Want to enact ‘gun control’ without the paralyzing insanity and rhetoric? Try this: if you leave a gun in an unlocked car you’re charged with reckless conduct (or some variation). In my city, we have hundreds and I mean HUNDREDS of guns stolen from unlocked cars year after year..
Another thing, write down the serial numbers of the guns you leave around unsecured like candy so that when they are inevitably stolen (‘but I never lock mah car!!) we can work those cases when they’re used for crimes: spoiler alert, they’re ALWAYS used for crime...
You want a gun, great, fine, have a gun. But be responsible. Don’t display them like books in your house. Don’t show unsecured guns in your social media. And STOP LEAVING THEM IN UNLOCKED CARS!!
I mean, come on, we’re the country with tough guy ‘zero tolerance’ for endless nonviolent misdemeanors. So you should be charged and prosecuted for leaving a gun in an unlocked car. I’ve worked countless ‘entering auto’ cases. I’ve worked maybe five where they actually broke in.

• • •

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19 Feb
So this happened at the end of the day: My personal cell rings. Number from Florida I don’t know. I rarely answer these calls cuz it’s endless car warrant social security police scams. But I answer. And Jane says ‘hi skinner!’ So who’s Jane, you ask?
Jane is a struggling neighbor I’ve gotten to know over the last 2 years. Often at chaotic loud calls. More often when I stopped by the side of the road or her tent & talk. Or let her use my phone to video parole officers or just friends. I don’t see her much as a detective....
So today she calls. And says ‘hey skinner. I just wanted to let you know I’m in Florida. In a hospital.’ We talk about her health and hopes for a recovery. And she says ‘I called for two reasons. That if people wonder if I went missing tell them I’m ok down in Florida’...
Read 7 tweets
15 Feb
The culture wars were fought in the decaying Weimar in the late 1920’s EXACTLY as the grifters & bobble heads are doing today. Reading ‘The Coming of the Third Reich’ by Richard Evans is to read what’s happening right now. I’m not being dramatic or alarmist. It’s the same path
He focuses on the acceptance of violence in politics. First in rhetoric & then in physical violence & murder in the days after the revolution that ended Wilhelmine Germany. Sound familiar? Replaced by an old man uninterested & opposed in democratic institutions. Sound familiar?
The endless conspiracy theories of being stabbed in the back by the establishment (the deep state), calling political opponents ‘traitors’. Blaming the Jews and ‘others’. A mythical past that must be returned to by the pure & Patriots. Sound familiar?
Read 17 tweets
12 Feb
Home. New cases same approach. Grind it out. Theresa put together my outfit this morning in honor of her most favorite movie ever...so I got that going for me.
Drunk Uncle Orangey was in his kitty condo so that appears to be his thing now.
Big Eyes is back home after her big surgery. It’s just gonna be awful for months (4-6 months healing!!!) but hopefully if we keep her confined and loved she will be ok. Ugh.
Read 5 tweets
12 Feb
In a rare bad mood so I’m re-watching season one episode one of True Detective. Back at it tomorrow to bend the zeitgeist a little bit more.
I will say this is a poem of a mini-series. In that there’s not a wasted word, no filler. Just the hard bones. Like the scene walking out of the coroner’s office where the dead are examined and they walk out into a dead strip mall, an altogether different kind of corpse.
You get any sleep last night?

I don’t sleep. I just dream.

I love that I am the complete opposite of Rust but love him. I’m a goofy idiot not burdened w/ heavy thoughts or even much thoughts at all. But I love his character cuz he is curious. Fearfully curious but still curious
Read 4 tweets
11 Feb
When I watch the insurrection at the US Capitol and watch my former Capitol Police colleagues try to handle what was happening—what was so clearly intended and called for—I’m struck by how entitled yet pathetic those people were. And still are. They think they are the Patriots.
This whole garbage of endless bragging about being the best most awesome country/people but also at the same time being the most picked on most victimized people ever is literally every theme on the grievance media and merchants. And man it’s EXACTLY the run up to the third Reich
Immigrants or Jews or any non-whites or working class or unions or feminists etc etc are The Other & they are to blame for your misfortune. Fox sells gold to poor people, medical scams to uninsured people, cyber security scams to offline people & on & on. It’s all a fear grift
Read 4 tweets
10 Feb
Home. And of course I’m greeted by MeanCat on the front porch...and Drunk Uncle Orangey WHO SERIOUSLY IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE IN THIS ZIP CODE LET ALONE ON OUR FRONT PORCH. Anyway, it evidently was time for second dinner. And I was late. Sorry.
And The Lady Orangey has figured out the doggy door so now she and The Extra Orangey are running amok in the back. Full lemur. The Baked Potato is monitoring their progress. They’re getting big. This ends poorly for mankind. No one believes me. WAKE UP SHEEPLE!!
And Big Eyes has big surgery tomorrow. To fix what went wrong in the first knee and then operate on the other knee. This is gonna be anti good. So she’s having a sleepover with her bestie, The Lady Orangey, The Baked Potato, and her security detail.
Read 4 tweets

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