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@AstralVisitor - You missed my point entirely as I wasn't saying that BLM (which is just an easy current example) is violent or violent terrorists. My point was that IF they crossed that line, then my support towards either the ones doing it or the entire section backing it would disappear. No
@AstralVisitor matter how much I support racial equality and justice, not if its due to violent and/or terrorist-ic acts. Which is where Adam and Sienna come in, though at least in the latter case she did actually care about her people instead of using them as an excuse like Adam. The WF that
@AstralVisitor is villainized is the Adam & Sienna branches, while the other more activist/passive sections are actually given a somewhat neutral-sympathetic presentation. Faunus in general are given a sympathetic framing as well.

- Oh FFS, they haven't been coy at fucking all about BB. They
@AstralVisitor -'ve basically spray painted on the metaphorical front lawn "they're romantically canon and heading to a canon romantic relationship", especially since they've sunk the "hetero alt". Inside the show or outside the show, doesn't matter; especially in Coco's case where there's an
@AstralVisitor entire book with a storyline involving her and her team as the MC's of it. Y'know like proper SIDE characters instead of draining time away from the main plot. Ilia has popped up multiple times and played a major role in the main plotline of v4-5. Saphron and Terra are a MARRIED
@AstralVisitor W/ KID WLW couple that are treated literally the same as any other pairing in the world, which in itself is a big thing considering history. May I see being not likely to go beyond the Atlas arc, since that's her main attachment in the story. That doesn't however erase her being
@AstralVisitor in the story, having her being trans canonized in-show in a way that isn't offensive like so many other shows, and having a big role in the main plotline. All of these characters still alive. Which is where the flaw in your "logic" is bullshit, that essentially in your eyes none
@AstralVisitor of it matters unless I guess they have a starring damn role in the main cast. Doesn't matter if they carry a big role during their specific arcs. Which is just dumb af, especially considering the only remedy to it would be bending/ breaking/damaging the story and/or
@AstralVisitor characterizations in order to bring any of those characters into the MC group.

- oh what a shock a heavily female-centered show doesn't have a ton of MLM /sarcasm. Clover was an obstinate cop following an authoritarian asshole who repeatedly interfered when Qrow went after
@AstralVisitor Tyrian. While I won't say everything in the entire event fit perfectly, it does fit with the characters. They were always going to clash because of Clover's loyalty to Ironwood vs. Qrow being tied to Ruby. As for the "betrayal", I can't say much as it didn't affect me cause I
@AstralVisitor could so to speak read the tea leaves. I may have hoped for Clover to change/shift, I leaned towards he wouldn't. So I have no sympathy/empathy towards those who were "traumatized" by it since it didn't hit me in that way. The same way that Pyrrha's death did. Also this situation
@AstralVisitor really irks me when being labeled/referred to as "baiting" as its a grey territory and using that term nonchalantly takes away from its meaning. There's plenty of people that already throw it around as it is. I wouldn't call this as baiting, mostly because Qrow still has the
@AstralVisitor potential of being bi; the writers themselves have said it wasn't something they did; and that there's plenty of other LGBT+ in the show that it comes across as disingenuous to call QB.

- I actually really liked FG, doesn't translate to me not being able to read the tea leaves.
@AstralVisitor Clover was repeatedly shown following orders like the not budging cop he was, while Qrow at various points brought up his own past which involved having to fight friends and allies. Also Qrow's "valuable character arc" is still easily in place, especially considering how he's
@AstralVisitor still clearly thinking of Clover and now is aiming at Ironwood. You call "shock value", I call tragic circumstances no different than Pyrrha's. Pyrrha went against Cinder knowing full well the odds were against her & died as a result; Clover iron-cladly followed an authoritarian
@AstralVisitor -'s order and died as a result.

- You need to re-read what I wrote. If you (general use) come into a general populace thread to spout bullshit, then yes I'm going to take a bit of joy in tearing that bullshit to shreds. Not YOU, but the bullshit you spout. I don't know you, I
@AstralVisitor quite frankly likely don't want to know you; thus I'd have no interest in trying to tear YOU apart vs. the bullshit you put out. You want to bitch and whine about the show amongst your little group of fellow whiners? Go for it, I'm not going to seek that space out; but when it
@AstralVisitor enters out of that space and everyone else has to see it. That's when I'll step in and take joy in tearing it apart, as I do with every one of the other know-nothing "critics". Other people don't want to see your bullshit, they want to enjoy the damn show.

- I enjoy the show
@AstralVisitor , however its not an addiction. I do after years of putting up with the dumbassery across multiple media have a natural lean towards tearing apart shit-takes and calling out bullshit.

- Once again keep your bullshit to your own circles and I have no issue with it; start
@AstralVisitor injecting it into the general pop thus damaging other's enjoyment because of your bullshit? Then I step in and take issue with it. Nothing you've presented has changed my view or mind at all; its just the same old bullshit I've seen already. If you don't enjoy the show, then
@AstralVisitor LEAVE; instead of spewing your garbage/bullshit that may damage "Timmy"/"Joan" (or whatever random names)'s enjoyment of it.
@AstralVisitor Actually one last note that I'll toss on this cause why not: Going back to the "liking/not liking FG" part, while I did and to some degree still do like it as a tragic romance. I can't actively support it as I want to, because of the ones that lost their damn minds post-Clover's
@AstralVisitor death. The ones that then and now bash the show for no reason other than bitterness over that. Though the ones that really rile me are those that actually harassed the writers over it, fuck them. Those people essentially ruined FG's appeal for me, just a note of reference before
@AstralVisitor you or your fellow dumbasses think that your bullshit affects nothing. Even though I call out the bullshit its still managed to take away a certain enjoyment of FG and ability to continue to support it cause I want nothing to do with that section of people. Though I'm sure you
@AstralVisitor don't actually care about any of that, cause you have the chip on your shoulder and refuse to rid yourself of it by leaving. Regardless that's an example of why ones like you should LEAVE instead spouting your bullshit

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2 Feb
@BarrettJalyn @VCxlxrs I think one is projecting, as a "majority" of viewership saw it this way it wouldn't trend nor would it be as popular as it still is. Also v6-8 easily blow anything in v1-3 out of the water in all arenas. 4&5 have their good spots but mostly 6-8 where they really found their
@BarrettJalyn footing.

Aaaaaand this second part is where your REAL issue lies. No, Adam could not have been redeemed, his fate was sealed the moment he cut off Yang's arm and that moment was planned from even before the first volume was finished (since Monty was explaining to Barb the
@BarrettJalyn bringing up of symmetry in her trailer which involved Yang losing her arm). He was an irredeemable abusive piece of shit that didn't even care about his own people like so many of your ilk try to act like he did. From the Black trailer where he debuts he's shown coldly or even
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