bUt hE dOnatED HiS sAlaRY

By not accepting the $1.2 million he would have earned from four years of his presidential salary, President Trump brought in $1.6 BILLION from businesses that foreign governments and special interests used to curry favor with him and his administration
And don't forget that in addition to that, the whole time he was in office, his businesses charged taxpayers about $1 MILLION MORE than he would have earned from his presidential salary washingtonpost.com/politics/ballr…
Yes absolutely. To be very clear, the arrangement was an unconstitutional gimmick

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9 Feb
"A 'high crime' is a felony, and a misdemeanor is a misdemeanor. The words haven't changed that much." - Bruce Castor, presenting an incorrect interpretation of the requirements for impeachment.

(SPOILER: An impeachable offense does not have to be a crime at all)
One of Andrew Johnson's articles of impeachment mentioned that he "made and delivered with a loud voice certain intemperate, inflammatory and scandalous harangues, and did therein utter loud threats and bitter menaces"
And one of Richard Nixon's approved articles of impeachment involved "making or causing to be made false or misleading public statements for the purpose of deceiving the people of the United States."

Lying to the public and the press is not a crime.
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1 Feb
It's good that so many companies halted contributions after the Capitol attack, but the fact that they had to do so at all is a reminder of how broken our campaign finance system is.

We shouldn't have to rely on corporations to hold the line for the good of the Republic.
Corporations don't give political donations for love of country. They give because Congress makes decisions that impact their bottom line, and they want a seat at the table.

They want to influence the process, regardless of the toxic politicians they bolster in so doing.
As the barricades and DC come down, and some form of normalcy returns to Washington, these companies are going to face extreme pressure to start giving again.

But we're going to be watching them and calling them out when they do.
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31 Jan
One of my favorite new TV/podcast genres is "insane shit that happened in the 90s." I was a kid when all the stuff with OJ, the Unabomber, Lorena Bobbit, Monica Lewinsky, and the DC sniper happened.

I remember all this stuff going down, but, man, all my memories are wrong.
We're watching the Manhunt series about the Olympic bombing, and I don't think I ever realized just how screwed Richard Jewell got.

This is a theme in these shows. Bobbit and Lewinsky also come out as much more sympathetic characters than I gave them credit for as a kid.
Also, growing up in Charleston, I remember when Eric Rudolph's brother cut his hand off to...protest the FBI and the media?

He had it reattached at the hospital my dad worked at.
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30 Jan
Hahaha you know what makes this NRA video really hilarious?

Having a gun in the house drastically increases the chances that a spouse or child will be killed in an act of domestic violence or that a family member will use the firearm to commit suicide.

Good one NRA! 🤣
"Over half of all intimate partner homicides are committed with guns. Indeed, a woman is five times more likely to be murdered when her abuser has access to a gun." efsgv.org/learn/type-of-…
80 percent of child victims of mass shootings died in incidents connected to domestic or family violence. everytownresearch.org/report/guns-an…
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28 Jan
To channel @eisingerj: You can't have a functioning democracy without a functioning tax collection system that people generally see as fair and equitable.

What we have, though, is a broken system that punishes the poor, while letting the ultra-wealthy run roughshod over it.
Who’s more likely to be audited: A person making $20,000 — or $400,000?
Gutting the IRS has also helped fuel the rise of massive dark money groups. As the agency's budget was whittled away, it diverted more and more funds away from nonprofit oversight -- because it's a revenue collection agency, and those groups are tax exempt.
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16 Jan
TFW you're walking down Connecticut Ave with an apple pie on a nice afternoon, and you notice the bus stops are all showing images of violent insurrectionists that the FBI is trying to hunt down
There's a term in climate change lexicon "blissonance" that describes the mix of joy and terror you get on a warm winter day, knowing it shouldn't be that warm.

I'd say it also applies to walking down the street with pie, and then being subtly reminded the city is in danger.
Did not anticipate all the interest in the pie...
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