🌸 libra, scorpio, sagittarius, aquarius, taurus and capricorn placements

you've been trying to do too much by yourself, and this is the time when you will be letting go of the burdens you've been holding really soon. you will be embodying this nurturing energy where you will be
looking after yourself and realizing how much you have to offer. you're going to be taking this time to recharge and be more in touch with yourself, which is going to help you heighten your intuition. this is going to bring you more clarity in certain situations,
but also make realize what are the things that you need to detach from or let go of that are not serving you anymore. this also applies to people or connections. you're going to be taking control of whom you surround yourself with and who you interact with, cleansing your
space. there is going to be a grounding moment where you will feel like a lot of things are going to be changing within you for the better. you will feel ready and your energy is going to push you towards an emotional, spiritual and material stability. the future looks brighter
than you think it does, which is why you need to let go of this mindset where you think that you deserve less. i feel like sometimes you limit yourself when manifesting something into your life. thoughts like "but, am i good enough for this?" or "do i really deserve this?" could
pop up but, surprise! you do deserve it, of course you do. you've grown a lot from the person you used to be, don't let your past hold you back and make you feel like you're not able to achieve greater things. you're already on your way! don't be afraid to ask for what you
want because the Universe and your guides are always listening. you can create and achieve anything you want. some of you might have been seeing 222 or 333 a lot, and that is your reminder that you're on the right path and that you can bring anything you want to your reality.
— this is a general TAROT reading. if it doesn’t resonate, let it fly.

— tips are greatly appreciated, but not necessary 💗

— follow for more readings, messages and horoscopes! 🕊

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🌸 gemini, leo, virgo, libra, scorpio, and sagittarius placements

someone you used to deal with is currently suffering at the way they ended things. they have been trying to heal and move on from this connection but you keep popping up on their mind to the point where they
have been wondering what could happen if they decided to try and reconcile with you. it’s not really about making up and pretending that nothing happened, but more about communicating and hear each other’s side. certain things still keep them up at night and they get mad about
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i see you closing and ending cycles with toxic people and connections that are no longer making you grow. they used to make you feel very drained and the overall feeling was an unpleasant one, but you're ready
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🌸 virgo, aries, piscis, capricorn, gemini and aquarius placements.

you're going to be coming out of a period of stagnancy soon and regaining back the balance you feel you've lost. you've been carrying some burdens for a while now, but you're being encouraged to let go of what
isn't serving you anymore and move on, so you can create more space for better things to come. if there are old attachments in your life, or you're still holding on to something that isn't progressing, you may be blocking your future blessings, abundance and opportunities. you're
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🌸 taurus, cancer, leo, sagittarius, scorpio and libra placements.

there are some things that are going to get unveiled to you really soon regarding some people in your life. your manifestations are going to be coming true really soon, which is why you need to keep your eye
on some people because they will not be happy about it. there's someone around you that is quite envious about your success and things falling into place in your life. they see everything that you do and wonder why can't they have that as well or be as lucky as you. there's a
decision you will be making regarding this person. you're divinely protected, but this negative energy is something that you're going to be noticing and finally cutting off.
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🌸 taurus, cancer, leo, sagittarius, scorpio and libra placements.

this person you used to deal with is trying to figure out the way to come back into your life. you’ve cut them out, and somehow they don’t feel the same without you. they feel more balanced with you and this
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🌸 virgo, libra, scorpio, capricorn, cancer and gemini placements

there is someone out there who is absolutely willing to give you the universe, but you’re not noticing this person. you’re currently focused on a connection that ended up hurting you, and your goal right now is to
heal and move on from this past person. your past relationship has blinding you or making you think that you cannot live without that person, when they don’t deserve you at all, and you deserve someone better. there is so much abundance coming towards you that you cannot see
because your focus is on the wrong place. you’re being encouraged to withdraw yourself from this connection, so you can see things from a different perspective and realize how many people would like to be with you or even have a chance to be near you! there’s a lot of people who
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