Accountability makes people feel feels sometimes, and that's"s okay and good, actually.

Other examples: white tears, the tears of the complicit, and the tears of those who have experienced predictable consequences for their actions but never performed accountablity.
One of the most predictable responses to holding a white person, especially a white cis woman, accountable for racism is tears.

It is-- consciously or not-- a tactic to de-center the people who they caused pain and re-center whiteness and white feelings.
I've also seen sooooo much "but they already suffered consequences for their actions" in left community from folks and for folks who did harmful shit and faced legal/carceral consequences.
Like, during Occupy one guy closely affiliated with our encampment placed a bounty on the head of the DA, getting us *international* coverage that furthered fed attempts to paint us as violent terrorists.

Whether it was a joke or not, it directly endangered us.
He ended up in prison, did zero restorative action when he came out, got welcomed back with folks feeling a whole lot of angry feels about talk of him performing restorative accountability.

Because, folks felt bad he had been incarcerated.
And I've seen it in antifascist community, where folks who were complicit in the bad behavior of a bad actor get defended because *eventually* that bad actor burned them, too, and folks feel bad for them.

Pity is not an acceptable substitute for accountability, folks.
When we let accountability slide because it's uncomfortable or because we empathize with or pity the person being held accountable, we do our movements a deep disservice.
And, in my experience, we most tend to empathize with/find excuses for the folks with the most privilege within our communities, because that is how we are conditioned.

Feels are not a reliable barometer of fault or culpibility.

• • •

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19 Feb
This has long been the grift by which US electeds betray democracy and their constituents.

What's new is their openly fascistic unwillingness to even pretend to care, even as crises they have a hand in accelerate and compound, leaving vulnerable people to die.
Fascism teaches that

1) those who survive are strong,

2) those that fail to thrive are weak, and

3) the dying of the "weak" and the thriving of the "strong" are simply the proper natural order.
Fascists stack fix the game in favor of themselves and the privileged categories they occupy, extracting wealth from those that are marginalized.

By the time crisis hits (and it always does, usually with fascist complicity), the deck is already doubly stacked.
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19 Feb
What we're seeing in Texas is shock doctrine capitalism.

It's a strategy where governments engage in austerity measures that make it impossible to respond adequately to emergencies, then use the aftermath to privatize & justify *more* austerity.

The rich profit, the poor die.
We've seen it with COVID on a national level.

All levels of governments have made extreme cuts to our social safety net in the past three decades, leaving us unable to weather this storm.

They'll be using the human cost & resulting tax shortfalls to justify austerity for years.
We saw it in Philly after the 2008 crash.

Then-Mayor Nutter used the shortfalls to engage in extreme austerity measures down to trying to close libraries and... selling off most of our snowplows.
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15 Feb
Healing from trauma is messy and uneven and demands rest and downtime and other things incompatible with full-on capitalist grind.

Which is why capitalist culture is *much* more tolerant of crutches like addiction and abusive behavior than it is of healing.
You can drink yourself to sleep every night and wake up and still be a productive worker for capitalism the next day.

Taking some time off for mental health, though?

Demanding boundaries that allow you to process your shit fully outside of work?

That hurts the bottom line.
Capitalism does not want us to get well.

It wants us too worn out and broken down to summon the energy to stand up for ourselves.

Your healing is not in its self-interest.
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15 Feb
Proud Goys-- the "Christian nationalist" Proud Boys offshoot mad about PB not more avertly avowings white supremacy-- is leaning hard into Edgar Cayce-based racist vaccine conspiracy.

Cayce was a supposed clairvoyant with a huge influence on contemporary New Age thinking.
We're still sort of at this place where we think of New Agers as hippie and therefore "left" and unlikely bedfellows for QAnon and other racist/antisemitic far right conspiracy theory, but New Age has *always* been tightly linked to fascist thought and race theory.
The Theosophists-- arguably the founders of New Age and certainly a huge influence on Cayce-- played around all the time with race theory.

They were also a strong influence on Nazi occultists.
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13 Feb
One hard lesson of adulthood is that contrary to what TV tells us, everyone is playing checkers and no one is playing chess, actually
We're just a bunch of grown children playing dress up, which is terrifying and endearing.

The main thing is to be humble enough to understand that, and be careful with the people who truly seem to believe their dress up game is real
This is one of the most liberating lessons of organizing.

It isn't actually all that hard even for small groups of strategic people to make billionaires and/or electeds capitulate.

The folks we imagine to be chess players are usually just checkers players who got lucky.
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13 Feb
Telegram is doing *very* little to take down Nazi terror channels now that the Capitol coup attention is past.

We're getting some takedowns, but it moves like molasses.

The good news: when @telegram implements advertising, they'll be extremely vulnerable to activist campaigns.
Telegram has never been revenue-generating, which means there isn't yet a way to pressure them by messing with their profits.

As @nandoodles' work proves, though, advertisers don't like getting called out out for advertising on fascist platforms, much less terrorist platforms.
It's clear from Durov's awkward attempts to get users onboard with advertisement that he's no longer interested in paying for this pet project out of pocket (or whatever his previous funding sources were).

Where there are advertisers and profits, there's leverage.
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