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3 Nov
No Nonsense Trading Psychology explained in 13 Tweets.

How to use common sense to prevent getting Rekt.

A Thread.
1. 99% of the Trading Psychology online is garbage.

This thread too should be treated the same way.

There's too much money being grabbed in the name of trading Psychology and Mindset.

You have books sold, courses offered for Trading Psychology.
99% of it is snake oil.
2. If you're a Rational human with enough common sense and a deep academic/ real life understanding of Risk Management, trading strategy is what you should be focusing on.

Authors who keep on talking about trading Psychology and Mindset are just salesmen. Believe me.
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2 Nov
Alt Account Slowly approaching 250 Bitcoins 🚀

750 More to go before I retire.

Sharing a video. Not a Pic which can be Photoshoped or Inspect Elemented.

Thank You for this Community ❤
1. No I don't keep all my balance onExchange. This is a specific Alt account. If you've been trading for a long time, you'll understand why.

2. I started with very little as I have discussed and blew up accounts 3-4 times. This is natural. It happens.

3. Took about 4 Years.

1. I did nothing special, just what any normal trader would do.
-Started with Risking all.
-Lost all.
-Learnt about Risk Management.
-Kept going.

2. I made it all by trading. Nothing else.

3. I would suggest small bets and longer term plays rather than bigger bets.
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20 Oct
MASTER-CLASS on Avoiding noise in trading.🚨

-How to avoid noise.
-Finding effective trading system.
-Executing better trades.

I have added points you need to keep in mind while making your own system.
Let this be a guideline.

-One indicator can be complex for someone and easy for another.

-Pay special attention to point 4.

-I hope you enjoy the Round guy cartoons.
1. The illusion of complex analysis.

Most people who made the most amount of money in Crypto are probably who didn't think too much and bought Bitcoin and didn't think about anything..

Forgot to follow the Development or price movement. Just bought early and slept.
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14 Oct
5 Points to Retirement.

Want to retire in Crypto?
This thread might be for you.

How to make it with trading Crypto.

I talked to @johnnie_jacks about his Crypto journey.

He won't say he has completely retired BUT Crypto has changed his life to an extend and he will be on his way to Retirement soon.

His comments are in '' Quotes '' and I have then added my commentary.
About Johnnie.

1. Caught bottoms and tops multiple times.

2. Invested early in many 100x including Solana.

3. Catches trends early.

4. TA better than 99% of CT.

This is all the praise I can do without being paid for it.
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10 Oct

Scammers like @CryptoMichNL will tell you their sob Story and lure you in their Paid Group.

1. Post Bullish Tweets.
2. Be a terrible trader.
3. Lure Noobs into the Paid Group.

3000 Members. 200 fee. 600K a month easy money for Posting Bullshit Hopium.
This is how the scam works.

1. Keep doing 100 Dollars giveaways. Ask people to Like/RT Posts.


Big followers = Big Credibility.

They say 'They are giving money to the Community'

Bullshit, This is just a way to buy followers.
2. Post Bullish Charts. Bullish Tweets. TO THE MOON.

Notice how his charts make no sense. Just squiggly lines. No analysis. Why?

Bullish Tweets get more likes, engagement and Noobs wants hopium, dreams and promises of getting rich quick.

Bullish Posting = More Engagement.
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7 Oct

What should you do?

If you're confused, anxious, lost about crypto, then this thread is for you.

This thread will try to help you decide the path to take.
1. If you're a young student, around 18-22 with no savings, you're supposed to study.

Investing, Crypto, and everything else should be a hobby. A skill that you develop part time.

Follow crypto and investment actively, build habits to save, but don't compromise on life.
Get a degree if you can. Avoid all debts. Learn Crypto on the side.

Make friends who are sincere, honest and have similar goals. DON'T compromise your studies, college, or anything else. You can make it big by learning on the side, learning when your friends are wasted etc.
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30 Sep
Learn to Trade Challenge.🚀

Learn how to trade on your own.


Please share with every new trader you know.
1. No Bullshit Philosophy. This won't be easy.

