If you are only now opening up to the fact that maybe — just maybe — there has been some corruption involved in the decisions of our health officials: welcome, it's never too late. This thread will help you fast-track your research. 1/18
It is requested that you “trust science”, but science uses trial and error. And errors HAVE BEEN committed. So WHO will you trust? 2/18
How can we differentiate negligence from intention? Maybe with evidence of ‘experts’ having ties with people benefitting from the restrictions, participating together in designing them, and even STATING LATER THAT THEY WERE COUGHT BY SURPRISE! 3/18
The people behind the design of these historically-never-tried-before measures like to be portrayed as philanthropists. But why do they ONLY promote solutions that are so close to their financial gains? 4/18
Why is research for cheap treatments not encouraged?
Why is research about successful treatments not covered in Media?
Why are easily available and proven treatments blocked from legal permission?
Why are we being lied to? 5/18
Want to know something that few know?
There have been illegal things done by our health officials.
Want to know something that fewer know?
Ask yourself why nobody in Media follows these leads of what clearly looks like Pulitzer material. 6/18
If it’s hard for you to accept some facts, just because they're not on TV, get a grip on how the news are made. Mainstream Media will report only to please their sponsors, be it Amazon or Big Pharma. Fact-check it yourself. 7/18
The Swedish case is clear:
Children: NO RISK.
Teachers: THEY BENEFIT from contact with kids.
Why is this not every day in the news? And why instead there are smear campaigns against the Swedish way? 8/18
More questions to Media:
Why someone vested in philanthropy is so obsessed with merely ONE KIND of program? Why, if he admits to profit from it, does he have so much access to Media? And why is he presented as an expert, and not as a mere salesman? 9/18
In the meanwhile, some people are speaking up. And yet, once again, Media is choosing NOT to tell you about them. Did you know of Robert Kennedy Jr’s speech last August? 10/18
If all this seems alarmist to you, ask yourself when did we democratically decide all these things that are being pushed in such a coordinated and synchronized manner? 11/18
The fact is, the pandemic has been fertile ground for the biggest transfer of wealth that has ever occurred. And the select group of beneficiaries has been directly involved in setting up the imposed measures that allowed it to happen. 12/18
This year we've experienced great censorship. And it’s being pushed by powerful people, planning things like "how to suppress the ones that WILL oppose the official narrative”. And now they even deny they prepared that scenario! 13/18
You can’t block the sun with a finger. Many are awake to what is going on and many more are waking up. This is not merely about a health hazard. Listen to Van Morrison and Eric Clapton, and find the place in your heart where you know what is true. 14/18
As a bare minimum, it's important to become aware that, because of AI and big data, the world could see the rise of a tyranny like it has never witnessed. 15/18
Signs of tyranny are all over the place, just not on TV. Criminalization of dissent has become part of the new normal. If in any doubt that something bigger is transpiring, ask yourself why Media, always avid to show blood, isn't showing you this. 16/18
You might disagree with dissenters, but we all should agree that there's a line that the State shouldn't cross. It’s about human rights, saving democracy, and ultimately, humanity. 17/18
As of now, people are being predisposed to react against the lot questioning things. Nothing's further from our motivation than to cause harm. We might be wrong, but we're closer to the truth, for we're not afraid to consider every viewpoint. 18/18

Download these videos and upload them wherever you like. This account wasn't started for self promotion, and it might be suspended anytime. Take active part of this effort to bring light into our communities.

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24 Feb

In the 80s a certain group of health experts led the world to a scientific narrative that ended up being very profitable for them. The similarities with what’s happening today are striking. Hear the testimony of the very quixotic Dr. Kary Mullis (RIP). 1/3
➞ Tests are pushed to find cases independent of symptoms
➞ Casedemic instead of pandemic
➞ Profitable scheme for everyone involved
➞ Media propaganda campaign of fear
➞ Same usual suspects

It's as if Kary Mullis was talking about today. 2/3
"One of these days, these idiots, are gonna have to face the music, 'cause you can see the insanity."

These are strong words, full of conviction, by a Nobel Prize.

"The number of cases reported went up exponentially, because THE NUMBER OF TESTS WENT UP EXPONENTIALLY." 3/3
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21 Feb

Make no mistake. It's not that the lockdown in YOUR country is stricter than any other. All restrictions, in one way or another, are tailored to put the local population under a spell, just short of it causing a revolt. 1/8
Whenever you have to interact with others — regardless of the country, regardless of the restrictions — it's becoming more & more likely that you will encounter some form of hostility. Your mere attitude might trigger a completely unjustified attack, even from family members. 2/8
This is at the very core of what we ALL are having to endure: the Western set of values is under attack. Because it's such a solid foundation, it's the last barrier to prevent a globalist totalitarian regime to be imposed on mankind. It's even celebrated by the elites. 3/8
Read 8 tweets
20 Feb
Science that you have to believe in is not good science. And if you're going to pick something this season to start believing in, there's already THAT which is beyond the reach of the mind. Some call it Truth, some call it Peace, some call it Freedom. Our ancestors called it GOD. Image
And to be clear: others call it Supreme Being, Pure Beingness, Universal Consciousness, Brahman, Paramatman, Shiva, The Source, Tao, Big Mind, Allah, YHWH ...

"You say po-tay-to, I say po-tah-to." Image
The point is: there's no stronger science than the one that emerges from the conviction of a higher, underlying Reality.

"He who thinks half-heartedly will not believe in God; but he who really thinks has to believe in God."
― Isaac Newton Image
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19 Feb
If you are a scientist who can see what is going on: TAKE A STANCE NOW. Risk it all, you can only win EVERYTHING. Otherwise the risk is much higher: you might preserve your grants & your connections, but you won't be able to live with yourself for ETERNITY. Image
There's a pandemic of controlled opposition. People still going over numbers & comparing graphs & proposing theories, yet not addressing the real issue, are just delaying the collective response we need to organize. The real issue is the unjustified eradication of our liberties.
Just consider this:
Do you think it's possible there was an organized effort over the years to put this in motion, without using the oldest trick in the book? They create and sponsor the movements of opposition, people rely on them, and then nothing actually happens.
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8 Feb

If it was about SAVING LIVES, proven treatments would have been fast-tracked and the damage of lockdowns would have been considered.

If it was about FOLLOWING SCIENCE, no form of censorship would have been embraced or promoted. 1/7
If it was about BUILDING SOMETHING, better or not, no measures would have been imposed that are effectively DESTROYING lives, livelihoods and human dignity.

Lies, lies lies ... you have been emotionally blackmailed with lies. 2/7
This is Machiavellianism at the very least. Most of us follow the principle of the One who said “by their fruits, you will know them". The fruits of the so-called experts have been disastrous. 3/7
Read 7 tweets
30 Jan

A year ago today the WHO officially declared the beginning of the pandemic. And now, after the 1st year of our modern Pandemic Era (1 P.E.), it’s also time for the 1st ever edition of THE PANDYS, where we commemorate THE BEST IN COMMUNICATIONS over the last pandemic year.

They teamed up to express their view about lockdowns, and it’s not a positive one. And yet, what they created is POSITIVE, ENERGIZING & INSPIRING.

The first PANDY award ever, for BEST SONG OF THE YEAR, goes to:
ERIC CLAPTON & VAN MORRISON, with the song “Stand & Deliver”

They paint it dark, but it’s just a representation of the emotional prison we're being locked in, a WAKE-UP CALL. They come from Bern, Switzerland.

GUERILLA MASK FORCE BERN, with their masterpiece “Kontaminierung vermeiden!”
Read 15 tweets

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