Always Chase Your Dreams

10 Mistakes To Avoid In The Process

1. Letting Discouragement Overwhelm You

Take the risk.

It will be scary at times.

Take small consistent steps.

You will grow in many ways throughout the process.

Believe in yourself and the possibility of your dreams coming true.
2. Denying Your Current Situation

Living in denial will delay results.

Doing nothing will not change your situation.

Accept your situation.

Work everyday towards changing it.

You have more power than you realize.

Trust and believe in yourself.
3. Dwelling On The Past

Holding onto the past will only fill you with doubt.

Your energy will be spent on worries and regrets.

You’ll be afraid to make decisions.

You will miss out on arising opportunities.

Let the past be gone.

Cling towards the good memories.
4. Procrastinating

It can be deadly.

Time wasted can never be recovered.

Just like a river.

Once you touch the water flowing past you.

It will never flow back toward you again.

Do what you’re supposed to do when it’s supposed to be done.
5. Neglecting Your Body

Don’t ever forget to take care of your body.

Treat it like a temple.

Take time off to exercise.

Eat healthy foods.

Don’t forget to pray.

It will nourish your soul and give you inner peace.
6. Waiting For Help To Chase You

Knock on doors.

Will doors be shut on you?

MORE than you can count.

If doors close go in through the window.

Change your course of plan if necessary.

Change does not mean losing your dream.
7. Taking It Personally When People Judge You

You will be judged on everything.

How you look.

What you eat.

How you live.

Judgement is more about insecurity.

Turn a deaf ear to these judgements.

Feel proud of the journey you’re taking.
8. Dwelling On The Negative

It’s impossible to only focus on the positive.

Allow yourself to feel the negative.

Don’t let it take over you.

Releasing these feelings will leave you at peace.

You will be able to focus on the positive even in tough times.
9. Comparing Yourself To Others.

Comparison leads to jealousy and envy.

It can kill friendships if not tamed.

Celebrate the success of others.

Let them know you admire them.

Turn your focus onto what you have.
10. Seeking Approval For Your Dream

Your dream is a vehicle.

You are the driver.

Don’t let the passengers map the road for you.

Stop trying to win over those who don’t believe in you.

Seek help only from your supporters.

Never give up.

Your dream is counting on you.

• • •

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