1.Its really inhumane- the way #UPRERA is functioning. How can an agency which was created to give justice became the reason of miseries of exploited Hbuyers? @UPRERAofficial is behaving like a real state mafiya. Buyers r cursing this unscrupulous agency having no responsibility.
2. There r thousands of cases where #UPRERA is doing gross violations of human rights by willfully creating mistakes in orders. #UPRERA can't review it's order but it is sending Hbuyers for reconciliations after order is passed n manipulating their own orders. #UPRERAscam .
3. #UPRERA is giving every liberty to builders as if they r exploited by Hbuyers. #UPRERA became a tool in the hands of builders to kill Hbuyers who r already in comma. The criminals r scot free under #UPRERA protection. #UPRERAscam
4. It's an irony that such an agency is flourishing under #YogiAdityanath rule.
A day will come when this agency- #UPRERA will be one of the biggest failures in the history of any regulating body. #UPRERAscam
5. Now #UPRERA is achieving rare feat where it has almost 100 % failure in execution of it's orders. It is worst performing agency. It has a dubious records. #UPRERA claims that it passes maximum orders but what is the use of those orders when they r never be executed.
6. #UPRERA never declares no of orders which r not executed as it's a rogue agency. It is not executing those orders in which builders have to pay full refund or interest in delay payment. It is giving long dates n many notices where possession is involved. #UPRERA is exposed.
7. In #UPRERA members have no responsibility as they r not employees but enjoying all powerd by virtue of position. These r neither from legal background. They r just doing time pass. in #UPRERA
8. As the members r not from legal background, so they don't have calibre n sense of delivering justice, therefore they r dependent on corrupt clerks like #BalramVerma who r always waiting like a vulture to exploit the HBuyers. Here starts the nexus between builders n @uprera.
9. How these clerks playing havoc for innocent n helpless buyers along with its chairman is a cause of concern n most inhumane. These clerks r using all unscrupulous ways to harass the Hbuyers so that they can delay their cases by all possible means.
10. First they delay dates of hearing. They also delay in uploading status of hearing so that Hbuyers miss their hearing. Instead of passing order in 60 days they take the cases to around a year. Secondly, when they reseve the order than also they don't inform the Hbuyers and
11. and they take more than a month to upload their orders. During lockdown they uploaded reserved orders of Jan n Feb 2020 months in the months of June and July2020. Thirdly they club orders of different nature together to create confusion among Hbuyers. Fourthly the quality of
12. their judgements r very low in quality. They r passed in a set pattern overlooking the uniqueness of the case to case bases. These orders seem to be circulars or office memos. It is because they don't ask any evidence from the builders. The Hbuyer is given the minimum relief
13.coz they knew that cost of appealing is too much for a Hbuyer. The orders delivered are such that they can't be executed n favours builderss. Here starts the game. These orders passed are just an eye wash and real misery of Hbuyers starts from here.
14. At this stage #UPRERA claims that they delivered orders and publicise it to hide their inefficiency. Although every case is unique but they r delivered in two ways. First possession with delay interest. Second possession with delay of interest with time clause. In time clause
15. they give time to builder to comply the order or else they had to refund the whole money with interest. Now, the first kind of orders are never executed. The second kind of orders #UPRERA try to manipulate the Hbuyers by trying to change the order. The RC in such cases are
16. not issued and now Hbuyers r opting for writ in HC to make this corrupt agency to perform their duty to issue RC. #UPRERA closes all communications with Hbuyers at this stage. They don't intertain any communication regarding RC and updates of execution of orders of Hbuyers.
17. During this struggle the Hbuyers are facing various kind of humiliation by corrupt officials like #BalramVerma and company. Here the #UPRERAscam is bigger than expected. To unearth this scam media and activists are requested to force the #UPRERA to show the performance with
18.regard to execution of orders. Since it claims the maximum no of orders passed #UPRERA must be asked to come out with numbers related to execution of orders. What is the utility of those non executable orders. We demand that they must provide following numbers in public domain
19. #UPRERA ans the following point:
i) Total no of orders delivered by it.
ii) Total no of cases applied for execution.
iii) Total no of cases where refund is ordered. In such cases provide the no of RC's issued and no. of cases where RC is not issued so far. Finally how many
20. how many of these cases received refund in their account.
iv) Total no of cases where possession and delayed interest is passed without any clause of refund. In such cases how many of them received possession and interest as per orders without any manipulations? How many of
21. them were pressurised by #UPRERA to go for reconciliation. No of cases where reconciliation gave relief as per orders and no. of cases where relief is given as per the diluting the order in favour of builders. And total no. of cases solved through reconciliation process.
22. And finally #UPRERA must ans iv) Total no of overall cases where order has been successfully implemented n % of total no of cases reached to final relief. It will be zero %.
All buyers r request to write their experiences in this thread n name @UPRERAofficial who r corrupted

• • •

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