Never again can we allow religious bigotry such as that fostered by Islam against other cultures and other religions to attack, target for conversion or commit genocide against our fellow human beings.

This goes for you Christians as well, you know of which I speak.
These leftist/liberal politicians, political parties & their media supporting Islamists & Islamism while whitewashing the crimes of Islam against humanity, be it for political power, money or religion are the ones that should stand trial for crimes against humanity.

Never Again!
It’s time for honesty in our world. No longer can we afford to turn a blind eye to the religious bigotry Islam & Christianity harbor against other religions & cultures. This religious bigotry has killed hundreds of millions of innocent human beings and its still happening.
Most Christians reformed their bigotry against Jews. Both Islam & Christianity openly demonize polytheists, pagans & spend billions targeting the majority Hindu population of India for conversion as they demonize Hinduism. It’s driven decades of chaos, violence & killing in India
If you still can’t figure out why the western Christian based nations & Islamic nations in our world are engaged in a propaganda war against India, it’s because they are supporting the religious bigotry of Islam & Christianity against Hinduism & India’s Hindu majority.
If you live in one of these Islamic nations, you know exactly the truth I am speaking here. Shame on you for supporting Islam’s inhuman religious bigotry against our fellow brothers and sisters of a different religion, spiritual path or lack there of.
If you live in a western nation, pay attention to your Govt, politicians & media, especially on the left where Islam made its political home in all free Democracies & bigotry against Hinduism is disguised as against Fascism, Hindutva & India’s Democratically elected PM & Govt
Left political parties, politicians & their media in all free Democracies are supporting a dangerous mix of Islamic religious bigotry & a Marxist/Communist movement. A red/green axis that left unchecked, will eventually destroy these nations & the freedom of their people.

• • •

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24 Feb
Pagan a Christian term, pagans demonized in the Bible, Islam uses the term polytheist. You can call yourself whatever you want, Christianity & Islam will always define Hinduism as pagan/polytheist & continue to demonize Hinduism & target Hindus for conversion.
There’s nothing wrong with being pagan or polytheist, do not let their religious bigotry & hate define your culture, faith or religion. Instead, stand against and call out their religious bigotry. It has no place in our modern world.
Liberals/leftists supporting Christianity & Islam preach of human rights, equality, against racism, all good but complete hypocrites turning a blind eye to the dangerous religious bigotry of Islam & Christianity that’s driven centuries of violence, killing hundreds of millions.
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23 Feb
Twitter, TwitterIndia is actively supporting propaganda against India & silencing voices within India correcting the false agenda driven narrative against India coming from those who, driven by their religious or political ideology are attacking India with propaganda.
If the government of India does not correct this subversive action being supported by a foreign social media corporation & by elements within India, it will have detrimental effects on India’s culture which they are attacking & India’s politics which they seek to influence.
The Government of India must take action against those from both inside and outside India seeking to subvert India’s Democracy for their political or religious ideology.
Read 4 tweets
23 Feb
The more you unplug from the media/digital media messaging being pumped into your life, the better off you will be, mentally, physically & spiritually. That goes for News, TV shows & movies. It’s imperative for your spiritual development to unplug & only use this media as needed.
Bharat is slowly loosing what made her great as her society & Vedic/Dharmic culture is under concerted assault by external religious & policial forces. The US & Western nations that so many Indians choose to idolize, for the most part, never had it.
Be motivated to not only to recapture your true history & to defend your culture from those who seek to destroy it, but also to truly understand Sanatan Dharma & the knowledge brought forth by the ancient Rishis, Sages & Gurus of your Vedic/Dharmic culture.
Read 9 tweets
23 Feb
Just as in the times of Shivaji, India’s filled with traitors to the nation, many working in service to Islam. India is dar-al-harb thus the endless propaganda & lies against India’s Dharmic culture & Hinduism. It’s done to attack India’s Dharmic culture & advance Islamic agenda.
They want India to be an Islamic nation, that goal has never changed. Compounding the issues Christians also seek to convert India to Christianity and communists are adding propaganda to feed this religious bigotry & break India’s Dharmic culture so they can try to seize control
If India’s Dharmic community, every Hindu, Jain, Buddhists & Sikh, doesn’t unite against this propaganda war & raise their voices against Islamic & Christian religious bigotry that is demonizing & attacking their culture, the non-stop chaos, violence & killing will never end.
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22 Feb
Islam’s religious bigotry against India’s Dharmic culture & Hinduism was the reason Pakistan was created causing a brutal partition that killed millions. Pakistan as a nation has focused primarily on India & that Dharmic culture that Islam’s religious bigotry teaches them to hate
A country built on religious bigotry & hate cannot succeed & Pakistan’s proving this. They work with other Islamic Nations to endlessly conspire against India pushing bigotry, hate, violence, terrorism & killing. Having failed, they ally with & sell their country to communists.
As Pakistan stews in its Islamic bigotry & hate, persecuting religious minorities & training terrorists, they spend their time focused on India, trying to capture more land, funding propaganda, violence & terrorism against India, they’re doing nothing positive to advance humanity
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21 Feb
United States. I live on the road, location randomly changing as I work my way towards relocating to Ecuador. For the last two years, I’ve volunteered my service full time, first to supporting Tulsi Gabbard, America’s first presidential candidate of Hindu faith.
Then, being pagan myself & after seeing the religiously bigoted propaganda & hate campaign against Tulsi that came mostly from American, Indian & Pakistani Muslims & American Christians & Khalistanis, I shifted to defending India/Hinduism realizing how serious the problem was.
Their religious bigotry & hate prompted me to explore Sanatan Dharma & read the Bhagavad Gita for the first time. Krishnas words matched what I already knew from my own spiritual path of seeking, so I became Hindu. India’s ancient Rishis knew truth it took me years to understand.
Read 4 tweets

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