
To throw open this data gateway without consulting parliament or the even telling the public - on the premise of 'urgency' - is yet another example of this Government's pattern of abuse of power.

It is dangerous for public health & dangerous for democracy. MPs must challenge it.
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15 Jan
Still no explanation @nadhimzahawi for the Government contract for vaccine passports. Dismissive behaviour from the Minister on a critical issue.

There's cause for concern. The contracted companies, iProov and Mvine, have serious commercial interests in digital ID systems. /1
Mvine has a track record campaigning for "digital ID for all", even appropriating "activist" branding for its campaign (see below, from Mvine website) /2
iProov sells facial biometric technology for identification purposes.

It also provides technology for Estonia's mandatory digital ID system, which is regarded as one of the most sophisticated digital identity systems in the world. /3
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7 Jan
"Protecting public health".

@PoliceScotland stormed into a family home yesterday - on suspicion they had guests around... In fact their seriously ill daughter had just been discharged from hospital.

This is disgraceful. Serious questions must be answered - now. @NicolaSturgeon
Incredibly, in this 2nd video, the police remain and continue to distress the family whilst the daughter is on the floor.

We have reviewed a lot of poor and unlawful policing during the pandemic. This may be the most heinous and senseless example yet.

Change MUST follow this.
We have offered to provide support to the young woman concerned if required.

We will also pursue answers from @policescotland.
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