This is wild and frequently hilarious stuff, and a major embarrassment, but the life the hotel staff describes is basically life in a totalitarian regime, with praise for the Dear Leader a requirement just for basic survival.

It's the Republican vision.…
I mean just look at this shit.

And ask: what is the difference between a GOP member of Congress and a Trump hotel staffer, other than the fact that the GOP MoC has won the victory over himself, and truly loves Big Blather? Anyone who wasn’t a Trump fan quickly learned that putting
I ponder the massive popularity among Republicans for this spoiled toddler of a pig-president, demanding lavish ceaseless praise.

Then I ponder the anti-"woke" and anti-"cancel culture" streams of conservative thought, that amount to a desire to never be corrected.

Same energy.
I'm glad Trump is no longer president. And still it keeps settling on me, how we're trapped in this country with millions of people with the emotional intelligence of spoiled 3-year olds, demanding the biggest steak, the biggest shrimp—for whom other people exist only to be used.
It's not just fascism, but such puerile fascism. It's a fascism that ruins its sister's birthday cake because it didn't get a birthday cake, too—a bigger one—and doesn't get to blow out the candles; then destroys the furniture with paint when scolded. It knows only the word "me." One of the pig-president's emotionally stunted fascist white
If you support Republicans, people correctly know things about what you are willing to tolerate or enjoy—cruelty, danger, damage, hatred—to achieve some perceived advantage.

But they also know that on some deep spiritual level, you've agreed to not behave as a functioning adult.
There are millions of people who are essentially high-functioning spoiled toddlers. They present as adults in their day-to-day but at the deeper levels there's nothing but a screaming brat.

I don't know what to do about it, but I think it's important to see it for what it is.
It's the part of us that says "we're the greatest country on earth" without thinking how a "greatest country on earth" might behave in the world.

It's not something to be proud of. It ought to be the source of a deep national shame.

It's the thing we have to change.
I think of people in my life who still support a party that would—whether out of enthusiasm or cynical strategy—join the worship of this glazed ham, this piss-gold pig-god, this fascist brat, and I don't feel primarily hate, but shame.

Republicans: we're deeply ashamed of you.
Trump is gone in a way, but in another way, he'll never be gone. He was the shit puddle, and you jumped right in it, and now you refuse to take a bath or even get out, and you insist that we call your filth cleanliness, and you smear it on the walls.

And we're ashamed of you.

• • •

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20 Feb
As much as leftists hate to hear it, there are no systems better than unregulated capitalism, which is why Texans are getting $20,000 electricity bills but no electricity during a deadly freeze.…
The evidence is incontrovertible: our capitalist system, as currently structured, exists not to create wealth but to siphon it away. The proof is the way disaster acts as a trigger, not to help people, but to immediately capture as much of the remaining wealth as possible.
The greater the disaster, the more immediately and aggressively the system acts to capture wealth away from the people being harmed by the disaster.

Almost feels like it is expecting disaster and has already planned for it.

I'd say we might want to change such a system.
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20 Feb
Imagine if Christians actually had to live according to their Bibles.
Imagine if Christians actually sacrificed themselves for the good of those they considered their enemies, with no thought of any recompense or reward, but only to honor the essential humanity of all people.
Imagine if Christians sold all their possessions and gave it to the poor.

Imagine if they relentlessly stood up for the widow, the orphan, and the foreigner.

Imagine if they worshipped a God whose response to political power was to reject it.

Or cancelled all debt owed them?
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18 Feb
Daily reminder that Republicans are not participating in our government, they're trying to demolish it.
Daily reminder that Republicans are not participating in our government, they're trying to demolish it.

Daily reminder that Republicans are not participating in our government, they're trying to demolish it.

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18 Feb
Republicans really are just running on a platform of “we will kill all of you for money” and millions of people love it, because they think “all of you” doesn’t include them, and they think they’ll get a cut.
It's not just ghouls like Perry and pretty much every Republican, it's the people who keep voting for them even when they very clearly say, "what we propose is that you die for us, so we can go on not providing basic governance, so you can die more."
Hard to escape the conclusion that Perry is right; that freezing to death in your house alone is literally better to Republican voters than having to endure the psychological torment of acknowledging that we live in a shared society.
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15 Feb
Girl are you an angel because you're covered in wings and eyes and people are just *terrified* of you.
Girl is your daddy a thief because somebody stole my TV and I'm pretty sure it was your dad.
Girl do you have a little Irish in you, because I'm from the census and I probably should have led with that information.
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15 Feb
I'd like to ask Kirk Cox what exactly people are being silenced from saying. What, specifically, do they want to say, but don't, for fear of being shamed for it?

And: what, specifically, does Kirk Cox intend to do to ensure nobody can shame them for saying those things?
I'm 46 years old, and I can't think of a time when bigots of all kinds felt more emboldened to speak their minds. I've never been more aware of how many people in my country proudly believe horrible, selfish, anti-human things.

What is this America over which Kirk Cox obsesses?
What is this "robust exchange of ideas" that Republicans would like to have?

What ARE the Republican "ideas" they would like to exchange with us so robustly?
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