Anyone else feel like each time we see a new video from Donald Trump Jr. he's desended one sub-basement deeper into a subterranean cavern stocked to the ceiling on each floor with whatever it is that makes him sweaty, puffy, bloodshot-eyed, and prone to affecting a strange drawl?
If I were someone who cared about Donald Trump Jr.'s health—which candidly I'm ambivalent about—I'd tell him to get some fresh air and maybe record a video from a meadow or something talking about the Great Outdoors rather than how his family can continue to degrade our democracy
I mean... yikes? Image
If Donald Trump Jr. keeps on in this vein and moves down a few additional subbasements and grows his hair out a bit he'll be able to play a gully dwarf extra when they finally make a film version of Weis and Hickman's DRAGONS OF AUTUMN TWILIGHT as they should've done 25 years ago Image
Just when you think you know where my threads are going... 😉

• • •

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28 Feb
In the last five years of following Maggie Haberman, I've never once seen her distinguish between the word "journalist" and the word "reporter." When she does that for the first time, this journalism professor—who teaches 25 genres of journalism—will take her expertise seriously.
The four principles that govern responsible reportage are objectivity, accuracy, transparency and honesty. When you overuse anonymous sources, continue using sources after they've lied to you, and engage in access journalism, you violate the latter three of these four principles.
I encourage people to read widely about 21st c. journalism. This semester I'm teaching a course on the subject at UNH, so I know how complex, subtle and thorny the topic is. Anyone selling you a line about how journalism works that sounds like it came from 1950 should be ignored.
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27 Feb
(THREAD) I'm publishing, at PROOF, excerpts from my NYT-bestselling 2019 book Proof of Conspiracy that detail the murder of Jamal Khashoggi. This content is for subscribers for PROOF. Reader discretion is advised, due to the violent nature of the content.…
(PART 2) More information for PROOF subscribers.…
(PART 3) More information for PROOF subscribers.…
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26 Feb
I continue to be amazed that it is not universally understood that Donald Trump is a domestic terror leader
Trump is not, now, chiefly identifiable as a former president, a businessman, a private citizen living in Florida, the leader of a political movement, or a prospective criminal defendant in various financial crimes cases

He is a domestic terror leader and he will act accordingly
Just because Trump's American insurrection is slower-moving than prior insurrections in America or many insurrections worldwide does not make it any less of an insurrection or Donald Trump any less of a domestic terror leader—and media better start understanding this immediately
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26 Feb
This is the top breaking news story on CNN.

All of the information in this article was contained in my September 2019 New York Times-bestselling book Proof of Conspiracy (Macmillan).

Every piece of evidence listed here was in that fully sourced book.…
(PS) It's a weird day for anyone who read Proof of Conspiracy. Many Americans are learning about CSMARC for the first time today—even as readers of Proof of Conspiracy read a chapter with that title in Summer '19. If media thought this was important, it should've covered it then.
(PS2) Media should never ask why it is losing popularity when it has spent the last four years attacking a person who wrote about today's breaking news a year and a half ago. The question media *should* be asking is, why did we put our hatred of this guy over doing our damn jobs?
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22 Feb
The Steele dossier remains one of the most lied-about items of the whole Trump presidency. Republicans lie about Steele's background, motivations, knowledge, funders and claims. They lie about the dossier timeline and they lie about its provenance and they lie about its accuracy.
We must also understand that it's no surprise that Republicans lie about the dossier. When the author of a dossier tells you in advance that 30% of it is likely inaccurate, as long as you lie about him telling you that and claim he didn't you can spend years pointing out the 30%.
Steele is an honorable man who had been a valuable FBI partner for years when *Republicans* approached him to try to keep Donald Trump from the presidency. When the GOP folded and accepted Trump as its Lord and Savior, a law firm hired Steele to continue his overseas work.
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18 Feb
This article puts me in a category with {rechecks article} President John Adams and President Joe Biden. No one else is in the category. I'm pretty sure this will never happen again.

I have thoughts on this topic, but am working on other things right now.…
What I'll say briefly is we really need *former* public defenders tweeting, as they're not bound in the ways current ones are; we need more tweeting on first principles, alongside tweeting about types of cases; we need tweeting from PDs who've worked with every type of community.
Also, it should go without saying—though incredibly, it *doesn't* in this article—that those of us who believe in equality under law should be cheering *every PD* getting the word out on this topic, without cynically tallying retweets or likes like it's a zero-sum game. It's not.
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