2. Practical advise that will work for you if YOU WORK FOR IT.

3. Let's go.
Understand that it doesn't take a genius to become a trader. You need an above Average IQ and a lot of Trading time.

Disclaimer-Screen time doesn't mean starting the screen. It means executing trades when there is one and letting it play, 1000 times.
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29 Sep
Master-Class on OBV indicator.

OBV is an indicator which measures volume flow.

It is the simplest volume indicator but the most useful to confirm price trends.

Share and read twice.

A Thread.
OBV Stands for On Balance Volume.

It shows the buying or selling pressure.

I discovered OBV in the Book
'New key to Stock Market Profits'

Let's understand how its calculated.

YOU MUST understand how it's calculated to use it.
New traders don't bother to understand how the indicator is derived.

This is a fatal mistake as it makes the information useless mostly.

OBV is calculated by
Adding volume to the indicator when the price goes up.
Subtracting volume from the indicator when the price goes down.
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27 Sep

A thread.
1. You can't become really rich by being an employee.

If you're getting paid by the hour, Someone is using you far efficiently by making profit off of your work, after paying you the labour.

Own your output.

Become your own boss, own a business or equity.
2. You will never become rich doing something you're mediocre at.

You will never become really good at something you dislike doing.

Find what you really like doing.
Find how to deliver it to people.
Find how to sell it.

Find interest. Build. Market. Sell.
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23 Sep
MASTER THREAD On Trading Terminology. đź’Ż

If you are confused trading terms, but beginner and advanced, Read this thread.

Read. Share. And RT

Let's Go🚀🚀
The above Explains

1. Basics of Volume Profile. No need to Panics if you don't understand VP, just understand the definition for now.

2. Explains DOM, Deviation and Liquidity Grab.

Please take the time to read the above slowly and carefully.

Deviation explanation here.👇
Cheat Sheet 2.

Explains Basic price patterns and price movements explained.
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22 Sep
If you join any Paid Group, ask the Paid Group Leader for a 12 Month API Verified Trading statement.

If he can prove that he has been consistently profitable every month for an year, only then are they a good trader.

Anyone can go Degen in a month and make big money.

Get me?
I don't hate paid groups, it's a service that you are free to pay for in a free Economy.

You like the service, you pay for it. Period.

However, you should be verifying the traders themselves.

Ask questions. Ask for consistent reports and trading records.
I have seen traders attracting Noobs by saying, I turned 5K into 50K

How did you turn it, Did you manage risk? Was it a degen play? If it was degen play, it can't be recommended to Noobs.

If it can't be for Noobs, why are you using it as an advertising for your Paid Group?
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16 Sep
Master-Class on Stop Loss. đź’Ż

No Exit Strategy= Bankruptcy.

Learn how to avoid Bankruptcy.

Read this PDF and Master the art of Invalidation and stop Loss.

Read. Share. Learn.

drive.google.com/file/d/140B6I9… Image
Having a fixed Stop Loss is a Myth.

You can't have a presumed fixed stop Loss for all trades.

Depending on the MS, you need to vary it on each trade.

Read about it above in the PDF. Image
Working with Delta to bring the best trading tutorials for free to the community.

Also working on a trading GROUP đź’Ż

You can help in keeping the tutorials open by Signing up and Trading at

Thank you friends. Image
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8 Sep

Price Psychology and Market Formation.

Understand how price, trend and Market works.

Read multiple times and Share.

Love you Guys.

Link- drive.google.com/file/d/1za9saS… Image
This is an introduction to Price Action terms, movements, phases and initiation of trends.

If you don't understand anything, read it again like a story.

Don't try to memorise anything or get scared.

Read again, Take it slow and don't give up.

Next Part coming in a week.
A Clarification.

The Support and Resistance have been wrongly marked on opposite lines on page no. 13.

The message and teaching remains the same.

Please take note of this.

Apologies. Image
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31 Aug
How I made some money with Crypto.

Time- 4 Years
Earnings- A few Hundred Bitcoins.

A Thread.
1. Started because I wanted to be rich.

