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22 Feb, 17 tweets, 5 min read
The Arizona House is voting on a bill to stop app stores from forcing their payment processing services onto developers today. I'll be testifying around 10am MT. Wonderful to see @recobbforazrep and @Leo4AzHouse make the case for why this should pass 🙏❤️ azcapitoltimes.com/news/2021/02/1…
This is a more narrow bill than what was first proposed in North Dakota. It focuses exclusively on giving all developers the same kind of freedom in payment processing that Uber, Lyft, Amazon, and other physical goods apps already enjoy. IAP is still there for those who want it.
That focus completely undercuts the opposition that Apple presented in North Dakota where they claimed that bill would "destroy iPhone as you know it". Hard to claim that here when Apple is already allowing lots of companies this concession!
Which goes directly to the point that Apple has been bragging about. That only 15% of developers are extorted this tax on revenues. That sort of blatant discrimination needs to stop. Before Apple and Google changes the terms of the deal any further.
Excited to share our experience from @heyhey with the Arizona House committee today. I'll post my remarks online after they've been delivered. Hopefully the rest of the committee will hear our plea and offer Arizona developers and consumers relief!
The hearing before the vote is being broadcast live on the Arizona State Legislature site. azleg.gov/videoplayer/?c…
Amazing opening from @recobbforazrep. She is not mincing words 👏. "There's no alternative place to access the market place". Boom.
"They've almost hired every lobbyist in town. They've gone to our attorneys before I even spoke to them. They've gone to the governship. I'm not going to be bullied. I don't care how big the company is." 🔥🔥🔥
You really need to listen to the propaganda coming from the Apple lobbyists. Holy shit. I think even the staunchest Apple fans would recoil from this.
"We we introduced the App Store in 2008, developers had to pay for the tools to build, they had to pay for their discs." LOL. Like the internet didn't exist in 2008? Sheesh.
"Apple: Developers had to pay 70% before the App Store was invented", this is just terrible, horrible misinformation. Ugh. Sad to hear Apple advance this.
Apple doesn't have the information on how much money they've made from the IAP cut! 😂
I hope y'all are listening to this. Some democrats summarizing this issue as "it'll lead servers to crash", so therefore we must side with ALEC 🤯
"This is not a David vs Goliath battle", says one representative. LITERALLY MY NAME IS DAVID. Apple is a Goliath! The book is LITERALLY CALLED GOLIATH 😂 simonandschuster.com/books/Goliath/…
Hardcore to hear that @heyhey only exists because of Apple. So this is just a contract dispute. And we should just take it. And this representative used to be a programmer 😢
So, if I understand this correctly, this means it now goes in front of the whole house for a full vote. OMG! This is AMAZING. Thank you so much @recobbforazrep and all members of the committee 🎉🎶❤️

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22 Feb
Remember the Web 1.0 vibe? It's out! It's called HEY World. The simplest possible way for @jasonfried and I to start writing emails to the world. Incredibly slim pages, zero trackers, zero JavaScript, minimal CSS. Like the olden days. I'll be writing here: world.hey.com/dhh
This will be fewer tweet storms going forward, and more HEY World emails. As much as I love the reach of Twitter, I can't stand the room half the time either. The platform rewards brevity, but also eggs on the worst in you. HEY World has no retweets, no likes. But you can reply!
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This is an ongoing disgrace from @nytimes. It should not take 17 MINUTES(!!!) to cancel your subscription. imgur.com/a/K8m7p2t
"[The Times] said it added 2.3 million net digital subscribers [in 2020].. it had 7.52 million total digital and print subscribers, including 6.69 million digital-only subscriptions.. Net profit was $10 million", they don't need to be a roach motel. wsj.com/articles/new-y…
I'm a subscriber of @nytimes in both print and digital. But nothing makes me want to cancel my subscription more than knowing that if I had to it'd be a total fucking hassle. This is so fucking scammy. Beneath the NYT in every way.
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18 Feb
24-year old Chinese graduate student is moved between jail, psychiatric ward, and an isolation cell in a notorious detention facility after self-reporting a visa overstay during her studies due to Covid. Grotesque story of willfully cruel treatment. thelocal.dk/20210216/denma…
But perhaps not so grotesque as expectable, given the current Danish regime on immigration. An overcorrection of epic proportions, where simply making things ever "tougher" has become a competition in itself. And counterproductive or cruel rules are never revisited.
We've gotten a front-row seat to the system after staying in Denmark for just three months required a bureaucratic maze to allow my wife to stay in the country with her Danish husband and three Danish kids. Met with nonsensical rules and demeaning officials every step of the way.
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17 Feb
"'We don’t want to put the state in a position where we need to spend our taxpayer dollars in litigation, because these are some very big companies,' Jerry Klein, a Republican state senator, said", Apple & Google are now officially Too Big To Legislate 😵 nytimes.com/2021/02/16/bus…
This goes to the core of the problem with monopoly power. Once it festers, producing trillion-dollar companies, democracy becomes too scared to fight back. Apple in particular showed up with an army of lobbyists, thinly-veiled threats, and unlimited funds to cow North Dakota.
As Kyle Davison, the state senator who introduced the bill, said: "When banging heads with Apple you need to be able to match their intensity with resources, including lobbyists." And nobody can match Apple in terms of resources. They're literally the richest in the world!
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17 Feb
Yes! Spy pixels are clearly a violation of the GDPR. We need this tested before regulators. It's absurd that companies can claim they've gotten informed consent through privacy policies or because recipients aren't using self-defense techniques. This must stop.
On behalf of @BBCNews, we tested how common it was for major UK companies to use spy pixels. They basically all do! This is a prime case to be tested by ICO. ImageImageImageImage
And here are some more: ImageImageImageImage
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16 Feb
Apple's lobbyists must have studied the playbook of the fake reviews on their own platforms. The "public" commentary on the Arizona bill to grant devs protection from App Store extortion/retaliation is 🤯. These identical comments just go on for days. apps.azleg.gov/RequestToSpeak… ImageImageImageImage
I hear the hearing of the bill has been delayed, which is probably a good thing, given how much obvious fraud in the public commentary on this bill has entered the record. You'd hope they have someone investigating who's behind this kind of interference.
I thought this level of amateurish execution of corporate astroturfing had expired a decade or more ago? What's even the point if you're going to be so blatantly obvious about it? Do they really think @JeffWeninger and the rest of the committee are that naive? Try harder! 😂
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