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22 Feb, 10 tweets, 2 min read
wow. it really never stops being weird hearing people directly talk shit about me. honestly, it’s pretty disappointing. definitely wasn’t expecting the attempt at uno reversing the whole situation and calling me a sexist/anti-feminist for making the XC2 video. absolutely mental.
look, i’m sick to death of people commenting shite on my video, but I am gonna address one thing. in this wee clip, she says ‘ just because she has big boobs, just because she dresses a certain way, that doesn’t take away her agency’, and that the women in the game ‘don’t have...
...control over’ the way they dress or the bodies they have. i can’t believe i have to say this, but they aren’t real women. they’re made up. they don’t have agency in the first place, which is the problem - she would have realised that if she’d actually watched the video.
characters like Pyra and Mythra did not choose their bodies, or their clothing - it was chosen for them, by a man (Masatsugu Saito in this case), and as such, agency isn’t applicable to those characters. obviously. the issue is how these depictions affect real, actual women...
...who are the only people in this debate who actually matter. real women not being afforded agency is a problem, real women being judged for their bodies is a problem, but these characters aren’t real. i’m not having a go at them, that’s ludicrous - the video deals with...
the societal implications of a culture in which (predominantly) weirdo men have the say in how women are portrayed, and do so in a way that would make most women uncomfortable. and if your issue there is that i’m speaking for ‘most women’, you can try something...
...I am beyond doubt that if you showed pictures or videos of the female characters in this game to a variety of actual women, ones who don’t play games, who are older, who don’t have experience with Japanese media and it’s ‘eccentricities’, the heavy majority would be shocked.
a lot of people who comment on this video miss a few important points. the internet is not the real world. games are not the real world. neither of those things are more important than how actual real people feel about things, and how they’re affected by things like this.
and so, this is indelicate, but if you’re the kind of person who would defend these designs, you probably need to get out more, and speak to more actual women, not just the one in every hundred on the internet who justifies whatever it is you believe
also off topic but imagine saying woke unironically and thinking you can be taken seriously

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