It's a sad commentary on the state of political discourse that comments like this are generally still acceptable. This tortured reasoning is based on debunked, phony science and bad history, and contributes to accelerating our march toward mass death and destruction
Just the phrasing that some places are poor "due to the fact that some countries achieved growth and others not" is steeped in a propagandistic misunderstanding of history that covers up atrocities, but also a deeply unsettling interpretation of what growth means
This reasoning suggests that by some random natural accident, some places "achieved growth" and others didn't, and the only solution is for more countries to "achieve growth". There are so many problems with this, like
1) Those countries that "achieved growth" did so by stealing resources from the countries that didn't "achieve growth"
2) GDP growth since the invention of GDP and the modern definition of "growth" has been inextricably tied to (plundered) resource throughput and fossil fuels
Both of these things are rushing civilization toward a global and possibly permanent collapse scenario, and the idea that any countries will be able to decouple their growth from these things is a fantasy…
The only thing growth fetishism achieves is to justify the continued hoarding of concentrated wealth, continued despoliation of ecologies, and continued reproduction of extractive relationships
Also it's extremely insidious to be using justice language, as the original tweet does, to justify the continuation of processes that have resulted in some of history's greatest injustices
Somebody's afraid of the facts

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13 Dec 20
This is obviously stupid and dangerous for a lot of reasons, but the last card ("No science. No shutdown.") stuck with me because I think it speaks to something that those of us involved in knowledge production and dissemination could pay more attention to
I think a lot of non-scientists/journalists believe there’s a Knowledge Orb in a lab in a tower somewhere, and you just ask it a question & out comes perfectly true information. When they find that the information is faulty, they want to throw the Orb out the window
Of course a lot of the rampant anti-intellectualism today is the product of a concerted campaign by ruling class orgs to divide-and-conquer the ruled classes by creating oppositional epistemologies (if we don’t have a shared reality, we’ll never unite against them)
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11 Dec 20
sorry to pile on but not only do Americans not share this kind of collective mythology (it's not movies), I'd go as far as saying that most of us would struggle to imagine what it would be like to have that kind of shared mythology:… ImageImageImage
But I do agree with the original sentiment that dismissing fantasy fiction as 'kiddie shit' is silly
tldr from those screenshots: Norse mythology (etc) offered a sense of place in a deep timeline extending far back & forward, and a place in the universe. Fantasy fiction today offers shared stories, but doesn't play that kind of role cosmologies have for people
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3 Dec 20
This "angry business owner" is 100% correct that the government should have responded by giving every family enough to survive a long lock down. Instead, government policy funneled trillions in wealth to the already-wealthy. He's right to be angry
Even at the beginning, all the data suggested that simply giving people the financial means to self-isolate would go a long way toward decreasing the impacts of the virus. The government did the opposite, demanding partial, poorly targeted lock-downs without financial support
And the result? The virus spread quickly, more people died, many small companies have shuttered, public institutions like museums are closing. Meanwhile, the largest corporations—and their wealthy investors—reap massive rewards and expand their market share
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8 Oct 18
I’m seeing lots of enthusiasm for addressing climate change today. This is a delight. I'm also seeing lots of smart voices go right up to the edge of the big question: what do we Do?
But few or none are quite going over the edge and confronting the answers to that big all-important question…
That’s not to say people aren’t saying “Here’s what we do!” There are lots of prescriptions flying around. I’ve contributed to that deluge ineffectually. There’s no shortage of things we must Do..
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