I have vehemently stayed away from expressing an opinion on certain rights debates at the moment, and that's not because I have no interest, or am being dismissive of it. I'm an optimist - I believe a solution can be found to enshrining the rights of one group without....
....diminishing the rights of others.

No, my focus has been on the larger threat to the human rights of all of us. A post-Brexit Tory UK Government.

With independence, we have the ability to enshrine rights for everyone, without having our nation's hands tied behind our backs.
But right now, the biggest threat we face is a right-wing Tory Government that has the power to overturn the rights already won over hundreds of years. All of which, if we do not act now and move to independence, will be sacrificed on the altar of shareholder dividends.
Make absolutely no mistake - they are coming for our rights. This makes Independence, not merely a "would be nice" but instead, a moral imperative.
My aims have been simple - To prove that the Scottish People have the fundamental right to determine their own future and the right to do so without having to gain permission from those with a vested interest in the status quo....
....and to try to carry that all the way through to and actual referendum so we can break free from the madness that is the UK.

All so we can enshrine fair, equal and more importantly, permanent rights and civil liberties in a constitution of an Independent Scotland.
And if that's not something worth fighting for, I don't know what is!

• • •

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22 Feb
Important to note that had "parliamentarians" stood with #peoplesas30, this would have likely been granted. But seeing as though the SNP leadership have been whipping them from day one, not to get involved in a case that would prove THEIR bill lawful...well...you decide!
This leaves me with two choices-

1. Abandon the case to protect myself; or
2. Continue the case, risk losing and risk bankruptcy.
It's a big decision to make but I think it's going to have to be number 2, and if I am going to be forced to go down at the hands of Government for simply trying to ask a simple and reasonable question about our right to be fully informed before an election....
Read 6 tweets
22 Feb
Lord Malcolm has rejected our application for a protected expenses order again.

A few people asking what a protected expenses order is so allow me to explain.
We launched the people's action crowdfunder to raise funds to pay our lawyers. A protected expenses order limits liability for fees to the other side. In otherwords, if we win, the Governments would only be liable for a percentage of the fees.
This is good because it limits the fees that the taxpayer would have to fork out to us in a win. In other words, good fiduciary responsibility. At the same time. If we were to lose, it would limit my personal liability (because I am the named pursuer) for fees to the UK Gov.
Read 7 tweets
22 Feb
The Scottish Government had no involvement with the SNP's route map. In other words, NO SCRUTINY ON WHETHER IT WAS FACTUAL. And considering the lawfulness of that bill is one of two major matters in the #peoplesas30. We could tell that. Image
The #PeoplesAS30 is trying to establish that the Scottish Parliament has the power to hold a referendum without permission from Westminster. I have stated many times that this means also establishing the fact that they can pass the draft bill the SNP are proposing.
I also said that the SNP simultaneously claiming it was lawful, but then stating right at the back of it, that they expect a legal challenge shows us that they are not sure if it is or isn't lawful. Because you can't assert something to be lawful, and expect legal challenge.
Read 5 tweets
20 Feb
If you love the SNP vote for them on the constituency ballot.

If you hate the SNP vote for them on the constituency ballot because the only thing holding them together is independence so they'll disintegrate after indy.
If you love the SNP vote AFI on the list so they can support them wholeheartedly on the question of independence.

If you hate the SNP vote AFI on the list because they'll keep on at the SNP about delivering independence (their sole goal) and keep them honest.
I guess what I am saying is that love em or hate em, everyone wins with SNP 1 / AFI 2.
Read 4 tweets
20 Feb
So I have been up to the eyeballs this week building the new home for AFI on the web (the website). Should be online in the next week with easy access for everyone. Woohoo!
The AFI team now churning along and gaining speed. Just like Scotrail - we're getting there!
Choooo chooo.
Read 4 tweets
20 Feb
@JodeHarrisonHT Your opening question in this article is faulty. It's not a question on whether Scotland CAN or SHOULD have the power to legislate for Indyref - It already does. Indeed, the UK has advanced no argument against our legal opinion that it does - All they've....
....tried to do is say that we mere plebs can't ask the question to ensure clarity. Snobbery basically!
Read 4 tweets

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