@ProfTomkins @lnmackenzie1 this bill need to be trashed now. The STA & EN have been systematically undermining the EqAct10 since inception because they failed to get Gender Identity recognised in the Act. They have been committing hate crime against the Transsexual community by trying.....(1)
@ProfTomkins @lnmackenzie1 (2)hijack the protected characteristic, Gender Reassignment for the Transgender community when it clearly states it protects those who undergo the process of changing Sex ie Transsexuals. They are demanding the erase of Transsexual terminology, medical diagnosis to support the...
@ProfTomkins @lnmackenzie1 (3)their aims ie that Gender Identity trumps biology. Its doesn’t. Its a lifestyle choice. Its not a medical condition, its not Transsexualism, its not covered by EqAct10 or GRA04. One has the serious question the integrity of the Scottish Parliament and the legal process........
@ProfTomkins @lnmackenzie1 (4)when they engage with individuals & groups who have declared war on the Transsexual community to the extent that want us erased from society & want to reduce Male & Female to a fashion statement or a ‘feeling’. Their open hostility/tactics against Transsexuals & the Sex of the
@ProfTomkins @lnmackenzie1 (5)human species using pseudoscientific gibberish at the expense of biology beggars belief yet NO ONE has held them to account because you are all scared of them. You Politicians have lost your minds & are not representative of those who vote for you. The electorate knows that...
@ProfTomkins @lnmackenzie1 (6)Females do not have penises, that Males cannot get pregnant & give birth but you feckless incompetent MSP’s actually want to protect that crap in law. You people are not fit for public office.
@ProfTomkins @lnmackenzie1 (7)Instead of legislating to support fantasy, you should be telling people to accept reality ie that irrespective of how you dress, act, or what ever name you call yourself, if you have a penis & testes you are a Male/Man/Boy & if you can get pregnant & give birth you are a ....
@ProfTomkins @lnmackenzie1 (8)Female/Woman/Girl. Dont accept their bull about Intersex or that who have other Disorder of Sexual Development because Transgender people don’t have those conditions. Also don’t pander to their argument about those unfortunate enough to have fertility issues or had part/all...
@ProfTomkins @lnmackenzie1 (9)of their sexual organs removed due to accident or medical issues. Its smoke & mirrors, its a pathetic attempt to fog the issue. Time this nonsense was stopped now. If you wont remove them from the consultation then quite frankly you should all resign. Not only from the.......
@ProfTomkins @lnmackenzie1 (10)committee but from Parliament. We need a mass of resignations, followed by elections fought on one sole subject. That Females have penises & Males can get pregnant & give birth at the expenses of biology. The electorate need to decide & its about time we dismissed this crap

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3 Jun 20
@LordLucasCD you once asked about examples of UK Gov/HomeOffice inaccurately quoting law, check this website gov.uk/government/pub… The introduction is corrct in stating the Act refers to Transsexuals. The reference under terminology that Transsexuals have a deep conviction (1)
@LordLucasCD re their Gender Identity is PC nonsense. The GRA allows Transsexuals to change their Sex on their birth certificate. Gender Identity was discussed&rejected for protection in the EqAct2010 therefore this spurious attempt at linking Transsexual with Gender Identity (2)
Transsexual fele fhey are born the wrong Sex. Male & Female are Sex terms. Gender & Gender Identity are not legally recognised in the UK therefore this UK Gov document does not reflect the law & undemines the legal protection for Transsexuals & must be rectified. Whilst this (3)
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