A THREAD- How to be profitable in every market with low stress and high rewards.

Trading is the most rewarding, most efficient and quickest feedback profession.

It is also the most anxiety inducing, dangerous and stressful profession.

A thread to become profitable, Always.
Why do 99% of the traders fail?

-Trading has no barriers or minimum qualification of entry, unlike being a doctor,engineer etc.

MOST traders start without learning or reading, hence they fail.
Imagine flying a 747 without training for it.
Disaster will ensue, same for trading.
The true test of a trader starts in an uncertain market.

As a trader, your aim is to make profit in all kinds of market, ranging, bullish, bearish.

Trends last for months, as a trader, you should be able to make money by being long or Short

This is what we're supposed to learn
You should be equally comfortable going Long and going short. You need a predefined, back-tested system. If you don't have this, you shouldn't even think about trading. Period.

Predefined- Your system tells you when to enter.
Back-tested- Tested for historical profitability.
1. Long Term Holdings-
Don't hold anything that's below the 200 day moving average.
This implies a fundamental flaw or a cyclic correction.
At this point, no one knows where the bottom is.

Don't try to be a hero. Cut your losses, take a walk and come back later.
2. Enter the Trend, Always.

Find the trend on the higher time-frame eg. Weekly and then confirm it in lower time frame, Daily and Hourly and enter is the same direction. Don't try to counter trade.

Remember, Find trend on higher time frame, confirm on lower and ONLY then enter
3. The reason Trader's fail is because Most are too lazy to Back-test Improve upon mistakes.

Sit with live charts, draw your supports, area of interest, enter the trade and see the results. Live.
Do it as much as you can. Over an over Again. Trade more. Learn more.
4. Make a trading journal.
Write down why you entered, your target and the results.
Write down what you learnt and what could be different.

Only 10% of you will do it even after reading this.

Not maintaining trading journal means you're wasting your precious time.Make one now.
5. There are no market experts.
No-one for sure knows the future movements.
Don't trust anyone. I've seen the best traders being wrong.
Only your experience will bring you luck and profits. Experts are irrelevant, your own experience, if you learn from them, will teach you.
6. Best way to learn in to open 200 charts, mark your levels, use your current knowledge and set entries.
This is learning on steroids. Let the market give you feedback.
Your only aim is to not stop and follow Risk management t.me/EmperorbtcTA/3….

Do this without stopping.
1. First learn, then trade.
2. Enter with the trend on confirmation.
3. Asset below 200DMA is funny.
4. Open too many charts and draw entries. Repeat 100X
5. Be comfortable with going long and short
6. Learn and become a trader, don't rely on luck.
7. Journalize.
You're Trading against PhDs in physics, against machines which can do millions of calculations every second, against the most secretive Algos.

Learn and then fight.
I've complied all my tutorials for free here. t.me/EmperorbtcTA/2…

This is all you need.

Love, EmperorBTC

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Open interest is the metric that tells you the number of open derivatives contracts (Futures or options).

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The number of open(active) trade contracts is called Open Interest.
People often confuse volume and OI. While they are related, they aren't the same.

Volume talks about the number of contracts traded during a day. Buy + Sell = 1 Contract Volume.

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A thread.

-13,21 EMA on Daily.
-200 EMA on 4 hourly.
-Volume confirmation.


1. Bullish crossover on the daily chart for 13 and 21 EMA.

2. 200 EMA on the 4 hourly chart acting as support.

3. All breakouts confirmed by volume.

(13,21 EMA sloping upwards)
On the daily chart, 13 and 21 EMAs, should form a bullish Cross over.

1. The 13 EMA should be over the 21 EMA after a contraction.

2. Both EMAs should be upward sloping.

3. The price should be above the EMAs.
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