1/ The Story Of The Lone Commando

An analogy for $VET/$VTHO

$VET = gas pump
$VTHO = gas
2/ People have been told for years that there will be a big industry that consumes gas. They think to themselves, “if people are going to need gas, owning a gas pump would be a great idea! They will be in demand and it will be very profitable!”
3/ This idea catches steam and over the course of 3 years, everybody is talking about these gas pumps, speculating on their future value, and acquiring more. Meanwhile, there is no current use for the gas, so gas prices continue to plummet.
4/ “Don’t worry about the falling price of gas, it’s not important!” The gas pump owners tell each other. “It’s the pumps that are important!”
5/ Until, one day, a lone Commando thinks to himself...everybody has been speculating on these gas pumps, and completely ignoring the gas. There has been no actual need, no demand for the gas, and nobody even cares to own it. The price has fallen off a cliff and noone seemstocare
6/ Additionally, this Commando knows it is just a matter of time before this gas will be in ever increasing demand. He thinks to himself,
7/ “These gas pumps have already been speculated to a high value, and don’t really produce that much gas per day. I could take the money I would spend on the gas pump and buy multiple years worth of gas for the same price.”
8/ The only reason people bought the gas pumps in the first place, was because they had anticipated there being a high demand for gas. Somewhere along the way, everyone must have forgotten that as they bid the price of the pumps way up, while the gas remained worthless.
9/ This Commando decided he was either the smartest or the dumbest person in town, so he bought years worth of gas for pennies on the dollar, and waited until the fabled flood of industry came roaring in.
10/ And roll in it did. Soon, the high demand for gas was causing the price to rise. There had never been this many buyers for gas and the dusty horizon was filed with more!
11/ Many of the gas pumps sold out of the small amount of gas they had generated quickly. But the Lone Commando, now sporting a Diamond Grill, 22inch Rims and all the gas pump owners wives, was enjoying selling his massive reserve of cheaply acquired gas at highly inflated prices
12/ As he started to run low, he thought to himself, perhaps I will use all these profits to buy the largest gas pump in town

And than he did that. The end.

• • •

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