🌷 Reflection for Cancer Aries Libra Capricorn 🌷

Time for you to speak up or at least write your feelings & thoughts down this week. You want to move forward, you want to heal, you want to grow, and in order for all the beauty of life to be yours, you must speak your truths.-
- How do you want to learn to love yourself if you're not showing up for yourself first ? If you don't defend yourself ? We both know you're hiding behind the "they won't care" or "nothing I say will change anything" mindset but how do you know ? The point here is for YOU to -
- get it all out of your chest once and for all so you can overcome your insecurities. You no longer have to shut up or stand aside in a dark corner just because people tell you to do that, you need to step into the light & speak your truth to those who attack or hurt you.
Reflection cards 🌷
💗 the site is in French so please make sure you check the "ami/confiance/proche" (close friend) box & not the "achat" (purchase) box or else I'll have to refund you 💗
Thank you beautiful people 🦋
Love y'all,
Chlo 💛

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22 Feb

Aries & Scorpio : focus on communicating effectively with your people, don't overthink or find excuses not to talk about the things that hurt & confuse you.

Taurus & Libra : seek clarity, yes it might hurt, but it's better than confusion.
Gemini & Virgo : focus on relaxing & taking a break from others & your work life, you deserve to feel at peace, you deserve to take care of your body, mind & soul without others pushing hard expectations on you & you meeting them even when you don't want to, focus on you.
Leo & Cancer : quit accepting the bare minimum (or less) from those you give a lot of time & energy to. set your boundaries, especially if you don't feel heard or respected by these people in return.
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22 Feb
🌸 Reflection for Scorpio Taurus Leo Aquarius 🌸

Advice ? Be more present. You're worrying about your future way too much & it's causing you to live in automatic mode without being here nor enjoying the little things life & people have to offer to you. Open your eyes to the -
- moment, be there, sit there, quiet your thoughts, especially intrusive ones, and stop worrying so much abt what's going to happen, breathe, you deserve a break from the worries & exhaustion of this world we're living in. Be mindful of what's around, what you love, what you see-
- what you hear, listen to, what you find beautiful, what you find funny, just live in the present moment & let life stops so you can live instead of surviving.
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22 Feb
🦋 Reflection for Sagittarius Pisces Virgo Gemini 🦋

Your job this week is to find beauty in yourself & to celebrate your victories even if it's just waking up early, brushing your teeth, eating breakfast, taking a shower or writing in your journal, each of your victories need -
- to be acknowledged, and if others don't validate or celebrate you, your duty is to do it yourself for yourself, it'll increase your mood drastically. You have to be grateful for what you have but also for who you are, where you're at, what you've done, it's the only way for -
- you to understand & love yourself better. Respect & love yourself as you want others to, that's the key to a less worrisome future alongside not being too impatient or pressuring when it comes to your goals & expectations. Don't expect yourself to be perfect & stop comparing.
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20 Feb
🦋 Pick a Butterfly 🦋

~ What has/is about to change ? ~

🌸 take a deep breath and read the message of the picture you're the most drawn to 🌸

🌸 use discernement, some messages aren't for you, it's okay if it doesn't resonate 🌸

🌸 RT, share or tip if you appreciate it 🌸 ImageImageImageImage
💗 the site is in French so please make sure you check the "ami/confiance/proche" (close friend) box & not the "achat" (purchase) box or else I'll have to refund you 💗
Thank you beautiful people 🦋
Love y'all,
Chlo 💛
1 🦋

What has or is about to change (hopefully) is the way you see life, the perspective you have when it comes to your, or others', emotions. It seems like you've been repressing your feelings for so long that you lose patience easily when things worry you because you don't - Image
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19 Feb
💐 a message for earth signs : taurus, virgo, capricorn 💐

from : your heart 💚

why aren't you speaking up about what bothers us ? you've got to learn how to speak your mind, how to use me, your heart when you feel like things are unfair, stop hiding behind logic, we both- Image
- go hand in hand to help you get through life. You can't get rid of me because I'm the reason why you're still alive, whether you like it or not you have the right to feel things, you have the right to think things, say what's bothering or hurting us. Speak from the heart, me,-
- from now on & you'll see how things can be so easy when we're COMPLETELY honest with each other. You can't keep on repressing & hiding me anymore, I've been broken before, we both know & feel it, but I'm ready for you to use me again & to get fixed by you because if you don't -
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19 Feb
🌼 a message for water signs : cancer, scorpio, pisces 🌼

from : your past self 🌷

You and I are one but you've outgrown me because you had to level up & be the butterfly I taught you to be. I'll still be here for you when you need to be reminded of where you come from or - Image
- when you need to look back at me to see how much you've evolved these past few years. It's time for you to take that risk and become a new & better version of yourself, it doesn't mean you've changed in a bad way, if I say you're ready, it's because you can't stay stuck in -
- the same old cycles anymore, it means you've got the right to choose to move forward & to never accept what happened to us in the past from future people coming into your life. Don't settle for what we've settled for before, be authentically you & stick to these boundaries -
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