9 Reasons you Struggle to get Things Done:


(Everything stopping you from living the life you dream of..)
#1 - You try to be perfect 🔑

You will always think you can do better

You will always worry “what if I’m not good enough”

You will always think there will be a better time..


Just fucking get started..

You’ll be surprised by how much you actually know.
#2 - You give up too early 🔑

If someone has been investing in the stock market for 3 weeks..

You wouldn’t take advice from them, right?

So why do you expect to be an “expert” after 3 weeks of doing something?

Excellence takes time.

Imagine if you spent 6-12 months focused on things that ACTUALLY matter..

There’s a 0% chance you fail.

I started tweeting April 2020

Today, this account pays me $3000/mth.

All it took was 6-8 months of consistency.

This course teaches it all: gumroad.com/a/198440051 aff
#3 - You care what others think 🔑

What if people judge me?
What if I make the wrong decision?
What if nobody else supports me?

Who.. the fuck... CARES!

There is NO better feeling than betting on yourself and coming out on top.

You feel UNSTOPPABLE after this.

Bet on YOU! 🤏
#4 - Your goals are unrealistic 🔑

We see all testimonials with people saying:

“OMG I just hit $10,000/mth with my business in 60 days!! 😱”

NEVER compare yourself to these people.

Goals like this are SO unrealistic.

Is it possible?

But you’re NEW
Be patient.

If it took you 2 YEARS to hit $10,000/mth, would you be happy?

So don’t fucking quit if you aren’t there after 30 days.

Consistent, daily action is all you need.
I promise.
#5 - You take advice from the wrong people 🔑

Avoid advice from people who:
• Aren’t in that situation
• Are new to that niche
• Lack results/case studies
• Lack credibility

Learn from those who:
• Have BEEN there
• Have successfully taught
• Have plenty of testimonials
Here my favorite LEGIT accounts you can take advice from.

- @blackhatwizardd
- @ComedicBizman
- @WritingToRiches
- @InvestorsTheory
- @realryanbooth
- @jackdcoulson
- @DivCultivator
- @sharingideas
- @creation247
- @ParrotStock
- @PaikCapital
- @FI_Squirrel

(Continue to #6)👇
#6 - You focus on the wrong things 🔑

A.) Outreach
B.) Sales
C.) Service fulfillment

This is where 90% of your attention needs to be when you’re starting out.

Fuck the logo
Screw the website
Forget about the stupid little stuff

A-C is all you need to hit $20k/mth
(if you’re interested..)

This course will teach you A-C..

The outreach.. The sales.. The services..

- I bought it for my girlfriend
- I had her go through it
- Then she quit her job

Follow the step-by-step instructions all the way to $20,000/mth: gumroad.com/a/762573939
#7 - You’re cheap 🔑

$11 for a domain??
$20/mth for software??
$90 for a course??
$4500 for a legitimate mentorship??


You can find information “for free” out there.

But it’s gonna take you a ton of f***ing time and you have no idea who the info is coming from

Paying for coaching, mentorships, courses, and better software is literally a FREAKING SHORTCUT 🔥

You don’t have to do this shit on your own anymore.

I’ve invested a little over $3000 in coaching and my return was much more than that.

Learn from real experts.
#8 - You don’t take care of yourself 🔑

Hustle culture preaches 12-16hr workdays or you’ll “never succeed”

This is complete bullshit.

*Eat right
*Get plenty of sleep
*Drink lots of water

Burnout is a real thing.
Take the day off if you have to.
#9 - You are surrounded by distractions 🔑

This may be the #1 reason you aren’t getting anywhere..

- Your phone always going off
- Your kids running around
- Your workspace is cluttered
- The TV is on

All while you have a billion things going on in your head..

Before you even START working:

• Find a quiet place to work
• Organize your workspace
• Put your phone in another room (I’m serious)
• Get a blank notepad & a pen to draw out your action plan

From there,

Don’t procrastinate, don’t overthink, just dive in and get after it.
Many of these points were messages to a younger version of myself..

I used to struggle with most of these things and have since found solutions.

I highly recommend those courses if you’re interested in building something amazing

And I thank you so much for reading.

- TG ❤️🤝
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You will be the first millionaire in your family..

You will be the one teaching independence..

You will be the one changing the lives of thousands..

You will be the one doing amazing things for your parents..

But this can only happen, if you work hard at the right things.
“But Giver! Where is a good place to start??”

My advice:

1.) Get a decent job
2.) Minimize bullshit expenses
3.) Start building something on the side
4.) Invest as much as you can

One of the best things you can build?

- An Agency

Learn how here: gumroad.com/a/762573939
What do you think about the course above?

Are you debating it?

Whatever it may be, remember this:

- Action creates millionaires -

@PaikCapital is a fantastic, reputable teacher.

I stand by his guide.

It’s written with beginners in mind.

—> No experience required
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Imagine waking up in the morning knowing you’ve already made $100.

- Peace of mind
- Relief from financial stress
- A positive start to your day

The benefits of “making money online”

are far more than the money itself
- Offer something for free & collect emails

- Write a book teaching a high income skill

- Provide a service to customers who’d benefit from it

There is nothing better than getting paid from your phone/computer

And don’t think that it takes “YEARS” to start making money with it either..

I started tweeting from this Twitter account on April 24th, 2020

8.5 months later.. I’m making $100-$200/day here.

It has become an asset.
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