With the recent surge in $BTC, I wanted to do a quick DD into one of my favourite Bitcoin mining companies, $ARBKF.

*Disclaimer, I am not a financial advisor, nor am I condoning this thread as financial advice. Do you own DD and invest on your terms if you choose to do so* 1/?
First, who is $ARBKF?

Argo is a blockchain technology focused on large-scale cryptocurrency mining. Led by CEO @PeterGWall, Argo is listed on the OTC and LSE markets. Argo's vision is to build a sustainable, efficient, and powerful network of mining operations. 2/?
For the purpose of this thread, I will use two comparator companies in $RIOT and $MARA to highlight $ARBKF's potential.

$ARBKF: currently trades at $3.95 (52WH: $4.65)
$MARA: $43.27, (52WH: $49.41)
$RIOT: $71.33 (52WH: $79.50)

A significant difference, so why compare? 3/?
As you may know, the value of a mining company can be (to an extent), derived from its hash rate. Simply said, hash rate/power/etc. is the power the computer uses to solve algorithms and mine $BTC. In essence, the higher the hash rate, the more $BTC that can be mined. 4/?
With that in mind, 1 petahash per second (PH/s) is 1 quadrillion hashes per second. Let's look at the current PH/s for our three companies:

$RIOT 566 PH/s
$MARA 688 PH/s
$ARBKF 787 PH/s

Right away, you can see that $ARBKF has the most 'power' to mine $BTC.

Looking ahead, by Q2 of 2021, the target PH/s rate for each company is as follows:

$MARA: 1155 PH/s
$RIOT: 1446 PH/s
$ARBKF: 1685 PH/s

In that sense, Argo is competitive with the "best of the best" in terms of mining power. Now, both $RIOT and $MARA have plans to further 6/?
expand their PH/s as they have new machines on order. With that said, those upgrades will not come until the end of 2021, or possibly, the start of 2022.

$ARBKF is not sitting back. Argo recently entered into a LOI to initiate the acquisition of 320 acres of land in Texas. 7/?
Why is this important? Argo is using this land to build a new 200MW mining facility in the next 12 months. Not only that, but the land is situated beside a source of cheap, renewable energy, giving them access to 800MW of electrical power.

Source: bwnews.pr/2ZBh04P

This land provides a two-fold boost.

1) Will increase $ARBKF's mining efficiency while seeking to minimize the cost of electricity.

2) The land is an asset. A report showed that the price of land/acre increased by 6.4% in Texas since last year. 9/?
Thus, as this land is further developed, it is quite plausible that it increases in value as an assest for $ARBKF.

Source: bit.ly/3uikPKv

But let's jump back to the valuation for a minute, and talk about where $ARBKF could go. 10/?
Current market caps:

$RIOT: ~4.2 billion
$MARA: ~4.1 billion
$ARBKF: ~1.4 billion

Theoretically, given that $ARBKF currently surpasses both in PH/s, and has more coming, if Argo was to match that market cap, we are looking at what could be a ~3x rise in stock price. 11/?
This would value $ARBKF at ~$12. With that said, $BTC remains incredibly bullish into the next few weeks. As the value of $BTC increases, the market cap for $RIOT and $MARA will increase. If Argo is to match that, then theoretically, its price too would surpass $12.

Why would Argo's market cap increase? Simply said, Argo recently met compliance to uplist to the @Nasdaq. With CEO @PeterGWall hinting towards a goal of reaching more American investors, it's not far-fetched to think that within 6-8 weeks, we could see $ARBKF on the NASDAQ. 13/?
And on the topic of @PeterGWall, you find a passionate and transparent CEO. From constant and consistent YouTube videos to transparent RNS updates and an active Twitter personality, it is incredibly reassuring to see a CEO actively involved and engaging with investors.

Adding to that, @PeterGWall also holds 570,000 shares of the company, showing confidence in their potential. This is further backed by major investments from companies such as:

First Investments Holding
Hadron Capital
Trium Capital

Source: argoblockchain.com/investors/

I'll finish with some other promising pointers that personally excite me about the future of this company.

After uplisting to the OTCQB, Argo appointed Wachsman as their communications advisor to strengthen investor relations within the US.

Source: bit.ly/37xMxcc

Argo also offers other revenue streams, such as the mining of Zcash, where they own nearly 5% of the world's ZCash. Check out the tweet from @BrianNoronha5 for details on revenue breakdown from Zcash. 17/?

Source: bit.ly/3dCocpA
Argo recently invested $100,000 USD in Luxor Technologies, a hash rate management platform. Luxor has mined over $45 million USD in crypto since inception, and will ultimately help advance Argo's technology.

Source: bit.ly/3qIbqcP

Argo also diversified its position with a 25% stake investment (lead investor) in @Pluto_Digital.

"Pluto shares the same ethos as Argo and seeks to democratise participation in cryptocurrency markets and the blockchain space. Pluto's senior leadership team has a wealth..." 19/?
"of experience in establishing successful cryptocurrency and blockchain ventures. Some of the most notable projects they have invested in include the YOP Platform and Protocol, a highly anticipated DeFi project launched on the leading IDO platform Polkastarter." 20/?
Source for @Pluto_Digital investment: bit.ly/3aFprT1

Argo's willingness to support cryptocurrencies builds upon previous investments, such as Polkadot in 2019. Argo purchased 100,000 $DOT in Q1 of 2019, now valued at $38.65 a share

Source: bit.ly/3sg2vQh

$ARBKF does a pretty damn good job of HODLing. They currently hold 501 BTC. Those coins, as of the time of writing, are valued at $28,797,830.70 USD.

Source: coindesk.com/argo-blockchai…

As of 9/9/20, Argo claimed to be nearly DEBT-FREE! Important to note that with the purchase of land, they have been given access to a $100,000,000 credit facility at competitive rates. However, this deal is still waiting to be fully closed.

Source: bit.ly/3bnWtGE

If you made it this far, congratulations. These are some of the reasons why I'm excited about $ARBKF and I hope you learned something! Please remember to do your own DD, and know that this is NOT financial advice. You are responsible for your own investments.

A massive thank you to @btcbull47, who I recommend you follow. Always has fantastic DD on the company, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't use his knowledge to help write this DD. That's all for now, take care of yourselves, and have a great day.


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