Raised in a middle class family, there was always enough to eat but that's about it.

Wanted to get rich and get 100% output of my efforts.
2. Blew up my account thrice.

Lost all I had saved. Lost the money I borrowed from mom.

-Trade with only your money. Never borrow.
-Manage risk. I have a few classes on it. If you don't do it, you will lose your money 100%.
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29 Aug
Alt Account Slowly Approaching 200 Bitcoins.

800 More to go before I retire.

Thank You for this Community ❤ Image
Some of you are saying that I should stop since 10 Million USD is enough.

I don't care about Dollars.

I know for a fact that 1 Bitcoin will be worth 1 million some day.

1000 Bitcoins is the aim.
A billion is where things things will feel relaxed.

Slowly but surely. đź’Ż
Looks like a lot of you have questions about the journey, process and how I Managed this.

I will have to do a whole article on it soon. Should answer everything.

Will make the draft today. 🤝
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20 Aug

Heatmap allows to see ACTUAL Supply and Demand.

People find it really scary. This is a thread to understand Heatmaps.

Please Share and learn.đź’Ż

Before we learn about heatmaps, let's clear some basics about.

1. Types of orders.
2. Order Flow.
3. Auction Process.

P.S. Tweet number 8th is my favourite.
Order-flow introduction for Dummies.

Order Flow Analysis is said to have an edge because
1. There is little guessing involved.
2. You clearly see where the orders are.

However, it doesn't mean it is the best system.

Use what works for you.
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16 Aug

10 Lessons on Things to do before you decide to Bet Big in Crypto Trading.

Read this before you decide to go big. đź’Ż
1. Your trading Capital should be big enough that it hurts if you lose it.

This will give you enough skin in the game.

But don't invest so much that it ruins your life.

Save from your job or current business to get trading Capital. Don't borrow money.
2. Invalidation Point. Invalidation Point. Invalidation Point.

If you don't have an invalidation point, you are just gambling and praying.

You should exit swiftly as soon as the market structure Changes. Take a loss and move on.
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15 Aug
A Thread about Becoming a trader.

I need to share this.đź’Ż

A follower from Philippines, whom I have known for some time now shared her trading journey with me.

This is incredibly inspiring, even for me, so read on if you want to be successful.

The End is the best part.
1. She started with ZERO Knowledge about Trading or TA.

2. Found everything she could about the basics and Read it several times.

3. Practiced it live, over and over again, with small bets.
Now, she has become successful, making Profits consistently. Losses happen too but nothing too crazy.

I am not gonna tag he to protect her from a lot of DMs.
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23 Jul

Introduction to Principles of Price Action.

A Thread.

Please share and Let's Go 🚀🚀
We will learn the introduction and rules to price action in this thread.

It will establish a BASE on how to use PA in it's best form and what to Expect from it.

Introduction Part 1.
1. Price Action trader relies on a simple rule, if a trade can't be spotted easily, it doesn't exist.

There are no riddles to solve, no conflicts to evade. There is nothing cluttered.

Trade should be obvious. Easily Visible.
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17 Jun
Price Action Range Break-out.

A Thread.đź’Ż
Price Action Range Break-Out.


1. Range should should be established.
2. Range High Low Defined.
3. The Break-out has to Happen with a Build up.
4. EMA to be used is 20/21 EMA SMA
(Try all, see what suits best)
5. Avoid no Build up candles.

To be used on Lower time frames, 1-15 Minute to play a range break-out.

The range should be established and the price should build up above the MAs mentioned above.

If there is no build up, avoid it.
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14 Jun

Why you must keep Evolving if you want to become a succeful Trader.

A Thread.
1. Using tools won't make you succeed.

Using the same tools and Indicators in the same manner as everyone else is, you won't succeed.

You need to find your own Edge. Your own secret.

Retail is behind for a simple reason, they use the common tools in common ways.
To reiterate, the common Indicators must be learnt thoroughly but using them in the common ways won't make you profitable in the long learn.

You must design your own weapons, your own Edge.

Find your Edge.
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