Pisces | Cancer | Scorpio: Weekly Message 🦕💙

sun, moon, venus, rising

Hello! It is 2:22 as I begin this reading. This week, it looks like water placements will be coming across financial stability, but you guys must also fight to maintain it. This may mean cutting back on—
-things that you don’t need to buy. This week is a good week to budget. This is stability that you’ve worked for, but now financial maturity needs to be implemented here.

The work that you’ve done to get here needs to continue to be done at the same pace. Income does—
-not mean to slack off or procrastinate. You’ve worked hard to get here, and this is only a small result of what you can receive if you continue to stand your ground, and implement self discipline into your routine, especially when it comes down to what you do to make money.

-feel like the middle of this week might bring you doubt about yourself and your current situation. You may have an issue with accountability regarding past issues, and you might feel uncertain about where you are going in life.

Treat yourself with compassion and forgive your—
-past mistakes. Hold yourself accountable and make sure that you don’t make these mistakes again. You may encounter someone that will help you with these things. This person will be compassionate and understanding of you, so be open with them.

Be mindful of how you treat-
-yourself this week. I feel like you may be judging yourself, and it’s never okay to do that. The person that will come in to help you will give you a level of clarity in your own situation, regarding your self doubts and how you treat yourself.

There is an opportunity coming—
-in for you guys soon that you will need to jump on as soon as possible. If you lose it, I believe that you will miss out severely. Do not miss this opportunity due to self doubt, as this can aid to your life purpose.

This opportunity will present itself to you because you—
-have been radiating hard work and authenticity. As long as you believe in yourself, I feel like you will recognize and seize this opportunity.

Pay attention this week, water placements. I feel like something heavy and rewarding is on the horizon, but you must prove that you—
-believe in yourself before you receive it.

Capricorn/Sagittarius/Gemini/Scorpio/heavy Aquarius/Air

Channeled Song: music.apple.com/us/album/im-th…
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Tipping is appreciated! It allows me to continue general readings like these, thank you in advance!

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21 Feb
Gemini | Libra | Aquarius: Weekly Message 🍇🧚🏾

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Okay!! So I see that air signs really are getting their lives together right now. Y’all are focusing on the positives of your situation, and you are ultimately uplifting your attitudes.

Right now is a-
-beautiful time to go after what you truly want. Right now is the time to stay confident in your abilities and in your strength. Determination is key here. Make sure that you are balancing self care and the task at hand.

I feel like this change in attitude and perspective will—
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-from it. You/your partner may be using controlling or manipulative tactics in order to try and force something out of the relationship that is not there. This can be stability, this can be love, this can be security. Either way, it is not there at this time.

I see that some—
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Aries | Leo | Sagittarius: Weekly Love Message ❤️🥀

sun, moon, venus, rising, mars

Happy Venus day, fire placements. This week, I see that you guys are ending conflict within your relationships, and you are recovering from a tough period. Maybe you were consistently bumping-
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Fire signs, it’s time to make time for self care. You—
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Taurus | Virgo | Capricorn: Weekly Love Message 💚🎍

sun, moon, venus, rising, mars

Happy Venus day AND hour, earth placements! This week, it looks like there be some people who are settling into a long term relationship that holds a lot of financial stability within it. For—
-others, I see a stable love interest coming in this week, but I also see that you will be skeptical about this individual. There will be move ins, engagements, and stability coming in soon for a lot of earth placements, and you guys can feel it, so what’s the issue? Why do you—
-feel like this is too good to be true?

It looks like your self-esteem is low. This can be due to past relationships altering your view of what you deserve and what you are capable of upholding.

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Pisces | Cancer | Scorpio: Weekly Love Update 💙🧜🏾‍♀️

sun, moon, venus, rising, mars

Happy Venus Day, water placements! It looks like this week, you guys are gonna be hit with some romantic options. For some, I see that this is a new interest...someone that may want to date or—
-talk to you although you’re in a relationship, so watch out for that!

For singles, I see that there will be chances to enter romantic relationships/endeavors later this week. Make sure that you are withholding your standards, and allowing yourself to feel all your emotions—
-regarding this situation. This also goes for those in relationships. Only go after what you TRULY desire, even if it will cause negative emotions in others. I see that a veil will be lifted soon for you guys! I also got this message for y’all last week, so be patient! Things—
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